Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cut, buised and screwed....

And here I go again with my job hunting, continuing at KLCC on Tuesday (Which I know you are starting to feel the immunity as I am now, explaining this AGAIN!~). Headed over to TopShop to get a vacancy there, they said they'll call me today once the manager is around. Okay...that was a short story, but I'll continue. I'm going to look for other vacancies so that I could avoid hoping for one branch to hire me.

Do you guys know how it feels like when a friend doesn't make it an appoint of his/her own word? Kinda sucks doesn't it? Even when he/she tries to gurantee a plan which doesn't work out last minute, and yet..doesn't compensate by making it happen by another day.

I called up a friend asking whether we could meet up. This is how it went, after the whole intro, I asked my friend whether we could hang out. After that, my buddy said that he/she is free and has nothing to do during the upcoming day. I decided to call my friend again at night. Then my friend said,"Aiya, sorry man...I'm quite busy tomorrow."

I've already made afternoon plans for my friends and pleaded with Top Shop to give me an interview in the evening. If not, I could've done it in the afternoon. Now it all comes to this. Why do people take me for granted? But that shouldn't affect me so much, but the big deal was the inconvenience which I'm not really pleased with.

I mean, the biggest question that has ever been raised in this situation is that,'Why the spite while you can explain whats going on?'. If they were too scared to tell the person, thats fine. But never let the trust end in vain.

Which shows that the truth can hurt can also show that friends like these have to be out of your life. This is not a fantasized reality but a proven fact that it happens to what a lot of people who call it 'The Innocent'. Well, I call it 'The victims' to be more precise as to what is being placed on the table here.

Christmas is coming up, rejoicing with forgiveness is never forgiven if they have karmic actions that's left them hanging. What's it gonna take? What are people gonna face? I'd say its a hopeless joke to have thought to complicate a person's life.

But I guess we all gotta know who we really are in the end, what was the purpose in our life is just how we choose, we're not being trapped in this systematic chaos environment if we choose not to. The will is in our hands...NEVER FORGET WHO YOU ARE..

To all maggots, this video is for you! Merry Christmas!(As Corey Taylor would say,"Stay SIC Maggots!)

Slipknot-Before I forget

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