Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Synth And The Mixer Prodigy

I've started working in the studio at college in my 2nd semester and I've been trying to catch up as much as possible with my other subjects. Pouring in ideas for my next submission can be very indecisive in terms of the sections of a song that I'm editing. Whether it has enough room to fit in good beats. And whenever I get into that situation I would always wonder how Trent Reznor presents his work with a lot of detail till he makes up funny 'noises' in his music which can be appreciated by many, time to time.

Trent Reznor

Sound of noise in some of his songs is one thing in the creative process, but it's the details. It's like painting with many colours and making it look muddy if not done nicely. But there's a certain beauty within the 'messyness'. It's not what you're looking at, but how you're looking at it. Just like being a Layman with listening preference. One thing that I admire Reznor for is that, he is an icon in the music industry without a qualification. He was supposedly studying Computer Engineering and dropped out to make a career in music. He was in a few bands one after another, playing Electronica/Avant Garde music. It was then on, MIDI was present and was utilized well during the emergence of the 1980's.

After joining and dropping out of a few bands, he worked as a janitor and assistant engineer in a recording studio. Due to few months of hard work, he asked the owner of the studio, a permission for Reznor to record his own material. It was then, Nine Inch Nails was coming into form before Trent Reznor could find members to complete the band. He played, arranged and recorded all instruments except the drums by himself. He then sent demos to a radio station and was offered to sign with TVT records and started work and released the Nine Inch Nails' debut album 'Pretty Hate Machine' in 1989.

To make the story short, after several successes with the band and a Grammy Award for the song 'Wish', he then was a producer for Marylin Manson and had helped Manson a breakthrough into the music scene. His work is well recognized and admired by other great producers such as Timbaland and Rick Rubin. He is titled 'The Godfather of Industrial Metal'. How does this both great artist and producer influence me so much? His style of music and mixing techniques. The multi tracking of heavy uses of synthesizers, guitars, fuzz effects and intense drum beats that makes his music very unique beyond the memorable influential root of the 'Blues'.

Can't wait to catch Nine Inch Nails Live in Singapore on the 10th of August...

Nine Inch Nails-Wish

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Groove or Die

Tonight was indeed awesome, because I attended Andy Timmons' guitar clinic session at Bentley Music. For those who don't know Andy Timmons can click on this link .

Andy was on a Asian guitar clinic tour and he came to KL to conduct a session. I came for the clinic alongside with my college mates and I enjoyed it! Watching him play and explaining his techniques is like watching God in person but with a guitar of course XD. The way he demonstrated his guitar playing qualifies a valid reason why he is like one of the greats like Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci.

His legato and alternate picking is very consistent on almost every song. But, the one thing I liked about his show, was that; He knows how to blend chord riffs and lead phrases in between pretty well. He also has proven that finger nails are an important essential of getting a certain 'tone' and enhances playing of the guitar. But I guess it's useful for chicken picking or hybrid picking.

Before the show, I was staring at his guitar rig with envy (Well, what kind of aspiring guitarist doesn't, right?). He has got a Mesa Boogie Lone Star (I've forgotten the other Mesa Boogie amp), his Ibanez AT-100 CL SB and a collection of pedals. I wonder if his maple guitar neck feels as good as an American Fender neck. I won't mind getting the neck for a future guitar project.

The stage with his gear. I really have an eye candy for his Ibanez AT-100 CL SB and his Mesa Boogie amp.

Andy signing autograph for fans

Andy, signing my Ibanez guitar

Waiting in line for Andy's autograph

Me and Andy Timmons

Here's Andy Timmons' 'Groove or Die'. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


People say that 'Time will heal'. When it comes to losing a loved one, it's pretty hard to say. Some say that it takes a while to reconcile the matter, some say that nothing will ever be the same (in drab ways). Ever since Mummy's passing, I knew the path in my life would change along with the rest of the family. Made me develop a conscience of being afraid of losing another immediate family member. Probably that's what made me care about my priorities even more. I finally realized that Life wasn't considered 'Black and White' but just Grey.

I was glad in ways that I never took things for granted and somehow knew that it's best to cherish something/someone important before they go. Therefore, regret is the worst thing to live with. I used to remember the times when I used to have a 1 to 1 talks with my Mum (even she had sessions with my Sister) alot within the 2 months before her passing, I know that I didn't manifest for the worst but I knew a possibility that she wouldn't make it any longer. That concern triggered the intention of being with her even more. During her passing, I knew myself that I didn't have the right to break down and cry because I needed to feel strong for my Father and Sister. The vivid memory of the 3 minutes of moaning and crying outside the hospital made myself feel like I was 'Dead', I felt that Mum wanted all of us to be the stronghold of each other.

As time went by especially in these 2 years, it gets tougher but at the same time, it's as if the immunity grew, but the remaining scars are still there. I don't think I need religion to teach me that we all have to go someday because it's already an existing fact. I guess I was born to live life and not born to die after life itself. What mum would want is for the family to be good people and live a good life. This isn't an Anniversary of how my Mum left, it's an Anniversary of how my Mum lived life.This is dedicated to you, Mummy.

Nine Inch Nails-Angels

I've tried to take this all just one step at a time,
I'd love to reason but I'll end this waver signed.
'Cause it's so lonely I feel like I have died
I thought angels never learned to say goodbye


I've felt emotions like I've never felt before
Felt such devotion that it's spilt upon the floor
Now I'm so empty there's nothing left to hide
I thought angels never learned to say goodbye

I've got to find you, and remind you how it is
My life's been shattered but inside I've found love exists
Now I'm so frightened, Im so afraid to die
I thought angels never learned to say goodbye.
Bye bye,
Bye bye.

Angel, Angel.
Now I'm so lonely, I'm so afraid to die.
'Cause I know that all the angels say goodbye
Bye bye, Angel.
Bye bye.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A comeback

It's been a while since I last wrote a post, but I won't take long. Here's a video for my comeback