Monday, September 03, 2007

Me, you and others

-The Oblivious Vortex-

When you tell yourself to other people about yourself, what do you actually tell them about yourself or even how do you express yourself and if possible..both? Everybody in the world doesn't like to lose their faces and they would obviously want to be at their best to get respect from others. By the end of the day, they would gain trust in their own friends and start to tell them more about his/her darker side of life which they have seen and experienced.

-Mind, body and spirit. The universe revolves and acts on its own mysterious ways-

When a person looks at his/her friend, they would give in with full intentions that his/her friend is never a moody person and is always happy and cheerful at all times and problem doesn't exist in their books. This is where I'm gonna tell you (sincere fellow readers) a more in depth story from the continuous post of mine 'May my soul lay to rest as it is too much to take' , which gives me great pleasure to tell you more of a specific explaination to conclude a think over process.

Nobody has ever thought that life is easy but a lot of hardships. But that doesn't mean they never say that they can flip the other side of the coin and make their lives much easier that early!

I have friend telling me today that patience is the way to go get your goals straight and the opportunities starts to unfold and the time will be ours to , which I totally followed his advice. Try to think of an idiom quote like 'Rome was never built in a day' which brings great motive to the term 'patience'. For me, I'm an impatient guy who does anything to get what I need to achieve it, even if it fails me. Feeling sorry for myself if I fail to do so? NO!

Learning the mistakes is always great progress and the experience as the teacher.
Well, nobodies perfect with character wise. But if you're a great person being understood by others, you will last.

By day, I'm more of a joker and pretty much of a happy and loyal person with family and friends which appeals my character till sun begins to set for me to lease all of my inner cheerfulness from my bright side.

By night, I'm as alert as an owl within the nocturnal night just flashing back scenarios I've been in and even the actions taken which may have mistakes brought back to me to learn from. Question is, why do I have to be so confused just for being complex? Maybe its because I'm trying to open up my mind to figure out things which are caught up like barb wires or more like unlocking a safe deposit box?

The thing is, I am conservative and pretty much of a complicated person who gives a lot of exotic thoughts to make situations easily sorted out and summarized the way I want it too. I'm pretty sure a lot of people have that ability to make up their own decisions in life in a secured carnage of thoughts in their mind. The thought can be a photographic vision of an aspiring dream to follow, it can be that music symphony background at the back your mind which harmonizes the thoughts of our egos and might light up great ideas which have never been thought of? (Oh-oh..dramatic impression. HAHAHAHA!)

People use the over-rated term such as 'emo', 'emo-ing..go away' and the rest follows, which really gives in a right expression of their true selves but a wrong message being brought up in conversations in our daily lives. Many people can't seem to use words like, 'Depressed', 'sad', 'angry' and etc. Are these the bad qualities which keep confining our personality level to the same sane state that can make us feel miserable all the time with a little bit of spice?

Finding yourself and expressing yourself are great ways to understand your 'own' being and is well encouraged to be shared with others...

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