Monday, September 22, 2008


I've somehow experienced idiot-adult behavior yesterday. Last week, I was browsing through the JamTank forum and saw an Original Paul Gilbert Instructional DVD, half-priced for sale by some guy named Simon. I quickly private messaged the guy saying that I want to buy the DVD from him. At first, we were supposed to deal on one of the days of last week, but I immediately informed him that I was busy for the whole week.

*Jumping into the next week which was this week*

It was September 21st (Sunday), He text messaged me and this was how the conversation went;

Simon: Eh dude, what time you coming to KLCC and COD (Cash On Delivery)?

Me: You told me you got another buyer buying your other DVD's at 3pm am I right?

Simon: Yeah, you can come anytime. I'll be around KLCC the whole afternoon.

Me: Okay, I'll go run some errands and I'll sms you when I'm on the way.

Simon: Ok.

*At 3:30pm*

Simon called me and asked me;

Simon: OI! Where are you? I've been waiting here you know *With a rude tone*

Me: I told you what, by this time I'm gonna do some running around. And I was gonna sms you on what time I can set to meet up with you within the afternoon.

Simon: Where got sms? I never even receive also? *Disengages Phone Call*

I bet he wasn't really smart by actually not letting me explain the plans to him before he canceled the call

*10 seconds later*

Simon sms'ed me saying,"Where's your sms? I don't wanna ever deal with you anymore. You go find yourself another dealer"

I was sooo furious till I replied,"You're such an impatient idiot that many people I believe cannot stand in JamTank. I'm glad that I'm not dealing with you because you even lack at manners when talking on the phone. I don't wanna stand down to your level, just be aware of what you say next time before people take your word for it."

*Later then he did not reply me*

So for those who are new or wanting to join the JamTank forum, just be aware to whom you're dealing with and deal with the people who have a good reputation in Buying/Selling/Trading. Do not ever make deals with a member named 'simon 8612'. I promise you, he'll make you go crazy.

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