Thursday, June 10, 2010

How 'NOT' To Destroy Angels

I just took a listen to Trent Reznor's latest work and to be honest....I'm not very impressed with it, no matter how much I love Nine Inch Nails. This could probably be one of his works of downfall (No offense to any NIN fans out there). His side project 'How To Destroy Angels' , which consists of band members featuring; Trent Reznor (himself), Mariqueen Maandig (his wife) and Atticus Ross (producer and programmer for Nine Inch Nails).

First, I'll get down with the things I like from the EP album of 'How To Destroy Angels'. By truth, when I listened to the songs, the distorted beats and synthesizers gave me an immediate shower of ideas that it sounds like Nine Inch Nails, only with a female vocalist singing. The haunting reverb on the pianos just sends chills down my spine, the messy (but creative) Synth effects, end up being groovy riffs and loads of percussion-like beats to keep up the musics' intensity. All that makes it sound like, well...Nine Inch Nails.

Now I'll get down to business and tell you about the things that I don't like about the EP. To me, Mariqueen's vocals sound as if she was mumbling or whispering, mostly throughout the whole song called 'The Space In Between'. Sounded as if the instrument tracks were almost masking her voice or something during the Verse of the song. That, in my humble opinion. I just wish that Trent's vocals were also featured in the EP, I bet it would make a great blend into the songs. Well, it's only the EP album so far. I'll wait for the full-length album to be released in the near future and we'll see how that goes.

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