Friday, September 28, 2007

Gloomy skies and odd company..

I went to carrefour after tution just to satisfy my craving for McDonald's ice-cream. Unfortunately, the line was I decided to go back home. On my way to a taxi stop, I saw a guy (Shall not be named) who I personally hate was heading his own way infront of me, when we walked passed by each other, I decided to hit his elbow against mine before he engages it first, in fact he has done it a couple of times to me before and I've had enough with his nonsense.

So I had to end it like that, after I clashed with him, I was about to give him a punch while he wanted a piece of me. His friend stopped him from fighting me. So then, we left in our own ways. Its weird though, people hate you and you don't have ANY issues with them. Maybe because they're miserable and want to induce their misery into hate? Its weird, people judge other people by their cover but don't really know their personality.

He was probably a moron and wants to pick on somebody whom he is jealous with in any kind of way. I wouldn't know. I'm not saying I'm perfect or any of that sort. Maybe, there's a part of quality I have which he doesn't? Any how, this 'person' was somebody who can't accept the fact that he was in his fanatic state of mind that I'm his enemy. Its sad to know people who are like that. You won't know their bright side or anything besides that.

I would really like to use this example as to relate with one of my father's posts called 'Of Born Idiots and Self-Creations' as to what I'm really trying to explain here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The players from the twilight zone.....

Many aspiring guitar players had only one wish...,"How can I play as fast as (insert famous guitar player's name)"
Only one word from the great Yngwie Malmsteen,"Practice". Yeah, you've heard that word countless of times. But behind the word 'Practice' applies to learning and working on your scales, modes, chords and etc. Learn and cover as much as you can. If you wish to learn Flamenco, neo-classical, Jazz, Metal or whatever the genre you wish to cover. Do it! Well, it only matters on how many hours you practice a day to show that you're working on your fingers and results appear that you're way faster than before..its the way you practice which not only helps you to play better, but to help apply the techniques in your head. Here is a great example from this video by the great Malmsteen on how he Mixes up jazz, classical and flamenco to create a great trilogy play to a masterpiece. Only way to get your fingers really running is to practice 6 hours a day to get them really loose and feel real smooth.

This video was shot during his performance back in '98 in Brazil.

The secret to playing almost close or better like him (Malmsteen) is to watch his fingers run. The skills, the tempo, the licks and how his fingers work the magic. Get to know the tuning he is playing at and keep up the pace. I know, he is likely a superman on classical guitar and maybe some intermediate players might think (Dude, does he have a Dimarzio pick up implanted inside his guitar sound hole or did a mad scientist just used some radiative ray to make his finger molecules even faster?) The answer is,'No'. If you look at his picking styles and his fingering speed on the fret board, its all about the pace. Here is another video just to show you how determined a player could be in is, Michael Angelo Batio aka 'Hands Without Shadows', from Nitro

Michael Angelo Batio-Speed kills

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sick Cycle Finguring Apparatus 101

Its been a wild week, I've been having massive intensive studies which I leave aside for a while and get on it once again. I'm a funny character eh? Well, I've been invited to audition at Akakarya to perform during a high school prom night organized by SMK Damansara Utama, which will be held at a hotel near Starhill. Hope to get through the audition this Saturday in Sri Hartamas, but sadly I got no time to go there.

So, I called up the prom organizer whom I just became friends with named Jayesh, and told him that I'll send him a guitar play video by me on Friday. He agreed with the idea (Smacking nice!). This means I'll have to take on a short 1 hour practice and make the magic happen by heart(Since I don't have all the time in the world till after SPM). I'll be able to be at the prom and play in December if I get through this..

The thrills are running through my veins, hope I get to go through the auditions and make it out in public than just breaking it out at my school from my gig in May. I mean, I love those moments..butit doesn't make me grow if I play in school. Soon after the memories from my school mates will forget about it. But some will.
When I played my first show, I finally knew the meaning of music, its not about the money. Yes, the money will come to the performer if its been managed properly, but you're there for the audience. The people who help you embrace the music. That was Slipknot's motive within the band during their immensed tour.

It'll be great like old times if The Melt Method was with me, but everyone seems busy and parted for a while. Well, time will tell...
So whats it gonna take? To me, I'm not meant to be there for publicity..but to try and put on a good show out there. Sweats will be poured down and screaming audiences will be having smiles on their faces if I get through this audition.

Then Jay messaged me yesterday, he insist that I could do the audition after SPM if possible which I totally agree with gratitude, it'll be much more convenient for the both of us...
Maybe by then I could get the band get together to come up with at least a song of our own to break out...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

High School Mayhem

A dance group in my school took part in the High School Musical: My School Rocks dance competition a few weeks ago. Their performance was held in Johor and unfortunately didn't get to do it in KL. So then, they had to travel all the way to Johor and performed the preliminary rounds there. I heard they had won second place or lost in Johor. Well, lets see with this video shall we? :) You may call this video sort of disastrous, but no one was hurt during this choreography of the group dancing...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Me, you and others

-The Oblivious Vortex-

When you tell yourself to other people about yourself, what do you actually tell them about yourself or even how do you express yourself and if possible..both? Everybody in the world doesn't like to lose their faces and they would obviously want to be at their best to get respect from others. By the end of the day, they would gain trust in their own friends and start to tell them more about his/her darker side of life which they have seen and experienced.

-Mind, body and spirit. The universe revolves and acts on its own mysterious ways-

When a person looks at his/her friend, they would give in with full intentions that his/her friend is never a moody person and is always happy and cheerful at all times and problem doesn't exist in their books. This is where I'm gonna tell you (sincere fellow readers) a more in depth story from the continuous post of mine 'May my soul lay to rest as it is too much to take' , which gives me great pleasure to tell you more of a specific explaination to conclude a think over process.

Nobody has ever thought that life is easy but a lot of hardships. But that doesn't mean they never say that they can flip the other side of the coin and make their lives much easier that early!

I have friend telling me today that patience is the way to go get your goals straight and the opportunities starts to unfold and the time will be ours to , which I totally followed his advice. Try to think of an idiom quote like 'Rome was never built in a day' which brings great motive to the term 'patience'. For me, I'm an impatient guy who does anything to get what I need to achieve it, even if it fails me. Feeling sorry for myself if I fail to do so? NO!

Learning the mistakes is always great progress and the experience as the teacher.
Well, nobodies perfect with character wise. But if you're a great person being understood by others, you will last.

By day, I'm more of a joker and pretty much of a happy and loyal person with family and friends which appeals my character till sun begins to set for me to lease all of my inner cheerfulness from my bright side.

By night, I'm as alert as an owl within the nocturnal night just flashing back scenarios I've been in and even the actions taken which may have mistakes brought back to me to learn from. Question is, why do I have to be so confused just for being complex? Maybe its because I'm trying to open up my mind to figure out things which are caught up like barb wires or more like unlocking a safe deposit box?

The thing is, I am conservative and pretty much of a complicated person who gives a lot of exotic thoughts to make situations easily sorted out and summarized the way I want it too. I'm pretty sure a lot of people have that ability to make up their own decisions in life in a secured carnage of thoughts in their mind. The thought can be a photographic vision of an aspiring dream to follow, it can be that music symphony background at the back your mind which harmonizes the thoughts of our egos and might light up great ideas which have never been thought of? (Oh-oh..dramatic impression. HAHAHAHA!)

People use the over-rated term such as 'emo', 'emo-ing..go away' and the rest follows, which really gives in a right expression of their true selves but a wrong message being brought up in conversations in our daily lives. Many people can't seem to use words like, 'Depressed', 'sad', 'angry' and etc. Are these the bad qualities which keep confining our personality level to the same sane state that can make us feel miserable all the time with a little bit of spice?

Finding yourself and expressing yourself are great ways to understand your 'own' being and is well encouraged to be shared with others...