Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Merdeka! The waving flag of hope for the voice, freedom.

Two more days and its gonna be another year of independence. Just like another normal day to pass. Well, I don't seem to be patriotic as much as I was back then. Maybe it is because they keep having the same kind of festival scenes each year? Or is it because there is something about our country which we are not proud of which makes people protest? Or maybe its because the three races are not living as one people anymore? Well, it's sad to observe that many Malaysians have come to a point whereby they feel comfortable only with their own kind? Well, I find tat really absurd. Why Should we bother to judge a person by his skin colour?

That's why the Malaysians need a deeper acceptance that there is only ONE race and that is the human race! Was it ever meant to accuse each other of being Malaysian Chinese, Indian and Malay mercenaries? To other? Absolutely not. school history books claim that the Chinese and Indian are "orang pendatang". If you look objectively, we are ALL kaum pendatang! I get sick and tired of morons telling me,"Hey! Go back to China la! You're not meant to be here!"
I am what I am because I'm not a Chinese but a Malaysian Chinese and same goes for Indians who are addressed as Malaysian Indians. People should not just emphasize their own tribal ideas but share ideas together for greater mutual understanding. The gathering of the three major races together with each of their own unique ethnicity to share a common destiny is what makes Malaysia special.

Let us all harmoniously celebrate independence, our country, our home. "MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!MERDEKA! MERDEKA!" (The voice of our very own Bapa Kemerdekaan, Tunku Abdul Rahman)

Friday, August 24, 2007

The misfits of conceptional acts in the material world

In todays world, we know that most city girls are obsessed with shopping which has been over-rated though out the years Handbags, perfumes, cosmetic kits and all the stuffs which guys call them 'cooties' has been a girl's chucked budget. Many girls have been busy keeping up with the latest trends from what they read in magazines.

As the problem starts to increase, we'll find that many of them would foolishly spend all their savings just to be pretty as long as they can and it doesn't serve them great benefits and the flip-sided ugly savings account number can break up the whole buttocks face. Studies show that 3 out of 5 women/girls spend most of their funds trying to be like pop celebrities and movie stars that can last for a day just like Cinderella's royal carriage turned back into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight and 2 out of 5 women/girls waste their time and set on their minds just window-shopping.

TOO MANY girls try to get that supermodel body, acting such poseurs alike and trying too hard to get into the latest fashion as much as they could die for. I certainly blame it on the product advertisement headlines which they showcase on television these days.
To me, I take a fashion product as an enlightenment than some doll accesory they apply on themselves like mindless puppets. Its insane! And the idea of getting high heel for pretending to be tall for once ain't gonna give them true happiness.

The activities do not obligate the decent actions of using boyfriends to get them what(ever) they want in their biggest desires and all they want is to burn a hole in their fiancee's pockets. This is a major problem for guys who are going under budget for a young fine growing man trying to work his way out for his own expenses to live up the life he wants. A decent girl wouldn't ask much from a guy because she would be understanding and take considerable action to give him support of what he is doing which benefits both she and him to fulfill the relationship. I so look up to people like those. For that matter, a pressure will not be weighed on them. And yes, I certainly hate the way they use the line,"Oh my gosh!" phrase for foolish purposes.

Those are the evil doings of abusive materialistic girls today. They should at once and always appreciate the things (even the small ones) that a guy has to give to a girl. Its not always rainbows and butterflies because its compromised and has an ending to it. It'll be a plauge if this issue grows colder each day.
The behavior of a very materialistic girl may even be rebellious, childish, carefree, inconsiderate and a manipulator. So guys, be sure to watch out for your chick!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Think you can scream better?

I've came across many artists from Metal bands who have the talent to scream and groan in front of massive crowds and gain respect more than fame for showing the real culture of Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and Grind core music. They're more concentrated on playing music than bother about their image due to making a real good show than just showing faces. Lets list the top 10 best screamers in the music scene of Metal not just regarding how well they scream but also their uniqueness of charismatic head-banging exposure.

Mark "Earth" Hunter-Chimaira

Tuomas Holopainen-Nightwish

Matt Heafy-Trivium

Jonathan Davis-KORN

Marylin Manson

Adam Lobo-Dragon Red

George Fisher-Cannibal Corpse

Troy Sanders-Mastodon

Corey Taylor-Slipknot

Randy Blythe-Lamb Of God

Monday, August 13, 2007

Looking through the broken glass, not knowing time has passed

Its been a while back since mum passed away. Thinking back of all the cherished moments I had with her. Nowadays, whenever I see a kid walking and holding his/her mother's hand, it made me cry. But to me, I'm not the kind of guy who thinks back and relentlessly feels like 'I-could-have-done-this-in-the-past' kind of thing.

I know for a mere fact and reality check that everybody has to leave someday, but shall NEVER be forgotten. People think the past is best put to rest, but all pasts are real and some shall not be forgotten for sentimental reasons. Like my mum said to me numerous times in the past,"Always consider immediate family as the primary concern"

I've learned to appreciate and feel grateful for what she has done for me in the past. I don't feel regret of not realizing in the past, because at least I know I've learned the lesson in the end. She is always that little voice in my head. She is beside me if I needed guidance. (This is not an expression term thats falsely a feeling into my words, its an intention)

'Losing' somebody is never the same kind of feeling like breaking up with a girl or even feel the resentment in your term failure. Its more likely a much needed pure love that can never be replaced or contrary of a more likely compensation.
Its never too far or too late to love somebody, but its too late to finally realize that someone cared for you so much and you don't give a thing about it and despise the fact thinking that he/she is being over-caring or too much love joy and as follows with a condition.

Value your family members, they may give you a pain in the back from their outer existence, but are always there to give a shoulder to cry on and console your problems from their inner existence.

No more or less, my mum's heart has always been open, only on certain reasons why she was not willing to discuss with my problems was because she knew it would turn ugly, so it was best for her to leave it aside. My heart feels like bleeding when shes not around, I wish not let anybody mutual who I don't get a good feeling with shall not interfere with my family's predominant dignity line in honor behalf of my mother.

Whoever despises my mum for the blatant reasons is blind, can't contain themselves, never gave a chance to know her well and repetitively judge her, which means to say, you (misunderstood individual) are not open enough to see whats a bad fruit, a good fruit or a stern vegetable.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've Been Hit!

Yup, you may have guessed it. I've gotten into Nasional Service! NOOO! A nightmare to a reality. I mean, 3 months of slavery. No where to run, no where to hide. All my plans have been demolished after my exam. My DIY home recording studio plans have been way delayed :(.

Sorry Edwin, can't work together and churn out records at the moment.
But I'm trying to look on the brighter side...salary, lots of girls to check out, and new friends. Well, don't know what it'll be like for me in NS. But, I know its for the greater good. 30,000 candidates are open for serving the country, what more to expect..
My friends who deserve to go didn't actually get, but 3 more batches are waiting for them like vultures. Watch out people!

If I haven't gotten accepted by PLKN, I'll spend those 3 months working and just love earning money (Yes, I'm a money face and not much of a materialistic person, funny eh?).

Dunno, will get to eat 6 times a day, work out and train from 5am till the whole day.
I would like to presume my kind of stand for NS as 'No Slavery'. Yes, freedom.
Why bother to have NS training at all? Doesn't affect everybody, a lot of people came out from the camp this year and nothing much changed them. I still have friends who went, never change and still act like a bunch of hooligans.

Come on PLKN, raise our salary to RM300 a month. RM100 is not enough. All the hard work and anxiety we have to put through. I stand vindicated. But I'll change after I get through this camp. I'll get stronger by the day and be more ready to face the world. Actually, I've been facing the world all these years.

The army which made our country proud, but not now for these new maggots.

The army of rednecks getting in line. Will it serve them well? We'll see...

Don't know whats it gonna be like there..remains unknown. If anyone who is willing to bail me out shall do as pleased. :)

I wanna say goodbye to all my music that has been rocking my world in my whole music life.


-Trivium (For letting me shred like a mad cat)

-Slipknot (For teaching me how to head bang and despise the idiotic minds of
idiotic people)

-Linkin Park (For your lyrics)

-Yngwie Malmsteen (For your inspiration in classical/neo classical music)

-Lamb Of God (For your inspiration in writing lyrics which was ever possible and
Randy's grunts and screams)

-Joe Satriani(For inspiring me with your guitar works)

-Iron Maiden (For the music!)

-Stone Sour (For more than what lives in Slipknot's music)

-Vanessa Hudgens (For your looks) :P

-Micheal Angelo Batio (For showing me the hands of shadow)

And the last farewells are to my family, friends and my trusty 'girlfriend',Tracey (My guitar, you've been by my side..even in close-to-troublesome gigs)...

This is my early farewell before I go to camp in January 2008.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Bleeding out all the misery

'Bleed it out'-Linkin Park

A new video from Linkin Park has been premiered on MTV, 2 days ago. This song pretty much relates to your outgoing hardships and you wish let it all out to have a sense of renewal for that matter. Doesn't matter where you're from, all you need is to eliminate all the tragedy that has been jinxing you for a matter of time, long enough. Go beyond the limit at your best...

-Mama help me I've been cursed
Death is rolling in on every verse
Candy paint on his brand new hearse
Can't contain him he knows he works
F*** this hurts I wont
lie doesn't matter how
hard I try
Half the words dont mean
a thing and I know I wont
be satisfied
So why try ignoring him
Make it a dirt dance floor again
Say your prayers and stomp it out
-When they bring that chorus in-

,Mike Shinoda

The verse from Mike gives a good motive of realizing what suffering serves you and serves you not of all breakdowns and thoughts of jealousy. Its all about throwing away all the bad thoughts and frustration from your are replenish the wealth in you. Its a good song. Listen to it....

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The descouragement of deceit

I feel like falling apart in terms of controversial issues I encounter with. Awkward situations make me want to throw up or even bang my head on the wall sometimes. You fall back 1000 miles from taking 1 step foward and it doesn't quit to being in that repetitive moment. Constant motional-ly running the time striving for desire can be really hectic at times and its really hovering over my head and pulls you back. Weird for me to say this, but the catch is that, never become an opportunist.

You can take opportunities but don't abuse the chances of getting it. Its not worth having for. Losing it while using that technique is like losing your most desired wishes. Believe me, its all about patience. A little bit of blind meditation will wash the frustration away. Its hard to swallow but, it takes time to heal. Life is hard, but it takes almost a lifetime to end it. Thats what makes me tick with descouragement. Patience is the word. Believe in it. (I'm trying to manifest here).

Awkward, for some people who indulge hypocrisy just want to pull you down and out. But there's one thing you should resume...block all the negativity regardless of anything to do with the s--t you get. Thats the best way to go on..believe..