Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mind-boggling humans dreaming of cotton candy land

I'm partially sick, the weather is killing me and I'm trying to find why some of my friends are trying so hard convincing me to have/be in a religion, mainly 'Christianity'. I don't know if it's been happening through out the years or it's just these modern times in the youth culture. Tell, I have a need to believe in God to get me up in heaven? Why is that? Because I must BELIEVE that he created me? So...if I don't then I'm defying him? Should I even call him father for bringing me to planet Earth? Those were the things my friend accused me of not believing. HELLO! First of all, I'll give my life to my parents because they created me. Ever studied Evolution? Christians say that God created Man in his image i.e. my face, legs, arms, nose, eyes and everything else is as He is supposed to have too. Man flatters himself! Ever heard of genes? I got my mother's eyes, ears, face and I got my dad's nose, tongue and chin. We evolved! And I told this so-called friend, "Look here, I don't believe in god as my maker. What I disbelieve is my own right, what you believe is your own right, okay?". He then said," God made religion, not man made religion". Haha, ass..

And yet, my friend went on and on by telling me that I'm an ignorant sh*t for disbelieving in god's existence or whatsoever. Yeap, he really said those words. I don't see the point of discussing about religion most of the time and why not talk about some other topic like sports, music, food and etc. We should all practice self-responsibility rather than to place hopes on the divine; it makes for weak human beings. And yes, we as humans...for example, it's our duty to conserve this planet than to pray for divine help as we abuse our natural resources. Nobody is coming to you when all you do is keep praying for something good. Act and make it happen! Religion is too complicated and confusing for me. Even people of the same religion cannot even agree on their own religion. You know why? It is because people created religion just like they created their own God. I'm a simple person. I do not need to prove to the world and I do not need to save lost souls like the Christians flatter themselves as they can. I don't care if you say that there is heaven and hell, I asked my friend this, "Have you seen heaven or hell? How sure are you? And he just said it to me, "It EXISTS! I know it must! There has to be!". My answer is, “It does not EXIST! I know it does not! There cannot be!” . So what does all this argument matter anyway? Call me blind faithless to my friends blind faith in God!

Marilyn Manson-Anti-Christ Superstar


Stef said...

i'm in the same boat with you!

all this while i'm so afraid to express my thoughts on this issue.
even in Youthsays' discussion board, i dare not to have the rest to know my stand.

actually, i agree with you that those people dont really have the in depth understanding on their belief or whatever they called it i believe too, it's something created by human!!!

I never meant to be ignorant but this is our own perspectives and not to jump into conclusion for other religions as in a way we do have the right to determine our own belief.

but it's driving me up the wall when people keep on pushing me to believe something that they truly hold on to and believe.

i mean it's wayyyyy confusing and when i expect for a rationale explanation for it, they failed to satisfied my questions and doubts.

i'm sick of being told to go to church just so it's the sabbath day. i'm sick of being judge when i told them i'm agnostic.

i dont owe them explanation for that as so far as i concern some of those preaching to me should have a look in the mirror before preaching me all about the religion stuff.

they aint saint afterall and some pretty worst than us who choose not to believe their religion.

they never failed to puzzle me though...

Muhammad Nazeef said...

to me, i respect everyone regardless of their religion and believes because that is their own rights. however, its really not a good thing to push someone else to join in what they believe in. same case in Islam, we dont force people to join and believe in it. the religion is more like a door and its up 2u whther you want to open it or ignore it. because its ure own rights to do so~

and im glad u stand wif ure own rights. proves that ure not the type of ppl dat is easy to be played with~..kudos man!

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

Stef: Welcome to my world my friend.

Nazeef: Indeed bro. You only choose to follow religion if you feel that it works for you. Not that people should completely deny the existence. That would be a belief as well, ie: I believe that there is no god. It's also belief. Individuals have to choose for themselves. Not forcing it down in people's throats.