Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kel-Am-Kabut Boy featuring School Wars: 'Operation: School grounds' aka Teacher's Day

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Star Wars

*Star Wars Theme Song playing*

A long time ago (Year 2007 only la), in a galaxy far, far, away (30 meters away from Wangsa Maju section 5 Carrefour la..)

School Wars

An 'Empire Enforcement Base'
It is a period of civil School Rules and Monday/Friday assemblys.
From vandalizing a School Toilet to a season of text book thievery, have led the students to winning their first victory against the School Empire which caused a demotion of the disciplinary teacher to become a college lecturer.
During the mid-semesters, some students have discovered a way to attain better marks for their exam papers known as 'Soalan Kertas Bocor'.
Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, run a scavenging operation
to rectify the 'Bocor' activity which has been spreading like the SARS disease.
Hundreds of deadly proton cars(?) streak from the car company, Mofaz Car Distribution SDN BHD in PJ doing shifting patrols on regular 'kaki-ponteng' students from skipping schools on a daily basis.
Our only hope in this featured story is depending on Kel-Am-Kabut Boy to restore the school system and to prevent school corruption with his charismatic performance of classical guitar-saber.

*Pn Rozah (Head mistress)/Ruler of Nebula , Pn. Tan/ Senate of the Empire
and Pn. Jun/ Caretaker of Extra Terrestrial creatures from Planet 'Sesat'*

Pn Rozah: OOOh, this ceremony is gonna be exciting. Wonder what we'll be expecting
after this. What do you think Senate?

Pn Tan/Senate: Probably more salary raise of 35%, promoting school teacher
positions and PIBG meetings. *sweat*

Pn. Jun: Aiseh, so many students..sure stress.
I feel my mole senses tingling...
(Spider-Man line gimmick)

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*Darth Vader music theme playing*
Darth Vader

Pn. Kamilah/Ka-Mil-Ah: Whatever shall we do with our mischievous plan of brainwashing
the student body of engrossing Malaysian history in their
heads as they keep sleeping in my class?

Counselor/Jed-i Council: Use the Book Worm
'Force' on those
pesky maggots to pay full attention of your teachings in
your class. May the 'Force' be with you, young Jed-i

Pn. Geetha/ Ex-Guitar Heroin: I wonder who's performing today (Looking up at the sky)
I hope Jie Juan/Spike doesn't come to save the day with
his daring riffs..'The Art Of Shredding' *grunts*.
Maybe Steve Vai? Joe Satriani? Van Halen! 'JUMP!'

Attack Of The Cloned Teachers

*Lets follow Mr. Ravikumar and the rest of the teachers who pledged,
"We will try our
best as the fellowship of educator servants of SMK Wangsa Maju section 5
to educate the students in orders of restraining ourselves with patience and with
tolerance of all the havoc crisis and destruction caused by the fellow students in
this sanctuary.."*

Woah, talk about brain wash 101.*

*One question...will women rule the world? What does this picture tell you?

(For those who don't know what it is and assume its a bear, its a creature
from star wars. HAHAHAHA!!!)

A very good example of an 'Ewok' imposer, Prince...hahahaha!!!!

Kel-am-kabut Boy

*Teacher's Day Ceremony. Feeling tensed as the performance was gonna begin soon
before I began to suit up.*

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*Heroic music theme*
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! Its the dude with the..urrm..guitar?*

*Don't ask me why my mouth just opened so suddenly, I guess I've never seen so many
people staring at me while performing*

Jie Juan/Spike:

,"Today was the day, the day that I gotta prove to the fellow students and teachers in my school what I'm made of. For TMM and for myself. Dared myself to express my talent and to share my music to the 'legion' of audiences with more than 1600 eyes staring at me. I then braved myself to come up to the very stage with my classical guitar. It seemed awkward though, some people were hackling me to start the show quick but I was demanding a chair so that I could play the classical pose.

The intro was a kind of a mess because the prefect didn't set my mic properly and I had to take the trouble to wait and keep playing while she brought the mic closer to me, while doing that..I kinda did some appregios to keep the show going and as soon as it was brought closer to my guitar, I then continued my improvised song 'Railway in Mexico'. The audience was giving me all sorts of energy to keep me alert and steady, not in a sense that I was shaking to my knees.

And of course there will always be haters who will keep hackling me but despite I didn't cared because I was gaining enough cheer to bring my music spirits up. I was at pace enough till I got the time to watch my teachers faces go jaw dropping, especially the head mistress. Yeah, it was crazy. I did some Yngwie stunts and a bit altered scales and repetitive play of my so called virtuoso of playing guitar. Even though how fast I move I'm considered myself 'slow', thats what keeps me motivated to play music and to share with the crowed, but I never expected such mass of shouts, cheers and a bit of,"WOAH!" during the performance, I didn't take notice till after the show just to get my concentrations high.

After ending with playing 4 speeding scales on each bar, I then ended with a quick Em Chord strum and slided after that just to end with excitement. The massive crowd kept the same vibe as I've felt during the performance.

Left off the stage after that and one of my teachers, Pn. Tan told me I played beautifully and never knew I had this 'talent' I gained or inherited. To me honestly, I think mediocre but then I told her in sincere way like,"I do what I can and I aspire it" :)

For that, I would wanna thank Yngwie Malmsteen for inspiring me to shred on classical guitar and my family and friends who gave me unconditional love and support . Its been a fun and great journey to live on...

My friend showed me the whole clip of the video and I was shocked to my horror thinking (My fingers were that fast? Cool)

After teacher's day ended, went back home and took a real long retirement.."

*Once again, Spike has saved the day, or should we say..made the day? Till next time*

I will post the video on Friendster and Blogger soon.

The accidental haircut

*Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God*

Way before that, I wanted to keep my hair and grow some layer. Reason? I wanted to look like Ian Watkins (Lead Vocalist of Lost Prophets.)

Recently got a haircut two weeks ago. And before that, I wanted to cut my hair like this>>>
*Ian Watkins from Lost Prophets*

Yeah, his hair has got some style to it. Well coloured. But then again, if I were to keep my hair now and then. I'll look like a 'La-la' or as they also would say...'Ah Beng'?

Okay, time to tell the story about my haircut. One break after tution, I went to Carrefour and came across a 'Quick haircut parlor'. Since I was running out of time till my next class, which was in an hour's time? (Hahaha, pathetic) I decided to try it out. Went inside the parlor, sat down on the chair for my haircut and I gave direct orders to this Chinese Barber dude like,"Okay..I want my hair to but short and leave it a bit spiky and make sure the spikes could comb down".
Then he affirmed the order,"Okay"

Then he started cutting my hair like a mad scientist cross-formed with a ninja and I was beginning to get really worried as the way he cut my hair, the layers were kinda uneven. And after that, the final touches of the cuts came and he made my hair kinda zig-zag kinda way. Then told him to cut my fringe a little bit then it looked fine. Then he applied some gel style up my hair and the honestly looked bad. Went out of the shop with a sour face.

After tution, I went home and took a bath. After that, wiped my hair guess what? It looked something like this...

<<<< The new evolution of my hair. Woah, big word.

Coincidence you think? Maybe..

Yup, looked similar like Randy Blythe. The hair patterns are there.

So here you go. My new look. I know, this picture look really 'lan ci' but it represents my alter ego when I'm rocking and groaning my vocals..yeah...

But I will always cherish my previous hairdo..

<<< The old Spiky hair style...
In loving memory..
But it'll come back!

My birthday wishes...

Well, my birthday is on the 23rd of June and its coming soon. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Early from now right? But hey, its not too late to focus and wish for what you want right?
For long, I wish that good things come in my way. Wish that my dream guitar would appear right in my face for as long as I've waited in front of my doorstep. Man, there's so much more to wish for and its a bit of a three wish concept right? Nope. Its never upon that rule. In fact, its unlimited. Dream and wish what you want in your life. But hey, can't do it without gratitude which I've absolutely just learned it after long cycles of my life. Appreciation is one thing. Asking and believing is what uplifts the dream with just the power of your mind, 'Focus'. Thats how dreams unfold and it doesn't determine how long it'll take or what is objectives to accomplish to achieve it. Its the way you shift your thoughts to make it happen..this applies to all of those who want to make their lives easier.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The mortal man and the immortal man

-Mortal Man-

As he standby too long in such a short moment. He misses out on many events without knowing it coming. He feels 'sick' (Dull) but his body is really immune. He sometimes feel some things as a first time which ain't a first. He gave and returned the heartaches from the people who exchange resentments with him which leaves a little scar in his life. He can't run the pace as it is too hard and too fast to catch in something he believes in to make it come true and uncontentious thinking that'll not happen. These are the forms of what makes the mortal man.

-Immortal Man-

What makes the Immortal Man you wonder? A lot! In terms whereby a man knows how to vision his own desires of what he wants in life similar like predicting the future but sophomore creating his own. The Immortal man lives on the life he decides to live in a chosen precision like living on the stream of life in retrospect in which he has learned from it and decides lead on a different and more wise. He wakes up one morning and feels energized and brighter than yesterday. A mad man would think that its impossible for a human being to heal himself from impurities and gain more purifying life to regain his ground and start a new life, the truth is that it is possible to do so. He who knows what to expect through out his daily life with doubts of his mind being held-clawed by 'Disease' (Dis-ease is what makes Disease) that does not void him from his good intention actions taken. He perceives of what his actions are without the need to learn from it. These are the complex values that make the Immortal Man in the form of my own words. And as the saying goes for a motive,"We are what we think about"

My guitar, amp and effects wish list

These are my future music gears and instruments I want in the near future...
And these gears would help me out on my musical journey...

Ibanez Rg 320FM
neck type 3pc Wizard II neck
body Flamed Maple top/Basswood body
fret Jumbo frets
bridge Edge III bridge
neck pu INF3 (H) neck pu
bridge pu INF4 (H) bridge pu

Construction / Scale: Bolt-On / 25.5”
Body :Agathis
Neck / Fingerboard:Standard / 42mm
Nut Type / Width
Neck :ShapeThin U
Inlays: Dots
Frets:24 XJ
Hardware:Black Nickel ESP-LTD
Tuners: Tune-o-matic w/ String-Thru-Body
Bridge / Tailpiece
Pickups: ESP LH-150 Set
Electronics: Vol / Toggle / Tone

Series : Deluxe Series

Colors : (303)* 2-Color Sunburst, *Add $50.00,
(306) Black,
(367) Honey Blonde,
(Polyester Finish)

Body : Alder

Neck : Maple, Modern “C” Shape,
(Satin Polyurethane Finish)

Fingerboard : Rosewood, 9.5” Radius (241mm)

No. of Frets : 21 Medium Jumbo Frets

Pickups : 2 Tex-Mex™ Tele® Single-Coil Pickups (Neck and Bridge),
1 Tex-Mex Strat® Single-Coil Pickup (Middle),
1 Piezo Transducer Pickup in Each Saddle

Controls : 1-Stacked Concentric Pot with Volume Control (Magnetic Pickups
Only) and Tone Control (Magnetic Pickups Only),

1-Volume Control (Piezo Pickups Only).

(Input Jack is “Stereo Smart”. When Using a Stereo Cable, Standard and Piezo Pickups May be Split.)

Pickup Switching : 5-Position Blade, Special Strat-o-Tone™ Switching:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup
Position 3. Middle Pickup
Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup
Position 5. Neck Pickup

Bridge : Fender®/Fishman® Piezo Power Tele Bridge

Machine Heads : Fender/Ping® Vintage Style Tuning Machines

Hardware : Chrome

Pickguard : 4-Ply Brown Shell

Scale Length : 25.5” (648 mm)

Width at Nut : 1.6875” (43 mm)

Unique Features : Fender/Fishman Piezo Power Tele Bridge

Strings : Fender Super 250L, Nickel Plated Steel,
Gauges: (.009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042),
p/n 073-0250-003

Line 6 Spider III 30 amp


* 4 Essential Amp Models
* 6 Effects (2 simultaneous) including phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, Sweep
Echo, Tape Echo, and Reverb
* 4 User-programmable channels
* CD/MP3 jack
* Headphone/Direct Out for practice or recording
* Custom Celestion® 12" speaker
* 30 Watts
* Dimensions: 18.25L x 17.25H x 9.0D


The BOSS DS-1 is a basic distortion pedal manufactured by the Roland Corporation under the brand name BOSS. It has one tone knob, one level knob, and one distortion knob. It produces a heavy and harsh overdriven sound, and has been famously used in songs such as Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The DS-1 has also been a trademark of the sounds of such acclaimed guitarists as Joe Satriani, John Petrucci of Dream Theater, Steve Vai, who uses a DS-1 with Robert Keeley's 'Ultra' modification, and John Frusciante, who frequently uses the DS-1, particularly for older Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.

The DS-1 is normally used by electric guitarists, but some bassists have been known to use the pedal. Some bass players include Chris Wolstenholme of Muse on the album Showbiz (he also employs a big muff for pure fuzz), as well as Mark Stoermer of The Killers using the pedal live with a Boss GE-7 EQ to remove treble

These are my gears in the future, and I hope I would get them fast..especially the RG 320F....

The start of a new era and a new voice is heard..

Crazy days and slacking moments. So far, just started out tution at Suria Jaya. The place is okay, the teachers are good. And so far, I could actually cope better than school (honestly). The revision notes were what I need, very well summerized and easier to understand. Well, guess I gotta use all these sources to pass through my SPM. Without the notes, I couldn't have done well in my second exam. Something crazy happened, I broke my vocal chords twice in a week, and I can't sing high pitch tunes that well...but, my voice now sounds a bit like Corey Taylor. Kinda lost my voice a little for the past few days and finally regain it back. Imagine this, screamo vocalists don't practice their shouts and scream consistently everyday, the secret...its the cigarettes. Yup, they claim its the smoking sticks that made their voices go deep and have wide vocal ranges. Well, obviously I won't go in that direction as I wouldn't take a single puff out of it.

Just going about my day doing the same routines. Gotta finish up my projects and need to take pictures of me doing chores and doing some outdoor activities for my moral project. Better hope my sister would be the camera girl for tomorrow and I'm starting it immediately and submit it by next week. Yeah, its a short and fun project, but I hate looking like those people in our text books, they don't usually smile, just a straight face..not to mention I got 4 moral assignments which involves taking pictures, 16 pictures all together. This will be fun..

For the love of humanity, I got three exams in three straight months from March to May. First exam, second exam and diagnostic test. Whats next? Animal test subjects? Hahahahhaha!!! Its been crazy for the past three months as I've been running around doing my thing. Well, as the saying goes,'Work hard and slack hard'.

Just pre-ordered Linkin Park's new album 'Minutes to midnight' which will be out on 14th of May. And I'm so excited about getting it by then. Pre-ordering it offers a giant poster of the band. Nice..

Okay, guess I'll have to stop here. Take care..

Linkin Park is back!

- Minutes To Midnight

The world's best thing that could ever happen would be Linkin Park's big come back after 4 years of hiatus. My favorite band in the world has come to save me from all the cheesy-sicky music I've been listening for the past 4 years and they've come to lift me up once a again. Filled with values and hopes for the world to hear and vision. What I've always wanted..Linkin Park's come back.

Okay, time to talk about the music. From Nu-Metal to Alternative Rock is a good change for them to reach out other fan bases. Instruments have changed and so they have matured a lot as well. The lyrics are superb and they words healed my own being. The title of the album 'Minutes to midnight' has a meaning related to the 'Doomsday Clock'. This precisely shows that its the upcoming unpredictable end of the world. Mothernature is dying and the world is in need of help. To me, no other band is better than them. The single from the album 'What I've Done' tells it all...

The new single 'What I've Done' is a good song message to the world as it is for us all who made the mistakes we've done to cause more harm than good. Peace must be stood by us, no war. Why do people even think of listening to BEP's 'Where is the love', its more like asking for help and sympathy than to just make the effort to make the world feel a better place.

I rest my case. And to Linkin Park, glad you came back GUYS!