Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something to think about

Now that I'm doing audio production in ICOM, I should really focus on what I'm doing. Start improving my grades. Of course, I haven't done badly yet (nor fail). But I wouldn't start to begin with. Besides that, life is pretty hectic. Caught up with mixed situations. Three things that I'm willing to achieve:-

1. Getting my home recording studio to finish (All is left is my MIDI Keyboard, interface and amp)
2. Get through my first semester ( I MUST!)
3, Get a Girlfriend? (That's mandatory)

But overall, at least the things that I face everyday is nothing like my days in school. It's better. Although more pressuring. That's life. Though my blog hasn't been updating THAT often, I wouldn't apologize for the lack of updates, because it's my blog. Either I don't have much idea on what to blog about or I just don't have the time to dig in for ideas on what to write. Time is precious, guess I can't spend that much on writing and get my priorities straight. I'll blog more when I got the time. (wish I had more).


Ripsta said...

3, Get a Girlfriend? (That's mandatory)

dude.. where has u been lor.. ahakz

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

When I said 'Mandatory', means to say that I rather get my other priorities straight first. :D