Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brave This Storm...

Woke up, first thing in the morning; bathed, changed, groomed. Finally was set out to go to work with an objective, everyday. No matter how badly our currency is doing, I chose to focus on my work. Be clear on what my motivation is. Besides meeting the basic needs, I know I want more than that. Beggars can't be choosers, but hey...there is always a better and easier way around things. Eventhough I might be stuck in a rut halfway, I have to keep going.

Trying to memorize my everyday work routine on set, I can say that I am quite contented with what I have achieved so far. But I must strive harder to get into a better position in my career. I choose to break down and rebuild myself. Painful, but rewarding I feel. I realized that no matter how talented people think I am, someone out there is miles (and I mean MILES) better than me. This is only my first week. Many days lie ahead. I must press on.

Let's see what tomorrow has to offer. #GottaKeepBeingMotivated

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