Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A player's personal point of view..

I just came back from a Duran feast at my father's friend's place. Had done the chores and started packing a little, preparing to shift to Puchong Hartamas in 2 weeks time. After that, I started shredding again on my classical guitar. Something was wrong though, the strings were not close to the fretboard. Of course, it can only mean the action of the axe. From the bridge to the nut, point A to point B. The tone was not as pleasant as before even with rusted strings or fresh strings, it seemed pretty dull. I need to send over to the music store tomorrow for service. I can't bare the discomfort when playing licks and scales.

Many people tend to think that practicing hard and being a good player would be able to handle any bad or good guitar. Well, that my absolutely wrong. When I play, I personally want comfort out of my fretboard to get great playability. Most professional and touring concert artists now insist the guitar to play very well, to be a friendly ally with the demands of guitar performance. This is true for amateur players as well. It's always best to befriend with an instrument than to use it as a 'weapon' to rock on. If it ever fails you in playing, you may hate it sometimes. So I guess that's why set up services are always important.

My 'baby' has been with me on and off stages for quite a while and from last month, I've realized I've been playing with an unbalanced saddle all this while. How crazy is that, maybe once the 'hearing' of tones gets to mature, maybe that's how I get to notice..

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