Saturday, February 09, 2008

Master Of Puppets

Hey guys! I just took a day leave from work and I'm back in KL once again. Chinese New Year was alright this year and it was the first celebration without Mummy, but she will stand by us wherever we are. To tell you guys the truth, I hate working for Maxim Lounge at Genting but I love working for the money. Why?

Because I couldn't really click with some of my colleagues and my supervisors. There was this colleague of mine named 'A.L.' (Not revealing name) who is around his 20's and has been working for the company for 2 months so far and he asked me a few questions. (By the way, he is kinda feminine)

A.L.: Why must you sometimes have to go against some of the supervisor's order or

Me : Because, some of the things they ask us General Workers to do, don't make
sense sometimes. Dude, you abide by the Rules & Regulations too much. You
can't seem to stand at your own ground.

A.L.: Yeah, is work what? We must do what they say all the time..

Me : True, that's what supervisors do. But some of the things they say can be
pretty absurd. Sometimes they can be jerks and abuse us? In fact, they don't
even know themselves for that matter, each one of them gives a different
answer regarding certain things during work, all different answers..which one
to follow?

A.L.: Yeah, but mistakes what? It happens.

Me : Not about that, they sometimes preach about the procedures but they somehow
don't practice it. Like one of our supervisors who was playing with her phone
in the lounge when she was not supposed to, or during the time one of our
supervisors was playing around with her laptop in the lounge surfing porn
while guests were around?

A.L.: You must have quite a number of flaws then?

Me : Don't talk rubbish, everybody has flaws. In the end, everybody has to realize
what their flaws are. What would you do if one of the supervisors were to
scold you and label you even if it wasn't your fault? Just stand there and
make a sad face? Or speak out for your rights?

A.L.: Urrrgh...aiya..but then, we must be careful. Not to make mistakes and let
them scold us. Scared get fired, then it would be very hard.

Me : Listen here, what you see in the guy supervisors are 'MEN', not boys. They
tend to bully freshmen around here. If you want to be a man, it's all about
making the wise decisions and making the best out of life. Not being made
into a MAXIM robot like the rest who are too afraid to speak out their mind
for what is right and what is wrong.

A.L.: Hmmm...I don't know.

(Later that day, A.L. started to get emo and smoked 5 cigarettes during break time.)

Somehow, during that conversation I had with A.L., it made me realize that some people live by the rules without thinking rationally about what makes sense sometimes. It's like the saying goes, 'Monkey see monkey do'. In the end, how is the world going to grow? All by just one system for a man to earn a living than to earn a good life? The people with higher job position for SOME tend to abuse workers than to make them more innovative or productive. They set the standards too high and demand too much out of a worker. How is it going to build a good relationship between the supervisor and staffs in the end? All in all, we're like being on a treadmill going in circles and doing the same procedures like machine powered factories and producing the outputs. The way I see it, some companies just don't know how to discover a worker's talents which may help improve a company someday.

We're like being controlled over a puppet master in the end. Where is the sense of Democracy in most people these days?

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