Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've Been Hit!

Yup, you may have guessed it. I've gotten into Nasional Service! NOOO! A nightmare to a reality. I mean, 3 months of slavery. No where to run, no where to hide. All my plans have been demolished after my exam. My DIY home recording studio plans have been way delayed :(.

Sorry Edwin, can't work together and churn out records at the moment.
But I'm trying to look on the brighter side...salary, lots of girls to check out, and new friends. Well, don't know what it'll be like for me in NS. But, I know its for the greater good. 30,000 candidates are open for serving the country, what more to expect..
My friends who deserve to go didn't actually get, but 3 more batches are waiting for them like vultures. Watch out people!

If I haven't gotten accepted by PLKN, I'll spend those 3 months working and just love earning money (Yes, I'm a money face and not much of a materialistic person, funny eh?).

Dunno, will get to eat 6 times a day, work out and train from 5am till the whole day.
I would like to presume my kind of stand for NS as 'No Slavery'. Yes, freedom.
Why bother to have NS training at all? Doesn't affect everybody, a lot of people came out from the camp this year and nothing much changed them. I still have friends who went, never change and still act like a bunch of hooligans.

Come on PLKN, raise our salary to RM300 a month. RM100 is not enough. All the hard work and anxiety we have to put through. I stand vindicated. But I'll change after I get through this camp. I'll get stronger by the day and be more ready to face the world. Actually, I've been facing the world all these years.

The army which made our country proud, but not now for these new maggots.

The army of rednecks getting in line. Will it serve them well? We'll see...

Don't know whats it gonna be like there..remains unknown. If anyone who is willing to bail me out shall do as pleased. :)

I wanna say goodbye to all my music that has been rocking my world in my whole music life.


-Trivium (For letting me shred like a mad cat)

-Slipknot (For teaching me how to head bang and despise the idiotic minds of
idiotic people)

-Linkin Park (For your lyrics)

-Yngwie Malmsteen (For your inspiration in classical/neo classical music)

-Lamb Of God (For your inspiration in writing lyrics which was ever possible and
Randy's grunts and screams)

-Joe Satriani(For inspiring me with your guitar works)

-Iron Maiden (For the music!)

-Stone Sour (For more than what lives in Slipknot's music)

-Vanessa Hudgens (For your looks) :P

-Micheal Angelo Batio (For showing me the hands of shadow)

And the last farewells are to my family, friends and my trusty 'girlfriend',Tracey (My guitar, you've been by my side..even in close-to-troublesome gigs)...

This is my early farewell before I go to camp in January 2008.


Anonymous said...

wow this was an interesting read. kool blog!

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Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

By the way, do I know you at any chance? Introduce yourself please :)