Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sick Cycle Finguring Apparatus 101

Its been a wild week, I've been having massive intensive studies which I leave aside for a while and get on it once again. I'm a funny character eh? Well, I've been invited to audition at Akakarya to perform during a high school prom night organized by SMK Damansara Utama, which will be held at a hotel near Starhill. Hope to get through the audition this Saturday in Sri Hartamas, but sadly I got no time to go there.

So, I called up the prom organizer whom I just became friends with named Jayesh, and told him that I'll send him a guitar play video by me on Friday. He agreed with the idea (Smacking nice!). This means I'll have to take on a short 1 hour practice and make the magic happen by heart(Since I don't have all the time in the world till after SPM). I'll be able to be at the prom and play in December if I get through this..

The thrills are running through my veins, hope I get to go through the auditions and make it out in public than just breaking it out at my school from my gig in May. I mean, I love those moments..butit doesn't make me grow if I play in school. Soon after the memories from my school mates will forget about it. But some will.
When I played my first show, I finally knew the meaning of music, its not about the money. Yes, the money will come to the performer if its been managed properly, but you're there for the audience. The people who help you embrace the music. That was Slipknot's motive within the band during their immensed tour.

It'll be great like old times if The Melt Method was with me, but everyone seems busy and parted for a while. Well, time will tell...
So whats it gonna take? To me, I'm not meant to be there for publicity..but to try and put on a good show out there. Sweats will be poured down and screaming audiences will be having smiles on their faces if I get through this audition.

Then Jay messaged me yesterday, he insist that I could do the audition after SPM if possible which I totally agree with gratitude, it'll be much more convenient for the both of us...
Maybe by then I could get the band get together to come up with at least a song of our own to break out...

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