Sunday, June 22, 2014


Turning 24 in less than 4 hours. The age where I have yet another year till I'd be in my mid-20's. Age is just a number they say, but I feel that age is in some ways significant in terms of reflecting on what you've done/accomplished in Life. Probably because we want to do amazing things before we're unable to do it at a certain age.

 Some of us take it very seriously, while some of us tend to not worry and cruise in Life in order to take our time to reach the goals we want to achieve them. It all boils down to how badly we want to achieve our goals. In the end, everyone has their own ways of going about in their Life.

In a way, I'm questioning my own successes. Yes, I've done quite a number of good projects that's got me where I am today in my career. But it's never enough for me. It always feels I'm still at Level 1. It's pretty much a 'Mindf*ck' thing, because of that hunger to succeed even more in my career but still feels like 'dope'. But I guess that's how people grow in their own careers. They never settle for anything stagnant or less, they strive for more and be higher even if it discourages them badly in the process.

Does one really have to be confident in his own abilities to get what he wants or humble down and see where he needs improve (a lot) in order to be stronger and receive higher chances at getting what he wants?

Maybe it's all about accepting this thing called 'Growth'. Mentally and Physically of our whole well-being. It can be painful. But hey, who doesn't feel pain?

For me personally, I want to; travel the world. Earn loads of money at such an early age. Be able to be more capable of a man I'm supposed to be and etc.

But there's this 'little boy' inside me that tells me that I'm a tad too old and a little late in achieving certain goals. I will strife with that.

This is me. And this note will be a reminder and a Happy Birthday to myself.