Friday, September 28, 2007

Gloomy skies and odd company..

I went to carrefour after tution just to satisfy my craving for McDonald's ice-cream. Unfortunately, the line was I decided to go back home. On my way to a taxi stop, I saw a guy (Shall not be named) who I personally hate was heading his own way infront of me, when we walked passed by each other, I decided to hit his elbow against mine before he engages it first, in fact he has done it a couple of times to me before and I've had enough with his nonsense.

So I had to end it like that, after I clashed with him, I was about to give him a punch while he wanted a piece of me. His friend stopped him from fighting me. So then, we left in our own ways. Its weird though, people hate you and you don't have ANY issues with them. Maybe because they're miserable and want to induce their misery into hate? Its weird, people judge other people by their cover but don't really know their personality.

He was probably a moron and wants to pick on somebody whom he is jealous with in any kind of way. I wouldn't know. I'm not saying I'm perfect or any of that sort. Maybe, there's a part of quality I have which he doesn't? Any how, this 'person' was somebody who can't accept the fact that he was in his fanatic state of mind that I'm his enemy. Its sad to know people who are like that. You won't know their bright side or anything besides that.

I would really like to use this example as to relate with one of my father's posts called 'Of Born Idiots and Self-Creations' as to what I'm really trying to explain here.

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