Sunday, July 19, 2009

Groove or Die

Tonight was indeed awesome, because I attended Andy Timmons' guitar clinic session at Bentley Music. For those who don't know Andy Timmons can click on this link .

Andy was on a Asian guitar clinic tour and he came to KL to conduct a session. I came for the clinic alongside with my college mates and I enjoyed it! Watching him play and explaining his techniques is like watching God in person but with a guitar of course XD. The way he demonstrated his guitar playing qualifies a valid reason why he is like one of the greats like Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci.

His legato and alternate picking is very consistent on almost every song. But, the one thing I liked about his show, was that; He knows how to blend chord riffs and lead phrases in between pretty well. He also has proven that finger nails are an important essential of getting a certain 'tone' and enhances playing of the guitar. But I guess it's useful for chicken picking or hybrid picking.

Before the show, I was staring at his guitar rig with envy (Well, what kind of aspiring guitarist doesn't, right?). He has got a Mesa Boogie Lone Star (I've forgotten the other Mesa Boogie amp), his Ibanez AT-100 CL SB and a collection of pedals. I wonder if his maple guitar neck feels as good as an American Fender neck. I won't mind getting the neck for a future guitar project.

The stage with his gear. I really have an eye candy for his Ibanez AT-100 CL SB and his Mesa Boogie amp.

Andy signing autograph for fans

Andy, signing my Ibanez guitar

Waiting in line for Andy's autograph

Me and Andy Timmons

Here's Andy Timmons' 'Groove or Die'. Enjoy!

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