Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rise from the ashes...

Nothing much really, today I just went to watch 'The Incredible Hulk' alone in the cinema. Pretty good movie. Anyways, I'm not here to explain my experience towards the movie. Alvin just invited me for an acoustic session gig at Subang Parade next month. Cool, haven't been gigging for more than a year. The last time I gigged was in school, performing for teacher's day as a flamenco soloist. I'm willing to do this gig without an occurrence of obligation. Let's see, two guitarist/vocalist and a bass player. Should be enough, I guess a latin percussion would not hurt as well, that's the sensation of unplugged gigs. It's actually a rotaract fellowship gathering at the Coca Restaurant, if we perform, we get free dinner. Well, time to work on my guitar chops and practice some songs.

What it's like being on stage? It feels like you 'own' the world in some way for some period of time and the crowd cheers you on if you did a good job. After the show, you feel like you've accomplished a great thing (If you do well). Like William Shakespear once said,"All the worlds a stage". Words of wisdom from the great poet. I'm thinking Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters', Dream Theater's 'Through Your Eyes' and maybe Lifehouse's 'You and me'. Even when performing as a soloist shredder, it does give a sense of sensation when the crowd is in aw and it does feel good, but to me personally, it gets really repetitive and boring when you start to mature in the music line. Well, that's what I think of it. But singing while playing the guitar has a different feel, choose the songs that mean to you the most and the vent of feelings in your soul towards the melodies would give a great value of beautifying the heart inside.

I DO wanna step onto the stage with blinding spot lights with my fellow partners and embrace the spirit of gigging in the good name of music. The time is NOW and not later. Well, I think it's a good opportunity to practice at home and get out there and get used to performing live. I remember the time I stood up on the school stage, while forming the classical guitar playing pose and started playing, I couldn't really see the crowd. And I felt ashamed because I want to see the expressions and feelings that the 'sea' of people till the back end had.

Here's Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters'.

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