Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Always with me, always with you

Last night,I was so bored till I decided to do some by-heart shredding on my lovely classical guitar. And I felt too impatient to play slow songs like my rusty cover of 'Romance D'Ammour' and decided to play a classical tribute cover of Joe Satriani's 'Always with me, always with you'. It's a heart-felt song for shredders. Some may take it really technical for music readers, but playing this piece from the heart really helps you enjoy the music itself instead of dissing it after numerous practice attempts on this song.

After an hour, it's really rewarding for me to able to play this song. Too bad, my guitar doesn't have a whammy bar to do the shredding effects that Joe does. An oldie piece, but a classic!
The scales played on this song are a handful of good exercises for players' fingers to speed up on guitar...

Joe Satriani-Always With Me, Always With You

Warning: May be more addictive than techno!!!! XD


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