Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Into the light...

Well, things have been going great for me. I'm finally going to start college next year, after a year's break to settle down. I'm still in the mids of shifting into the new house, but that will be done with in no time. Hope that we're having an open house once we move in. See who are the lucky friends of mine who get to be invited *Jeng-Jeng-Jeng*. I'm going to start my January term in Sound Engineering at ICOM (International College Of Music). Well, it took me sometime to think over about my courses, it was either Culinary Arts at Taylor's College or Sound Engineering at ICOM.

But Since I have a strong interest in music over cooking, I guess Sound Engineering was the pick. I can't wait for the term to start. Though there are some subjects I should watch out for in the syllabus itself, like; Moral Studies, Malaysian Studies and Maths *My worst subject*. But I guess studying Mathematics over again COULD refresh my mind and hopefully understand the subject better (If they teach the topics that I'm used to doing). Then I'll have to study Music Theory which frankly, I cannot read music notes well, but I'm willing to learn.

But I shouldn't cry over it at all, it'll be useless. Almost everyone I know who's gone to college had or is having to dread over those subjects. So, I would make the best out of it, for the sake of wanting to become a Sound Engineer. But I find the other subjects pretty interesting. And hopefully after ICOM, I would want to further my studies somewhere abroad or locally like OCEAN or SAE (The overseas campus) after a year's work in the media/music industry once I complete my 18 month course in ICOM.

I can't wait to see what college life is all about. And since I'll be attending a Music College, maybe I could improve my musicianship by meeting other aspiring musicians and find potential band mates. That's what ICOM is mainly about right? But whichever college I'm in, there's always going to be assignments and all of the following tasks that college students face everyday. Thus, I will not be those who like to complain over their 2000-3000 word essay assignment or their 3-4 piles of assignment work to do. That's college life, not honeymoon life. HAHAHAHA!!

Here's Apocalyptica's cover of 'Nothing Else Matters' (Metallica). Amazing Cello band.

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