Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally could breathe

I just moved into the apartment a few days back and most of the things have been sorted out about the shifting procedures. I recently just bought an Epiphone acoustic guitar 2 days ago and yesterday, I finally went to rehearse with Eevon and Alvin at Alvin's house. It was alright, managed to cover up 4 out of 12 songs in a day. A bit more longer of practice then we're set to go. And on the same day, I got an Ibanez acoustic amp. And I couldn't be more happier. Ibanez RG321MH (you're next).

It was an OKAY rehearsal for a first time for me to practice with a band. And the practicing session atmosphere was cool. Alvin had the whole set of instruments (including piano and drums). And it was fun, after acoustic practice, the 3 of us went playing drums and electric guitars. Jammed on 'Master of puppets' on guitars and vocals, I could actually scream, but without the mic, it seemed kinda hard to hear myself. Now I know why bands stay commited (well...not all). It's fun playing music together once the musicianship is there. Next week, we'll be rehearsing at Von's place. Hope this gig works out for us.

Shifting is the 'hell' among jobs. It kinda ticks your life a lot. And the packing is worse than the moving. But in a split second (and with a blink of an eye) everything is over. After my shift, I really wanna build my own jam/recording studio so that I won't be paying the jam sessions in a public studio.

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