Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A little bit different amongst all...

I eat, sleep, drink and dream about my own ambition. I'm my own man. I am immortal. What am I talking about? Let's lay this one briefly and as gracefully as I can..

. In family politics, there would be aunties and uncles comparing their own children with their sibling's children. An Aunty may say,"You know! My son is gonna be a doctor soon! He just gained his Degree in Medical Science!". And an Uncle may say,"My youngest daughter is gonna be attaining her PHD in Psychology. I expect her to get it and not to fail me".

See, throughout this paragraph which I came up with, this is what my mum would say
,"I wouldn't expect too much from my children, but in whatever they wish to do in their career, I want them to do their best."

Back in the day, when I was a kid, I was really lost..because I didn't know what to do with my life, I didn't know what to become to be successful when the time comes to reaching Adulthood in the future. My cousin brother who I looked up to very much, had attained a full scholarship into college and now, he is working in one of the big companies in London, England. My 2 other cousin sisters, if I'm not mistaken, both of them are in the media business doing maybe advertising and stuff. And my sister is going to attain her degree by next year after her practical in Communications (Public Relations)

What do I want to be? This has been a tough question which I've been dwelling for years has now been an open door for me. I wanna be someone famous and recognized, be able to get out and be Rockstar. Is it a dream job or a past-time job? A lot of people have been throwing this question at me,"Why do you want to be a musician? Come on now, get on and be serious with your life".

Well, wouldn't it be a play-play job if I wanna become a Sound Engineer and help produce music for musicians? Of course not! I agree with terms of people getting a good job before they settle for anything risky and unpredictable, like making unexpected sale demands out of music. But hey, I've found myself clearly. I just don't want an ordinary 9-5 job. I want to prove to people in ways that would make them look at me in another perspective. I'm glad to be different amongst all of my relatives.

I want to be the cousin, nephew and son who wants to shut out certain relatives from telling me what to become than to what I want to become. See the difference? My road would show me the way someday. Yes, I get left behind and learn new things slower than any of my relatives. So what? It's about finishing the line than finishing the race anyway. So what have I got to lose? I would block away all the senseless preaching and nagging from certain relatives on how to deal with my life. This is my life that I'm dealing with and they have no rights to it. Anything is better than to become a drug addict in the streets. Like I said, 'I am my own man'

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Always with me, always with you

Last night,I was so bored till I decided to do some by-heart shredding on my lovely classical guitar. And I felt too impatient to play slow songs like my rusty cover of 'Romance D'Ammour' and decided to play a classical tribute cover of Joe Satriani's 'Always with me, always with you'. It's a heart-felt song for shredders. Some may take it really technical for music readers, but playing this piece from the heart really helps you enjoy the music itself instead of dissing it after numerous practice attempts on this song.

After an hour, it's really rewarding for me to able to play this song. Too bad, my guitar doesn't have a whammy bar to do the shredding effects that Joe does. An oldie piece, but a classic!
The scales played on this song are a handful of good exercises for players' fingers to speed up on guitar...

Joe Satriani-Always With Me, Always With You

Warning: May be more addictive than techno!!!! XD


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I need sharps, staves, treble clefs and time signatures..

I'm seriously out of ideas on improvising guitar these days, my idea juices are totally maxed out and I need at least a foundation grade 1 on music theory to get me going into composing and identifying music notes. Great~ -.- . And no, I wish not to go and start all over again with baby step theory on classical guitar, I need something which is enough for me to jumpstart on theory writing. Going on grades is progressive and yet..repetitive..sigh. I wish to move to the acoustic guitar aspects.

Ok obnoxious kitty, you can stop mocking me by now!

Ok! If that's what you want! *Rubs Fender Stratocaster shaped genie lamp!*

Me: Awaken, Malmsteen Genie!


-Emerges out of the fog as it fades- *with an Intro of Yngwie's song, 'Black Star'*

Fine, if that's what you think. Damn you Yngwie! :P
Oh well, the dude means well (for a guitar master like him claiming he doesn't do warm ups *pfftt*) .

Well, off on my journey to learn acoustic guitar music theory. Don't get me wrong, even Eric Johnson plays great acoustic plucking with the help of theory and technique. I guess the real reason why I choose to learn theory is because I want to fulfill and prove myself that I can do it. Well, most of my guitar fetish friends are great shredders and don't know how to read a note. And I think this is an opportunity for me to do better than that and keep on shredding. And of course write music.

Since Yngwie didn't help much..I'm gonna summon...Jim Roots!

*Entity from as high as heaven's sky comes down to Earth*

Alright, now that felt much better. I feel less discouraged now. Well, that settles it then. Time to learn my theory and keep rocking with composing!