Sunday, April 08, 2007

I met a rockstar and a new friend

*Me with Wes Borland*

The public holidays were great. And what would make it better without meeting Wes Borland!? The Ex-Guitarist of Limp Bizkit! The Curve was having a grand opening of a new Yamaha Music School there, so Wes was supporting the opening by giving guitar clinic sessions to fellow guitarist. How cool is that? Meeting Wes Borland in person! And also I met a nice guy named Faiz who is my net friend and I got to meet him in person as well. Let me tell you, he is one heck of a guitarist, great punk rocker. But I beat him in SlipKnot songs with Pulse Of The Maggots while he strike me back with Blink 182 songs. What can I say, we're equally good in different ways..but I have to admit, he is a bit of a better rhythm guitarist than I am. (Just because he memorized power chords) *grins*

Had a great time, not only we get to meet Wes before that, we also got to meet up with Pop Shuvit who was doing their 'thing' to impress the crowed, they're a multi-tasking band, each of them can play other instruments as well. Impressive. Got a chance to have a small chit-chat with them. As usual, talking about the local music scene today. Faiz brought his Ibanez RG320F to the place to get his guitar signed by Wes, but sadly the Yamaha staff only wanted Yamaha guitars to be signed by Wes. That just sucks. Because mainly, he uses Ibanez and PRS guitars, even though he has a Yamaha Semi-Hollow body signature guitar that he is using at the moment, but he is a real endorser of PRS and Ibanez. These people from Yamaha just wanna promote themselves. Shame..

And as me and Faiz were browsing around shop, our fingers got really itchy and we started trying out most of the instruments. Keyboards, guitars and basses. We weren't much into drums because we're not drum guys. We were just nervous enough not to jamm with Pop Shuvit because, we didn't want to spoil the whole Urban Rock beat with our Heavy Metal craziness that we always do, so we decided to jamm in a sound proof room. There were more guitars inside such as Epiphone and Washburn. We didn't care, we just played the RG320F. Ibanez lovers for life! Though I have to say that there was one Yamaha guitar which has a piezo switch. Faiz I see is amazed by that guitar and usually curses, I do that too but from the heart. Okay maybe a little.. :P

We were jamming for 3 hours while waiting for Wes to come and give us his signature. And turns out that there was this guy who got his guitar signed first. Because Wes came to the school at 12pm. I mean like, what the heck right? He was suppose to come at 3pm for his clinic session and 5pm for his autograph session and he came at 12pm and browse around the shop meeting people? I wish I went there earlier and have small chit-chat with the rock star..but hey, at least we get to meet him in the end. Though Faiz was upset and started cursing because he didn't get his guitar signed. He brought his guitar all the way from home and he didn't get to sign it. It was pretty stupid of the staffs for not letting his guitar get signed, I you look at the people in line to get their guitars signed by Wes, in majority they're using Ibanez. After the session, he and I went back home in our own ways. He is a pretty cool guy and great to hang out with.

What's next? Hmm, I would want to meet Linkin Park, Slipknot and all my other favorite bands out there that rock my world!

New members for The Melt Method soon..

Well, so far the band is under hiatus for a long period of time, and we know some of our friends and small group of fans (And growing) are expecting our new material 'seed' to arise from the soil. But don't worry, I (Static/Jie Juan) am still writing some songs for our EP. Lots of check overs and corrections to be made on the writing. Lots to think about and its smooth sailing. We got some drum samples and guitar samples recorded and now thinking of mixing things up to create a track. New members are coming up, a new lead guitarist (Edwin) who I met on friendster is studying in Australia and will be coming back to KL, Malaysia in November, he is one heck of a Malmsteen parody shredder (Salute) and a new Rhythm guitarist, Timothy Dawson who is guitarist in training but catching up fast in progress, which I think he could play Rhythm guitar (power chords) as I would play and still stand as a rhythm guitarist and trying to learn a new instrument...Piano/Keyboard! And maybe I'll put myself in a keyboardist/guitarist/lead vocalist. Don't call me keytarist though, hahahaha. We will try and work on some stuff after SPM. So, hold on tight guys..we will try and make music as long as we live and try to come up with it as much as possible..rock on guys! Take care!

Time passes as you keep staring at the mirror

Do you ever get the feeling that time falls so fast till you don't even notice the moment you expected or not appears right infront of you? Looking back at your past will make you feel anguished and wasted.

Many people feel this way is because they set their mind into uncontious positions, its like your mind is in 'space' for a while and *BANG!, you feel shocked to see how much you've wasted. If you were to make plans for tomorrow for example, the universe of time will set it for you and you'll be there in a blink of an eye, because you expect from it a lot. Same goes when you keep staring at the mirror for long with a short period of time.

The universe likes speed, time waits for no man. So, value it.