Friday, June 22, 2007

The beginning has just begun..

Well...I'm turning 17 in just 2 hours time and still counting till my reach to another teenage year. And somehow I know for certain that I've grown a lot in the past and to think that I've learned so little things in so little time. But then again, I've applied a lot and I don't notice it somehow. The paradox of time would always be a wonder in your very own mind though. It feels like it was just yesterday I just learned how to walk and talk and now I've accomplished my little goals like performing on stage, composing my own music, a try-hard student, coming up with my own philosophies, living up life wisely as I can, and a lot more as follows. Way back in the past, I used to be really uncertain about a lot of things about life and not likely aware of what is around my environment. And as time passes me by, I wouldn't realize how my own mind, body and soul would mature so fast and its just scary once you know how much I've grown. A few days back, I decided to flip a few pages of my photo album. And it seems as though I look way younger back then. The realization only triggers if you leave your photo album to collect dust for 4 years and then re-open it and you'll be surprised how young you were and how kiddish you were in the past and you would become sceptic about it of how immature you were and how your voice first sounded before it broke. Those were good memories worth cherished. And it comes to a point when I sometimes think I should have accomplished this and that a long time ago or how much I wanted to do something in the past to really give the best to make my immediate family to be proud of who I am..well, we may not accomplish those thing as a first attempt, but I realized its the attempt itself that makes them happy. We learned from mistakes and we grow and doubts about being naive. Thats how it goes. These moments make me weep inside but its a really good feeling.

Lets go back in time as to how my life began to unfold and continues to pursue itself.

I was born to rock this world!

When I was first in my mother's arms...

Another number (My sister) who thought I was a girl when the doctor lied to her that she gotten a sister. HAHAHA! Too bad, she got a brother instead to settle and makes my milk...hahahah...

In the making of being a musician and known as a comical performer back then when I didn't know how to form a 'C' chord.

A fantasy worth a reality. My first gig with my trusty 'girlfriend' in my hands..

Is this a sign of my first horny expression? Nah, can't be.

Like father, like son...(I hope I don't follow his physical trait like losing a patch
of hair or more)



Another member of the family. Prince Cheah...

Well, these are my life and times growing up. And I'll be taking steps towards my dreams as a growing boy to a matured man...


Soul_Voice said...

My dearest son,
Mummy just got back from a karaoke singing session with a few of my friends. These are my new friends. The love they have shown and shower on me tonight are beyond words.
I cannot express them at all.
I was singing a song which was meant to be posted in my blog for you today and I sang that song for the 1st time tonight. Before I could finish that stopped.
Then the door open and my surprise came early birthday cake.
The feelings in my heart I cannot describe. I allow my tears of joy to flow freely.
Tonight, I want you to know that friendship are never measured by the years. Its the time spent together with love and concern.
We also do not need to see them often enough to know they are there. They will be there when they are meant to be there.
Now I have another welcoming unconditional love message and that is from you through those pictures you have posted. Such beautiful pictures.
I was just telling my friends about you, about 17years ago and etc.
You have grown to be a fine young man and I am so so proud of you.
Happy 17th Birthday with all my love and blessings.

(check out the song I have prepared for you in my blog)

Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

Yen-Feng said...

A fine young man indeed. From the blog, it really shows that JJ is matured in emotion and mind.

ShzEx7 said...

Chun bday, but i am sorry i have no bday parties at my house. Well, rock the world man, you ownzorz youzorz

Hui Sin said...

Hi JJ, Happy 17th Birthday to you.
Here is the wish for you that whatever you want most in life will come to you, just in the way you imagined,or in a better way..=)