Monday, September 26, 2011

From a deep thought...

Staying alive and well. Despite the hardships that left me to endure, and the bitterness that I've been encountering numerous times by people during the recent months. I must say, that was indeed tough. But that would not stop me from thinking that there will be more tough challenges in the near future.

This was what got me thinking for the past week:

I just don't understand, as to why some bastards love to abuse and mistreat people, attempting to make them lose their sanity and later..rot in the ground. They should learn to keep it to themselves and learn to see 'Black & white'. I don't see why they should always need to give the 'Cold shoulder' whenever they have the chance....stressful. Of course, those who are victims of that treatment would wonder; Are these people not happy with their lives? Do they hunger for 'Authority' to feel much superior? Or maybe these people are just inferior of what they are in general?

Should the mistreated give these people the 'Don't f*ck around with me' attitude an option? Or should we stay silent and walkaway like the typical Chinese school boy/girl mentality that we CAN be? *no offence to Chinese school educated people here*. As much as you may think that it's easy for me to conjure and convey these kind of messages, it also makes me ponder sometimes about my writing just for the sake of thinking out loud. I'm human too, come on :P . Anyways, I'll continue.....

Someone told me this once, quite a while back,"Endure the shit you get from people. Sooner or later, they'll appreciate your tolerance for their displeasure. And they'll treat you better on the long run."

Sorry, I've done that a long time ago and it doesn't work. I guess Phil Anselmo (Pantera) was right from the phrase of their song 'Domination' regarding these 'Animals'

"Agony is the price

That you'll pay in the end

Domination consumes you

Then calls you a friend

It's a twisted fall"

Always...ALWAYS! Watch your back as much as you can. Even though you would passively get abused by these 'Animals', don't let it reach at the dangerous peak point of 'Havoc'. If it goes out of hand, you have the option of telling them,"Leave me the F*ck alone!."