Monday, June 23, 2008

Smells like 18 spirit

Finally, I've turned 18. A very special day for me indeed. This would be the day that I'll be thinking on my own and do things according to my choices at wise. Yeah, 18 is just a number. But it is the time for me to climb every mountain and battle every storm to achieve my goals. I'm not a dreamer, but I guess I'm a dream chaser for working my way on getting what I want without hurting anybody. What can we tell from this? It could be that, I would want to manage my own life. That doesn't mean I don't need guidelines from friends and family along the way. How does it feel being 18? Well, to me it feels like you basically get to grow to an Adult and you know that you've gone one step ahead. And for that, you just want to achieve 'something' (anything) you want ever since you were a kid. What do I want to achieve? Being on stage and do gigs like before, cooking with all my heart's content, and earning more money.

I know, it may seem like I'm acting all grown up about money. But no, it's never wrong to secure concrete on financial savings. It's way better than to wish that money grew from trees. At this age, we may think that we're still young. But no, with a blink of an eye we could turn 21. The wonders of time being able to fly before you even know it. So, what to do? Maximize our moment being who we want to be, before we grow old. Hehehe. Time to grow up and start making wise choices..

Out in the world, most people can't help you but you can only help yourself.

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Anonymous said...

quoting the last sentence....what about the african community who are not as lucky as us?if we don't help them,to whom could they look up for aid?