Friday, October 19, 2007

Pork rice and group reunion gathering

Yesterday, I had an outing with a couple of my old buddies since primary school years and a new friend.
It was a good reunion, We had 'char siu' rice (BBQ Pork rice) and chicken at Taman Melawati. Elaine Ho, fetched me from my place and she brought along a friend of hers who I had met once before, Charlene. After that, we headed to Gombak to pick up Nicholas (also my old schoolmate). While we were on our way to Nick's house, Ho and Charlene were discussing a bunch of topics anything that were alien to me. Then Charlene asked, "Why so quiet?". Then I told her, "Nothing much to say. Then she cracked me up by saying, "Its okay, can help say fish...cow or etc".
On Ho's driving, its kinda scary at first but fun. Here's why..
1. She does not avoid potholes
2. She says she drives carefully when Charlene is in the car with her (Sure or not?)
3. She drives pretty safe though. She can overtake cars and all...
4. If she had a Nissan Skyline...she can become a car drift champion.

After we picked Nick up from his house, we proceeded to Taman Melawati. While in the car, it was like a party zone. The bass speakers in Ho's car was so loud and we were cranking up one of Kanye West's songs. Nick started to jiggle and got high listening to the music. LOL.
We had a great conversation in the car. It kinda felt like going to a long holiday trip with your buddies in the car and telling all sorts of stories and jokes along the way.

We finally made it to Taman Melawati. I remember Nick and Lene telling Ho and I to stop speaking Chinese while we were ordering food because they could hardly understand at the time. (Sorry guys). Then Nick said, "Eh, J. I don't understand Chinese; I only managed to pick up English".

After lunch, we decided to head for Ho's house just to check on her part-time maid. It was the first time I had been to her house. It was a nice place. Somehow it felt really bright and peaceful. It reminded me of something I saw in Beijing; trust me, if you were in her house, you feel like you're in a palace. So many statues and all.

After that, we headed up to her room and hung out there. Suddenly, her guitar popped-out and fell halfway. (No, I'm not dreaming) Then the guys asked me to play. Well, to be honest, I felt really nervous because I had company around me so with me holding the guitar and I had to go straight through baby-steps by warming up my fingers. Then Charlene suddenly said , "Play a song". I suggested, "Hotel California?". The guys said, "YES". So then I made an attempt to sing and pluck and I was kinda clumsy, because I never did a check by detecting the known chords for this song like I always do before I start playing. Its such a shame, and it must have sounded real bad, because I forgot the following lyrics like,"Hair grew heavy and my sight grew dim, had to stop for the night" and instead, I skipped to the part I said,"Warm smell of Collitas, rising up in the air". I was saved by the bell by Ho when she told us we gotta go and send Charlene back.

After that, the guys dropped me off and then Nick. It was a good day.

Hey guys, sorry that I did not take any pictures. Honestly forgot about it.

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