Sunday, September 13, 2015


2015 has been full of surprises for me lately (although I'm speaking for the latter as December is coming nearer by the day). The ups and downs that has gotten me to where I am now. The pain and pleasure mixed together to remind myself that life is not always a smooth sailing one but a love-hate adventure that we have to deal with for life.

I am grateful that my client base has been slowly growing up to a point where I can plan work days accordingly. And I've had the priviledge to experience interesting shoots that has never been short of exciting. Feature films, documentaries, short films and a lot more commercials compared to last year's business.

These experiences has shown me where I lack in my abilities and how to go around improving them. I am grateful that I am able to work my butt off to pay the bills and have the time to cultivate my passion, which is music with my band (currently working on a lot of demos for my Industrial Metal band, which is slowly taking shape).

2015 has also been a good year for Metal. I finally got the chance to catch Lamb of God at the Hammersonic Metal Festival in Jakarta alongside other bands like Vader, Unearth and especially the legendary Mayhem (a controversial Black Metal band). With Lamb of God having released their new album and Trivium's in October, I can't complain.

And here I am, working on a programme for Netflix which is a totally new terrain for me. I'm just gonna be here to do my best and see what unfolds. New challenges await for me to put my current abilities to test and learn new ones along the way. I'd say ,"BRING IT!".

I have come to realize that I live life according to what I find fit to take care of my family. And no matter how my parents did it to raise my sister and I, it's the kind of legacy I would have to carry on whereby I need to pick myself up whenever I fall and see what fits to carry on the family name.

Despite the political and economic situation in which Malaysia is currently facing, there has got to be a better way to live around it. And I would not comment on it any further as my country has become quite a clusterfuck to sum it up.

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