Monday, October 05, 2015

Matt Heafy: Failure

For many years, I have been a huge fan of Trivium. For those who know me, you'll usually see me sporting a Trivium Shogun shirt whenever we meet up. Yes, that's my favourite shirt. I remember the first time picking up the electric guitar at the late-blooming age of 19. Scrolling through youtube videos, looking for a song to learn up and cover. The first thing I saw was Trivium's "Light like to the flies", off their 2nd album "Ascendancy".

I have read and knew of the band's trials and tribulations before they became hugely successful and adored by many music lovers. I admire this band, for they have kept pushing for what they truly desire out of life. Frontman, Matt Heafy explains how he faces failure and owns up to it to reach his successes. He is a role model to me in whatever I do with my life. Dust myself up whenever I take a fall.

,"Failure teaches us. It shapes us. It tests us in our weakest and most vulnerable states. Only through struggle and failure can we overcome, dust ourselves off and begin back on our path to greatness"- Matt Heafy

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