Friday, January 05, 2007

My final year in high school

Well, yeah....its my final year and I'm so proud to be senior among all the juniors. Ever heard the word 'Tauke' before? LOL! Well, form 5 means SPM, driving a car, maturing my music, study harder, have greater passion for what I do and of course...NEW LOOK (Hair, muscles and face). Yeah, I know its vain but hey, its every guy's routine to look into the mirror and realize how much they've grown. Boys to men.

Yeah, I'm still single and my relationship is under complicated status but for I'll never ever be Emo. Just spoils the day and makes everyone have a taste of my misery. Life is more than that, you can even visualize the beauty thats around you. Don't just look the outer-reality of our country which is ugly, guys. If each and every individual has a goal and vision, we can make it happen regardless of the hard issues that are in the way.

My first day of school this year was great, had great teachers and friends in my class. Now I've realized that I'm getting more organized than I used to be. And I know its my TIME to try my best and pass my SPM and get into my dream college, ICOM (International College Of Music). Yeah, the place where it can be considered as my second home. My plans have been working out for these few days and I gotta make use of them to gain my goals. Not to mention that my sister said that the English novel 'The Pearl' is hard to understand. But for me, its kinda easy and the story rocks! Getting engrossed into the book. Woah, what happened to the old Jie Juan/Static Spike who needs to read one page of a novel for 4 times!!! just to understand the story. Well, thats why people say that change is good. And my speed of applying information in my head has improved! Therefore I pray that it would work for my History......

I realized that my friends are getting closer to me. Before that, they couldn't care less for me much. And I'm glad to have them as my friends now. My fingers have improved in stamina on guitar although I don't practice often enough. Maybe its my improvising pieces and influential music that had made a big change on my fingers. WOW! Many good things had happened during the year-end holidays. Had a job, learned a lot of values from my folks, being more considerate, independent and aware of my environment. Its all good. And I just came out from my 'egg shell' with a blink of an eye.

I just finished my first solo song track which is an instrumental/classical track and was a demo. Posted it at our band (The Melt Method) page in myspace( ). Fans of the band loved our song. I was happy with the result when the song was done. It was all guitars in 'Clean' tone, till I made some changes with the play and sounds, added some guitar effects and background music to make it sound more charismatic and beautiful than before.

Thats all for this post. Till then, see ya guys!!!!

Signing off,

Jie Juan/Static Spike (The Melt Method)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The greatest Heavy Metal guitar I've ever played in my entire life!!!

Okay guys & girls, I know that Ibanez to me is the greatest guitar in my 'books', but I've found something a bit better than Ibanez.The BC Rich Warlock branded guitar. I played it yesterday(dated:12th May 2006,17:30 pm)at a Sungai Wang musical instrument shop outlet, 'Chamber's music'. When I entered the shop,it was filled with instruments,including Custom Percussions, Drums, Basses, Guitars, Keyboards and even Sampler Tools. I was in music 'heaven'.I then asked the lady at the counter,"Good Afternoon miss, urmm do you sell any Ibanez guitars here?" The lady then said,"Yes we do, and in fact,we have a lot of other good brands as well, will you be interested in the other guitars as well?" I then said,"I guess, I don't mind trying the others out."

When the lady lead me to the guitar room, at the door way,she unlocked the locked door and then continued to lead me inside the room, when I was inside the room, I was shocked...guys brace yourselves...

There were Marshall, Laney, Ibanez, Peavy, Prince, Roland and Yamaha amps!!!!(Of course there is no sight of cabinet amps) And there were, Ibanez, ESP, BC Rich Warlock, Gibson and Yamaha guitars and basses!!!!I then asked the lady,"May I try the Ibanez guitar in that shelf?" Then she allowed me to. I then plugged the guitar inside a Roland Amp. I played for 15 minutes, it was only an 'okay' for me, I asked her,"How much is this guitar?She said,"Rm1400".I wasn't surprised. I asked her again,"May I try that BC Rich Warlock guitar in that shelf?

I then plugged the BC Rich Warlock into the amp and start testing the guitar for 10 minutes by playing some songs. Let's see..I played 'Duality', 'Eyeless' by Slipknot and 'From The Inside' by Linkin Park. As soon as switch the amp at Metal tone effect and the guitar switch at 'Treble'. I was blown away..the sound was amazing!!! I kept playing to my fullest ability, and people from outside the shop were watching me through the shop glass wall for 6 minutes and I ignored them so that I can get my confidence gaining to playing in front of them. I started Riffting, moving up scales and semi-harmonizing (Bend ups). When I finished playing the songs.They were pointing at me with smiling faces.I guess I was improving a bit for my age. I asked the lady, "How much is this guitar?. She said,"RM1100 only" I was shocked and was thinking(That is sooooo CHEAP!!!!!), I mean the pick ups are great and so was the pair at the bridge of course its an independent pick up(BC Rich). Someday, that guitar will be mine someday...........although I'm not giving up on Ibanez guitars, because they are still unique and has a more versatile sound. But when it comes to BC Rich guitars, they rule Heavy Metal!

The audition that did not make me perform on teacher's day,but taught me something about it.

Guys and girls,please do listen to your parents when they say,"Dreams do come true if you go for your dreams".Because that just happened to me on the 25th of May,2006 in school.We had an audition for a school performance for teacher's day in school.Some were trying out for poem recital,band performance,vocal groups,dance demonstrations and etc.I was doing a guitar solo with vocals for the audition.There were a few vocal groups who were singing Whitney Houston songs which made me want to laugh till I 'passed out',they were screaming and shouting rather singing in a harmonious and catchy rhytms and beats,I guess their vocal chords ain't as strong as Whitney's.And then there were traditional Malaysia dances by a group of students who were dancing during the audition,they were good considering their dance coordination.There was a student who did a poem recital which touched the teacher's heart who are the judges for this audition,it didn't hit me any how.Then there were 2 bands performing for this audition.Band A was playing a song called 'Senyuman Ragamu' by Gerhana Ska Cinta and Band B was playing,'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton.Both of the bands played the songs smoothly and not out of place,but there was an important part which they did not do during the performance,showmanship which is important when you are doing a performance of course and the vocalist in each of the bands sounded terrible.While when I was second in line to perform my guitar solo/Vocals.I was not all nervous but a bit excited as I didn't have a band with me.I then braced myself and was thinkin(Man,this is it.I'm gonna prove these wannabes want I'm made of).I played the song 'Just the Girl'(Acoustic) from The Click Five.While I doing my thing,most of the people infront of me,especially my friends were stunned and didn't gave a 'boo' or a 'YEAH!!'.I did not took that intention in mind.After I did my thing.Everybody was amazed(I'm not lying)and screaming and cheering me.And not to mention it was just an audition.Some of them said,"Oh damn,that was good!!!."I was relieved and I think to myself(Maybe I'm meant for showbiz or something).Meanwhile,after my friends praised me to high heavens,they think the bands were such bad performer that left off somewhere when they were playing a show.One of my friends said,"They know how to shout and not sing,they should take vocal classes,and the guitar solos are just poseur's job." They then told me my guitar play went all into place,and my singing sound like Erik(The vocalist of Click Five).After the results have been revealed by the teachers of who will be able to perform for Teacher's day.I didn't get through,only both of the bands get to perform.I wasn't sad at all to be honest.I was laughing and thinking(Man,if the judges from Blast Off! were here,they would say,"These bands are not what we are looking for).After the audition ended at 11.30 am.I went back to class and my Moral teacher was in my class.By the time he saw my guitar which I was holding it,he asked,"Is that your guitar?What brand?May I give it a try?I told him,"Yes,you may.But please be carefull for holding it".He then played my guitar.He was great and he learnt guitar by himself.And he told me,"Those bands are not the ones that will become musicians,I'm not saying it will give you fame basically,because music is like an ocean and learning it never stops.Take composition as an example,does it have a limit for it?" I said,"No.It helps us make music without an ending to it".He said,"Yeah,and whichever genre you prefer,its just like a journey you're taking."

After that,I jammed with some of my schoolmates in 4 Dinamik.It was fun,some of my friends can really play Scales and Power Chords.We played and sang along so loud that other people started hearing our noise in the classroom,they decided to join as well.It was fun..

From what I learnt from this is that,what you have chosen and do in life is a part of your life...

Dedicate and give inspiration to all you guys and girls who want to have your dreams to come true and believe in yourself that one day,you'll be a somebody rather than a nobody

Best Regards,

Cheah Jie Juan aka Static Spike.:)

My Sixteenth Birthday Gathering

Hey guys,its been quite a while since my last post. Well, I've been in the ups and downs lately. But one thing that made my day was my early Sixteenth Birthday Gathering. I had it about six days early before my actual birthday which was on the 23rd of June. My friends came to celebrate with me at my place(They were all guys, all the girls that I've invited could not make it ). We did quite a lot of things, we gossiped, we shared our stories and experiences about what we've been through. Its all good in fun. We then had quite a big feast on Fast Food.We jammed with my guitar,all of my friends sang along. We shared jokes and laughter together. The sun was bright and the joy was heaven sent. When it was the time to make my wishes, blow my candles and cut my massive birthday cake, everybody had a chance to feast on my cake. (Some left before I blew my candles because they had a curfew). When shadows fell down and it was 8pm.The party was over.Not over actually, because the party only left my good friend. We had a long chat about school, girls and all that kind of stuff. But when it came to the subject about girls, we both shared the pain and sorrow about the girls we liked and parted off. But at least his girl is willing to talk to him. When he tried to flirt with his girl, she said,"I think we should be friends".But the good thing is, she gets closer to him. As for me,I still don't know what girls are thinking, whether those who I like, hate me or they want to keep a distance from me for a while or so. But, life still goes on and yet short. Never give up your chances for the ones you care about.

The History Of Slipknot

The great 9 of Slipknot:
#0- Sid Wilson (DJ)
#1- Joey Jordison (Drummer)
#2- Paul Gray (Bassist)
#3- Chris Fehn (Percussionist/backup vocals)
#4- James Root (Rhythm guitarist)
#5- Craig Jones (Sampler)
#6- Shawn Crahan (Percussionist/backup vocals)
#7- Mick Thomson (Lead guitarist)
#8- Corey Taylor (Vocalist)


Slipknot were brought together by Paul and Shawn along with Anders Colsefni (ex-singer) in Des Moines, Iowa in 1995. The band has been through many changes since then to reach the current 9 member status it has now. Slipknot consider themselves as a family unit and each of the nine members are assigned a number between 0-8. The group mascarade the rock scene in their individual masks, each representing a personality, and there draping jumpsuits. Rather than hiding themselves, Slipknot feel they are showing their true personalities and inner selves with the masks which also add to the flavour and intensity of the music due to the sheer awkwardness of the masks. The band consists of 3 percussionists, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 DJ, 1 sampler and 1 lead singer, the complex heavy metal sound, mixed with riffs of rap, hip hop and in the good old days funk, jazz and disco has been matched by no other and following the release of MFKR. Slipknot has been climbing and climbing, gaining new fans and support with the release of the self-titled album which soon stormed to platinum status. Nine guys? That cant work? In fact it works perfectly! And now Iowa has been placed back onto the map.

For a full and very detailed description of events that made Slipknot go here: Slipknot Story

Bio from Slipknot1:

Iowa is probably best known as "the middle of nowhere." Most non-residents consider the corn-and-pig-state a geographical black hole. Since rock'n'roll's dawning in the early '50's, Iowa has had no singular voice to put on the musical map. Naming a significant musical identity from the state is inarguably a fruitless task; it simply can't be done. However, nine freaks from Des Moines--draped in industrial coveralls, surrealistic self-made masks, and an attack that combines violently regurgitated "L.A. neo-metal," death metal, hip-hop, and downtuned screeching horror--are about to leap upon the unsuspecting world like a musical of Clockwork Orange. Have you ever thought about what a messed-up hardcore metal band from "the middle of nowhere" would sound like? "Ultra-violence" only begins to describe it...

Meet 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. (In human terms that's DJ Sid Wilson, drummer Joey Jordison, bassist Paul Gray, percussionist Chris Fehn, guitarist James Root, sampler Craig Jones, percussionist Shawn Crahan, guitarist Mick Thomson, and vocalist Corey Taylor, respectively.) Each comes equipped with not only a frightening visual persona and number assignment, but a talent on his particular instrument that combines and collides to form the nine-headed savior/destructor of modern heavy music dubbed Slipknot. Now, with the tools and talents (not to mention complex-yet-infectiously-catchy songs) that this band holds in its grasp, the world has no choice: Slipknot has arrived, and you must now decide how to deal with it.
Formed during the latter half of 1995, the band went through necessary line-up changes to arrive at what they now describe as "a family unit." All native Iowans, their rather unassuming, un-happening locale gave the members plenty of space and time to perfect their unusual take on heaviosity. The band recorded and distributed the self-released debut Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. In 1996, and the ball hasn't stopped rolling since. Attracting the attention of a number of labels, Slipknot finally signed to Roadrunner through noted producer Ross Robinson's I AM RECORDS imprint in 1997 and entered Indigo Ranch Studios in L.A. with Robinson to record Slipknot. From the pummelling Sic and the unforgiving bludgeon of Surfacing to the sublime melodies within Wait And Bleed and the hypnotising rhythmic drive of Prosthetics, Slipknot's vast array of influences comes seamlessly wrapped up in a 13-song love/hate letter to the outside world. The touring that will follow is promised to be "unlike anything else that's going on out there. Seeing is believing." So says Shawn Crahan. And it's a gross understatement of what actually transpires when it all comes together on stage.

Until you hear the sound they create, having nine members in the band might seem ludicrous. Shawn claims it couldn't work any other way: "We've maintained an excellent practice schedule for the last three years. Everybody's on time, everybody's always there, and we always practice as a unit. Our music is so reliant on each other that if one guy, even the DJ, is gone, it just wouldn't be our songs without him. Without one person, something is really, really missing. Everybody has to be present. Even the littlest things make the songs magical."

Just as striking visually as they are musically, Slipknot stresses that the visuals do not take precedence over the music. "We never put on the shit we wear to try and get people into us," says Joey Jordison. "We did it because, after being degraded constantly for trying to play music or do something in Des Moines, it just came to be like we were an anonymous entity. No one gave a fuck, no one cared, so we were never about our names or our faces; we're just about music. So we just put it on and it started gettin' people, and it just started to turn into this big thing. The music's the most important, though. The coveralls and masks happened, and for some reason it worked, therefore we had to kind of continue with it. We got stuck with it."
Now that they're stuck with it, they hardly feel like themselves without it. Shawn feels that "...the masks are extensions of our personalities. Everybody's got sort of a tweaked, demented way about themselves, and we just alter the masks over time. It feels really, really good when we wear our masks for an hour, and then afterwards we take it off, and the first thing we do is go, 'God, what a relief!', but we always seem to put 'em back on after a show and walk around the place." And the visual presentation will change over time, just as the music certainly will. "I think things will always be changing with Slipknot. Everybody grows older every year, and with that you change, and that's somethin' Slipknot is always going to do."
As for the number assignments they wear on their coverall sleeves, they're lucky numbers, significant and vitally important to each member. When choosing them, "Everybody fell into a number," says Shawn. "There was not one person in the band arguing over a number. It was really weird."

Thanks to a hefty Ross Robinson production job on Slipknot, Slipknot's vision, part one, has been successfully realised. Shawn feels that Robinson was as highly motivated to work on the record as the band were to work with him. "We're a highly, highly aggressive band, and very seldom do we meet people who are in the realm of our aggressiveness when we play as a unit, and Ross took us into the recording room and was throwing punches at us. He was into it. Ross got up every day and went and worked out so he could be in shape to do our album."

When label reps and Robinson himself came to Des Moines to check out Slipknot at their best (on stage), the members were left with little to do for after-show entertainment than go to local strip clubs. After hosting guest after guest, the band were completely burnt out. Now, nobody in Slipknot ever wants to step inside a strip club again (it's Des Moines's leading form of entertainment, incidentally). Shawn grunts in disgust: "F*** the strip bars. F*** taking anybody to strip joints. We got sh*t to do."

The "sh*t" is wrapped up in a pretty little package called Slipknot. It's the discordant sound of the middle of nowhere, a terrain where Slipknot is jester and king...

What the future holds for The Melt Method....

Hey guys! Well....recently,some of our members have left the band and now we got new members in the band. A new lead guitarist(Tristan) and finally we got a new drummer(Ezwan) who used to be in my previous band 'The Death 6' who has made a come back for a reunion to join the band, although he is now in Johor, and of course me (Jie Juan/Static Spike)still playing as rhythm guitarist and vocals, and we're still short of a bassist. As for myself, I had been working on some new songs as a past-time activity since I've been caught up with a lot of school work. Haven't recorded any of our songs yet, but still working on our music pieces for each song. Our album is still currently at 'EP' state. We might be recording and managing our songs during the up coming year-end holidays. A few hits that I wrote like 'Day Of Chaos','Cut,Scard,Bruised and Screwed' and many more be recorded by our own will and time in any circumstances. No, we're not going to go advertising ourselves and go in public,as there are a lot of Malaysian bands artist who are stucking up on each others throaths to be in the spotlight and we still need to find the time to work on our music and improve ourselves has ambitious musicians and are still schooling so yeah we're under an indie label. I'll let you know when our EP underground album will be ready. Hope to work on it and get it done soon. I've been working on a few instrumental tracks while working on the band's music to support my band. Our music genre is going to be quite a mix like Emo, Funk, Heavy Metal Rock, Progressive Rock, Pop-Rock ,Pop and Electronica.

Thanks to all my friends and fellow readers who read our latest story about the band.Hope to keep you updated with more news(Underground) in the near future....rock on guys!!!! Here is our myspace URL page,add us up. There is a track which is one of my instrumental guitar pieces I composed,

Best regards,

Jie Juan aka Static Spike

The 'Plague' that keeps Rock in Malaysia grow weak and dying.

Nowadays, most Malaysians say that,"Rock Is Dead!" in the local music scene. It is because of some of the local music acts that have not been so popular and yet so lame. The main problem is of course the case of Piracy which is a big 'plague' to the music industries and has caused big 'leaks' to make some or most Musicians hardly make a living or become jobless. Most individuals say that Pop is the 'in' thing in today's Music Scene. I say its rubbish. In the cause of Mawi(The winner of the 3rd Season of Akademi Fantasia) and Siti Nurhaliza are just the 'bloodsuckers' of the music scene in a cause of non-passionate feeling for music and just selfishly want fame, popularity and running big bucks. Mawi became a Millionaire in no time for just advertising and most Malays support him and his music just because he is religious. Well,I can't obviously blame Siti for being a succesful musician, its because she started out to be a musician way before the piracy scene ever appeared. The world has gone upside down. Okay, back to the Rock scene. Many rock bands(even underground bands) have tried their heart out to be known for their local talent to the 'exposed' music world or should we consider at the moment, outside the local music scene to show our people that local musicians and inspired musicians have talent and not only international musicians have that gift. But now, even though Malaysian bands can find easy money by playing gigs in a club, but of course their salary is like an allowance. The first thing to make the local music industries grow is to cut down the prices of original audio cds. The cds now are absolutely overpriced. Many Malaysian artist have been wanting get their albums sold wide in Malaysia, especially the chance to get their albums sold to our neighbouring countries,but most Malaysian artist didn't get that chance to do it. Because they're not exposed enough to go international. Most modern local talents are not really talented,only the lucky few best like Pop Shuvit, Love Me Butch, Disagree, Seven Collar T-Shirt,Jason Lo, Dragon Red and others. These are the musicians who Malaysia should let them be known, showing other countries that we can do it too. I'm saying this not because I wanna grow up being a politician with mixed up issues. My dream is to become a musician. And I believe that if you people got the talent from the inside and want to proof yourself to the industry and the people of Malaysia and to other countries,I'd say,"Go for it!" If you're afraid that you might not succeed as a musician but willing to try, my advice is get 2 jobs. 1 is to become a muscian, 2(To what you want to be). Or you could become a musician by applying for an Indie label(Indie labelled musicians earn more money than major labels. Support the underground music.)

I just hope that the music industries in Malaysia would grow as big as the US. And therefore, Malaysians can do it. Hate the piracy scene.


I know some of you guys(even me) have the hard times together with our families. Whether its good or bad, never forget to always stay as a 'team'. Never to break the 'chain'. Even though most families don't always spend time together once their children or even parents themselves start to grow and mature fast. They start getting busy doing things independently which does not involve family in most things, but I do know that at the end of the day,we could turn out to be spending time watching television, having an outdoor picnic or playing sports together and so on in a blink of an eye, things will be back to normal again. When we feel sad,angry and depressed during the hard times we face,that is when its most important to stay together and face them. Care,concern and help for the family as it is what we call 'Unconditional Love'. This is what mom taught us. Never lose faith in ourself and our family. Even when there are times, we argue with our family,it can never be too late to forgive each other and become as a 'team' to walk on life again in this never ending circles as we grow. Last night my mom told me that life is a circle. What goes around, comes around.We may be their children today but we will have our own children to teach and guide someday. If we do not learn now, we will never be able to teach them. No family is perfect,because there will always be issues and problems that will interfere with our Family-Social lives. But that does not mean a family can't solve the problems and try to get hold of ourselves, whether if its social or personal problems, we should always remember our family is never our 'enemy'. Broken family relatives come from violence and despair and are never happy since the dark times they had gone through. It does not matter if you lose your aunty or uncle,cousin or even your grandparents. As long as you have your immediate family members, remember to stick tight to them and be together as a loving and forever lasting family. When one of us have a problem or two that we can't solve, we must always have a meeting with our family and discuss about the problems that is disturbing our minds and learn to bring it out and the problems will be sorted out.

Love, care, respect and unity is what family is all about. Everything is not family, but family is everything.

Guys, I do not know about you people but I do have a family that stay together through everything. I have a family whom I go back to everyday and I have a father, mother, sister whom I give a hug to everyday. Do you do that? For that matter, we even have a dog who knows how to love. We share our good and bad times. I have been listening to my mom telling us about being together and about loving each other since I was very young. It took me a while and now I am old enough to really understand what she meant. She is still doing that by the way.LOL...

I am sharing this personal experience with all of you because for those who is not listening to the real meaning of family. It is never too late to start, only too late if you do not.

That would be all for now. Wishing all of you love.

I have dedicated this post to my one and only loving family. Thank you for being with me and thank you for loving me.

Being in the working world

If you just started out in a new job for the first time. This post is worth reading.

Ok, where do I start? Oh yes, getting a job and being in the working world can be fun and you can pick up great pride in it once you're working in an environment you've only dreamed of. But one things for certain, you gotta know who you're working with and be aware of your working environment. That includes of being aware of the people (Even your boss and supervisor) you're working with and be sure to know what you're doing and be sure not to do the things and mistakes that will make your boss angry. If they boss you around for no good reason, accept it until it makes you think you gotta stand on your ground and face up to them(Do this when you're in a right in these kinds of situations).

Being in a job is not as easy as you think.(Unless you're used to it and can take on the task that you might find it hard before) You gotta deal with all kinds of people/customers when it comes to sales, dealerships and so on. Everybody is different. Of course you can't change a person and could only expect the person to self-realize himself when he knows in whatever of one of the situations he did was wrong.

To deal with people, we gotta know our intentions, character and social skill levels with people. If you don't have PR(Public Relationships), you won't be able to handle and get along with people. Thats one of the important values when it comes to working.

First of all, before applying a job, you gotta know yourself first. Your interest for instance. What kind of technical job you wanna do?(IT? Engineering? Wiring?) What kind of sales dealership you wanna do? (Music instruments? Computer software/hardware? Household supplies?) or what kind of successful and upbringing you wanna build from?(Musician? Hotel Manager? Scientist? Business man/woman? Tycoonist?)

Second, what are the parts of your talent and knowledge that can help you make a decent living out of it? Do you have the skills to do what you want? Do you have a future plan or mastermind to make your vision the way you want it to be? Do you want to have the payment you've focused on as your goal? What is your purpose of working?

And the third and last one, do you wish to do the job you're been wanting to do and are you prepared to work and face the outside world or so to speak? You are the creator and masterpiece of your own life, and as long as you stick to it, it will be attracted to you. And thats the simple truth (No I'm not trying to copy the phrase from the Digi Prepaid radio commercial line, hahahahaha)

For this post, I'll like to say that nobody is perfect but if you don't follow the rules of your job or find it such an easy surrender in working, then there is no use of getting a job.

Remember...interest, passion, vision and success!

I'd like to say...GOOD LUCK in whatever you do!

The Melt Method: Day Of Chaos


Feeling hectic!
When we feel(Claustrophobic!)
Pulling punches helps me wanna quenche the pain!~
What got our attention with the intention is that will we make it through the day~
By the bunch of the thugs,stealing and killing......
will we make it through the day-----!!!


We are the ones being blamed for,
we are the ones being chased for,
we are the ones being asked for~....
we'll be burdened by depression on the day of chaos......]


To justify our needs.
All we need is to fight! Fight for our lives with our pride!
Stressed across our shame.
We'll at any chance will we have it in our bare hands.(In our bare hands!)


Critics wanna sue us,get the facts!
Thugs wanna face us,face the pain!
And tonight,we'll make them beg right down on their knees!

(Repeat Chorus)