Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A night to see the god father of Industrial Metal in the Lion City

Last night, would be one of the most memorable nights of my life.I finally got to catch Nine Inch Nails Live In Singapore! The concert was worth a catch. Their performance was never better if you ask me. I met some really cool NIN fans in the pit before the show. The stage set up was pretty impressive. The band kinda had brought almost all of their gear that they travel with on tour. 30 minutes before the show, I went to their merchandise booth and bought an NIN T-Shirt, pretty sweet stuff. There was also a booth where they were selling beers and all, but I decided not to drink that night because I didn't want to risk passing out and missing out on the whole rocking and headbanging at the concert. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Though I can seem to sight the kind of amps they were using. But the guitars and basses were awesome. Robin Finck had 5 Gibson Les Pauls on the guitar stands and a few Fender guitars. Of course, Trent Reznor only used his black Gibson Les Paul since the 'with teeth' days and a Semi Hollow body Gibson model. Ilan Rubin (ex-drummer of Lostprophets) was also there as current member of Nine Inch Nails. But in my opinion, nothing's the same when the band had Josh Freese as the drummer, but Ilan did a pretty good job on stage, that night. The crowd response was pretty good in terms of their energy and cheer for the band. Best part is, they played alot of the old songs which by most of it, turned out to be my favourites..including, 'Wish', 'March Of The Pigs', 'Head Like A Hole' and many more. Their last song was 'Hurt' and it was played as an encore song.

No doubt, I would dare say that Metal/Industrial/Rock concerts always appear to have more hot girl than Boyband concerts. Ain't the Heavy Metal scene sweet or what? I took a lot of photos that night. Will post them up on my next post.

Their showmanship and timing of their performance was unbelieveable. It feels like a dream for me to watch Nine Inch Nails Live for the first time, even though I've started becoming a fan of them last year. In terms of audience satisfaction for myself, I would say it's probably the 'Concert Of The Year' . After the show, I met up with a fan from the crowd who was wearing Trent Reznor's shirt (The shirt that he wore at the beginning of the show and took it off and threw it to the crowd). I asked her (the fan),"May I rub some of Trent's sweaty shirt onto my Adidas jersey?". She allowed me to, and that was the souvenier of the day, for me at least. :). Right now, my Black Adidas jersey is being hung on my clothes hanger, unwashed. And I shall get a glass casing and keep the shirt for display. And that ended the day, and I finally went back home to Malaysia and missed 2 lectures in college. But it was worth it, for an awesome concert.

Here's 'Heresy (Live In Singapore)'

Head Like A Hole (Live In Singapore)

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