Monday, February 05, 2007

Choosing your friends wisely and how to make yourself as happy as you can..

Like the saying goes, "Some people have a round of friends while some tend to have friends of whom they like"

Yup, I learned it the hard way. For many years or so, I used to lack of socializing with people (I thought so) till then I realize, the friends of the past who I mixed with wanted to have the best of me and nothing more, nothing less. I was dreading under sadness and confusion because I was 'different' from them and they left me without mercy.

Dark clouds reigning over my head everyday till when it came a time when I finally realize that I don't need
to be angered over friends who don't accept me, I needed friends who give in a good impression of me and knowing me well enough to judge me.

Though I do critisize friends who are naive and ignorant (Not to be hypocritic) and simply put in words to blow me off telling me I'm not sociable enough and I don't know how to
accept people who I think are very pin-pointy out of every conversation I bring on the table with their lack of knowledge of the subjects that are being brought up. Dudes! What is wikipedia for?

If you were to have a friend who has been in depression and EMO anger of turmoil who releases every angle of his anger to prove his dim, dull and moody life. Just forget that person.

There are two perspectives of two main feelings that are feelings related to the values of good and bad in which that are thrown out of your heart to other people Its the sad, happy, depressed, angry or whatever is that you're feeling as any human being would. Here are one of the two feelings I picked that are seriously needed to point at as to what is Black and White:

(In My Point Of View)


The Problem:

.A person who is so-called 'Hate Breed' tends to get angry and decides to take on revenge of the things he
hates the most which will soon be apart of him.

.In most people's minds about the angered individual would be like (He/She doesn't know how to channel his/her anger at the wrong
place at the wrong time) And yet, takes it out on everyone without a trace of a cool down and then
forgives himself than to others to what he has said or done.

The Follow up: The individual will soon be in confusion and lack of patience
when it comes to sociolizing with people and will then attain

The Solution:

. Its okay to notice things and telling people about it with expression but it ain't right if it were to go on with no end
to it and apologies are meant to be made after expressing your all.
. Mistakes can be learned from, and getting over the situation is how we move on.
Thats how we grow.

b) Joy

The Problem:

.Giving in too much happiness to your friends would make them feel appreciative
of you and you will feel the same, but what would happen if you give in more joy
to your friends than to yourself?

.If you let them make use of you instead of treating you with consideration and
care as a true friend. Thats when you know the time when you just gotta leave
them behind before they affect you.

The Follow Up:

. You will feel of what people think, like you're the 'bad guy' in that situation and
would find you as an absurd, aggressive, unappreciative and naive person

. You will have lack of trust of people and don't believe that true friendships
won't last

The Solution:


. There are so many people in this world, browse throughand pick the right friends who really mean to you!

In Life, its never too late to make a turn back and make a change for yourself and for others. We should be gratefull of all the friends we have and be happy with ourselves!

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Soul_Voice said...

For without words, in friendship, all
thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born
and shared, with joy that is unclaimed.

And the saying goes:
Your friend is your needs answered.
And let your best be for your friend.

Love and Blessings to Friendship!!!