Sunday, June 29, 2008

Booze Symphony Opt. 15 Prodigy

Last night, my sister and I went to KLCC to watch an orchestra playing the scores from the renowned theme 'Sleeping Beauty', composed by the great Tchaikovsky. I'm pretty much into classical music. I'm a fan of composers like Ludvig Van Beethoven, Johann Brahms, Tchaikovsky and John Sebastian Bach (In case you didn't know, classical music was part of the influences of heavy metal). We were at the philharmonic auditorium located in the Petronas Towers. Inside the auditorium had great acoustics surrounding the place. I didn't have any pictures of the performers or the place, because cameras were prohibited from the place. Both of us had enjoyed 90 minutes of full blast music out of Violins, Cellos, Harps, Flutes and etc. My favourite instrument was the Cello because it had such a big sound, you can even play it loud without the use of a 30 watt guitar amplifier. It's that amazing. During the performance, I noticed that every performer had such emotion and feel when applying it to their playing. I guess that's what music is all about.

After the show, my dad picked us up just outside of KLCC and we headed down to some pub in Ampang Point for my first mug of beer. I've been waiting for that moment to come since then and it was 'THE DAY'. In short, we ate dinner and started to order beer. My dad had drank 1 1/2 mugs while I broke the record of 2 1/2. Which was nothing to be proud about, because later on, I started to get 'high' and I was kinda wasted. I threw up once we got home. But it was all fun. The reason for me, throwing up was because I rushed on my drinks. A lesson learned indeed.


Kaye Ridzuan said...

waaa JJ sudah minum dan mabuk! hahahah.

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

Hahahha..yeah. There's always a first time in everything :D