Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mind on the mixing board...

Everytime I start to record something, there's always expected a mix for every 'Rough Take'. What I mean is, mixing the recorded track, that we mean 'Raw Mix'. Aside from my audio terms, mixing to me needs a lot of patience, especially when it comes to re-recording the same guitar track till it becomes perfect.

Yes, being a perfectionist doesn't give you a good reputation with people, generally. But it is a habit for sound engineers. It is not an onboard ego that we have naturally . And again, being a perfectionist in that field needs patience. You just wanna get the sound right, making sure the levels are well balanced so that they don't reach at peak levels. Compression (Oh I hate this part) makes your mix sound tighter and to touch up the tracks and also to make sure not to lose alot of information of the track.

With many considerations, comes many methods to guess out yourself to innovate practically after what you've read in recording magazines. But yeah, I finally realized that recording, mixing and mastering are long procedures to create a single/album. But I think it depends on the amount of experience that the producer/engineer has to get the job done as soon as possible. Sometimes it makes me wonder, how producers like Rick Rubin, Bruce Swedien or Trent Reznor make the cut on producing damn good albums.

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