Thursday, January 10, 2008

On the road to a new beginning...(Tribute to Mummy)

I just got a new job at Genting Highlands as an Admin (I think) at the Spa center with my friends. I'm definitely gonna take on a challenge because of the experience that I want to get to apply later as I start progressing in the outside world. I will be there for 3 months or so and start working my butt off and so are my friends. But the benefits are alright, at least we get a free stay at one of the cheap hotels which doesn't really bother us. At least I don't have to think about wasting the car's petrol for transport to work and all. Us as one gang are gonna work out a system somehow, feels like we're gonna live in the jungle with the test of survival.

I guess that's what its like being in the jungle and using the resources around your environment. After the 3 months or so, I would want to head to college to start my new study terms in a new exciting way. But its good to know that everyone of us has to go in our own ways someday once we are at a certain age to be legal to do so.

I'm really grateful that my parents brought me up to do things by my own which shows that they trust me to be able to be equipped to face the world alone someday. But my mother had big hopes that I would grow up. But you can come to realize that, its best not to put on the burden on your own immediate family than to bother to even start to be concerned for the extended family.

If you were to marry the love of your'll be married to that very person only and not to his/her family. For all you know, controversy starts to unfold. And some families may get suck up relatives who want to exploit you and such. I've had that happened before but I am my own man for my own immediate family (even Prince, the dog. LOL).

Yeah, we may share part of the same blood but why even bother if we don't have the proper family values? This is what my mother taught me from her experience during her early days in her lifetime. I respect my mother because she stood for her own for what she wants to be. I mean, no family is perfect, especially broken families. But my mum decided to make up for the mistakes she did to lead a better life. If not, she wouldn't have my dad and wouldn't have gotten us (Me and my sister).

In my case regarding relatives, it's a common thing to have certain relatives who are complete numb skulls and obnoxious fools. That is why it's important to love your immediate family in a way. Because you won't want to cling with people who only make your life feel miserable and 'weak', or as my mum would refer to them as 'Energy Vampires'.

As to where I am now, I'm following my mum's footsteps and my intention was to make things a bit easier and lessen the burden of others, although the prospects of the routine in the family has gotten a bit of change like; we seldom cook and we eat out, doing our activities together in various ways outside since my sister could drive (and soon me), solving things by ourselves and such. In the end we wouldn't want to be served like spoiled brats but ourselves to feel independent. If there were to be in desperate needs, there's nothing wrong to seek for help. I am not a mummy's boy but a mummy's son...

This is my gift to you Mummy..

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