Friday, April 03, 2009


I just recently did my first gig at ICOM. And for the record, it was absolutely bad. I came in as a guest performer yesterday. Decided to play 'Hurt' by Nine Inch Nails (Johnny Cash's version). I came up on stage, and I had my guitar cable plugged into the amp and the mic facing in front of me. The feeling? Horrendously nervous. Before the performance, I did a sound check and I had already found my EQ for the vocals and guitars. Coming back to actual performance, I struggled on first attempt, the mic level wasn't high enough and I started panicking while playing. Yes, you may have guessed it..I forgotten my chords and paused for a while. Up to a point that I accidentally cursed in front of the audience for the reason that I was frustrated, but I apologized to everybody and calmed down.

So then, came the 2nd attempt when the mic EQ was back to my preferable settings and I performed well. For a first gig in college, heh...I'll never forget that drastic scary. But some of the lecturers encouraged me to play more often on stage during friday performances, because they think I got potential???? Sometimes I do wonder whether it's a potential or a duty as a performer to do what I need to do. Lecturer's like Mr Nilesh asked me to form a band in my course and he says he is looking forward. Though with much anxiety after the show, I had to snap out of it and remind myself that I'll do even better.

Some of my friends who were performing yesterday, even had a heavy smoke before their show. But of course, drinking and smoking before a show to calm the nerves down is never my ritual. Meditation? I don't think that helps me a lot. Some of my friends say that I had b*lls to do it as a solo. (I was supposed to have a piano accompaniment but she stepped back by the very last minute). But yeah, to be honest, I was really a nervous wreck and nuff said. Time for me to work on my next performance when I have the time. But it's good for experience to actually see where I stand. To come to think of it, I finally realized why I decided to play that song. It represents well as to what I went through for these couple of years. With the tunes so calm but with powerful words. It had gotten a strong effect on me when I was playing that song. Here are two of the videos of the same song. Listen to it and you'll have a better understanding as to what I'm talking about..

Nine Inch Nails-Hurt

Johnny Cash-Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover)


Muhammad Nazeef said...

u gotta chill before a show man..
once, i played bass for a BOB comp..
missed a few chords and fills...
was so nervous, i cant even move my body...just my fingers do the wrking...but in time, i get to play well infront of crowds

speaking of warming up n rituals, i gotta have my red bull before starts jamming..keeps me on the run!

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

Well, it's kinda scary when you are facing at people that you know. Kinda gets the tension high. But I think at all times, you gotta be in the zone..hmmm

Stef said...

well bet it was heck of an experience for you though...
nevertheless, i bet u enjoyed performing! :)

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

Yeah, it was. It kinda makes me wanna do another one. Just be sure that I don't get caught up in the same problem as before. LOL