Saturday, June 21, 2008

Like a kid in a candy store..

Hmm, 2 more days till I turn 18. Time to grow up now and start looking at bigger things and reach out for the best. But like usual, I would always have a wish list in my head every year whenever my birthday is around the corner..and it's still mandatory that I wish for a new rig to satisfy my needs. Alvin wishes to get a new butt-kicking guitar amp and I would wish for either a Yamaha RGX A-2 or an Ibanez RG321FM :D The only thing that the both of us have in common is...we have GAS! Hehehe. It kinda helps having that syndrome, you would forget about your ex-girlfriends and settle for something that treats you better. Just like how girls would go shopping, on the day that they break up with THEIR boyfriends! See, same difference! Hahahah!

My birthday wish list:

A Takamine acoustic guitar with a preamp system. It's the dream, I just love the tone.

Ibanez RG321FM. Love the neck and pickups (Though it deserves an upgrade)

Hope that my 18th birthday would be the best birthday in my teenage years...

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