Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 2nd jam session

Today, I just went to Navin's house for jamming with the jamming band (Again). So far so good, we managed to cover some songs and we wanted to record our improvised demo but the software failed on us. And the carpet was off the floor for sunning. So, you could expect echoes flying around the room, due to the loud amps reflecting on the concrete walls. But the session was way better than last week, because that day was just to 'break the ice' to enable each and everyone of us to cooperate. But of course I should think twice about getting a Stratocaster guitar, because I can't seem to get that humbucker feel from Navin's Stratocaster, which had a humbucking pickup.

Maybe it's the stock pickup itself that doesn't have enough output? When I compare it with the Fender Deluxes, their humbuckers don't seem to give me that sort of problem, decent output and warm deep tone. Oh well, considering many other factors like wood type and such, I'm sure some of you guitar enthusiasts should get what I mean? Hahaha. Gotta check out those Seymour Duncan single-coil sized humbuckers, I've heard so much about.

After the jam session, I caught a taxi to head to The Curve to meet up with my sister. Once I arrived there, the fare was 'RM3.30'. The taxi driver said

Taxi Driver : "RM4 please".

Me: "It's RM3.30, why should I pay you RM4? You conning me?!".

Taxi Driver:"RM4! Don't you understand?! You people are not "berbudi baik" one! All selfish animals!"

I paid him RM3.30 instead, got out of the taxi, slammed the door and kicked the Taxi. He quickly fled after that. Normally, I don't condone violence in public, but I do it when necessary to stand my own ground at times. Yeah, just because he is some old coot, doesn't mean he should forget his manners and start jerking people around. Always fight for the right reasons, at the same time..try to avoid conflicts, not unless you don't have any other choice..


Muhammad Nazeef said...

en. taxi driver got pissed off bout his personal life i guessed...
sometimes u got to stand up for ureself rather than being dip-shitting lidat..

haha~..glad u kicked his taxi~...he'll learn later on

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

people like that are hard to change man. I mean, petrol price has already gone down nicely, what more does he want? Some people sometimes just complain without doing a damn thing. Sad..

Autumn Babe said...

yea~ i know life is getting difficult right now, but that is not a good reason to get extra RM0.70.