Friday, May 23, 2008

My South Park Alter Ego (Eric Cartman)

I'm more like Cartman when I'm in a mischievous behaviour..hehehe

(Credits to Wikipedia for the mass illustrative information)

Eric Theodore Cartman
, commonly referred to by his family name, Cartman, is one of the four main characters in the animated series South Park (the others being Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick)

Eric Cartman is portrayed as the "fat kid"[1] and the antihero of the South Park gang.[2] His personality has notably changed over the course of the series. While always self-centered and bigoted,[3] he was portrayed as more of a mean, immature brat in the earlier seasons. As the seasons progressed, his personality became more aggressive and cunning, while his bigotry morphed seamlessly into Nazi-like hatred and theorizing, as well as becoming viciously sadistic. There are several examples of this over the course of the series. He refuses, for example, to acknowledge his obesity (instead insisting that he is big boned). Also, in "Le Petit Tourette", he reveals his true sadness in the fact that he cries himself to sleep at night due to the absence of a father, being the only one of the main characters to not have one. Though it is obvious through the course of the show that Cartman shows signs of a personality disorder, it can never be pin-pointed to just one type, and instead showing signs of sociopathy, psychopathy and narcissism. Cartman is often criticized by his peers for his rash stereotypes and generalizations.

Hehehe, pretty much like me indeed. *evil laugh* Manipulative? Only when it comes to getting it my way, that's for sure. Gotta love South Park for their psychopathic humor.

Gotta love the rude quote that Cartman uses which makes it soo unique for a good comedy
,"Shut up butt hole!"

Classic... :P

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