Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Uber Suck..

I enjoyed myself during Halloween yesterday, even though my friends turned down on the invites by the last minute which sucked a little. But it was alright. I went for the Sunway Lagoon Scream' Halloween gig party. I got there early and managed to hang out with Adam Lobo (Dragon Red) and a few of the members from Y2k. Though I didn't get to chit-chat with Saiful (Y2k) much it was ok; he was busy with other company after Y2k's set.

Decided to move around, make new friends and enjoy the party. It was kind of funny, watching these guys on TV almost everyday and there I was; joking and laughing with them while having cold beers and cocktails (the cocktail wasn't good though).

Bands such as Y2k and Beat The System gave a great performance during that night. Adam Lobo did the vocals for Y2k. It's kind of sad that 80% of the crowd were more into Techno music than Rock Music. I am a Metalhead but I guess it shows that the partying Malaysian youths are attracted mainly to dancing and DJ spins. The more senior crowd who hang out at the pubs are into band music most of the time. Well, now I know what it's like in a gig party and for the experience, at least I can say,

The party ended at 1am, as the rude Sunway Lagoon security guards started closing down proceedings. The organizer went through enough trouble applying for MPSJ and Subang Police permits, and PPM & MACP approval to organize SCREAM! and the party was supposed to end at 3am. I had felt that Sunway Lagoon is never a good place to organize such a big event. This early ending proved me right. Another thing I'm not happy about the gig is that the bands were playing on the elevated big balcony while the crowd was on the ground; having to looking up at the bands play was no fun.

Not only we couldn't see the bands properly, we couldn't see most of the band members who were playing because the partitions at the balcony were blocking them. What is this?! I came all the way to Sunway to watch their gig, despite the party itself and they gave us horse manure. I didn't get to take pictures with the people in their costumes because my digital camera was in the storage, and of course that my phone camera wasn't good enough. But it was all fun, having people to take my pictures because I dressed up as the guy from 'Scream'. All in all, it was a good experience. Don't ever attend Sunway Lagoon parties, they suck big time! The worst thing is, One Buck Short was supposed to play during that night and they didn't. One of the band members didn't make it. And they didn't have the courtesy to apologize for the inconvenience of not performing. Instead, they were partying on. Yes, I do support local music, but this is not the way One Buck Short should do things, They lack professionalism and morally they owe it to supporters like me to be more responsible.

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