Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pen in hand, inspiration on demand

I'm gonna be done with high school by next Monday and I'm quite sure I'm gonna miss the moments I had in school, even though there were times I felt I was an outcast back in the day. By the 3rd of December, I'm gonna start a new chapter, settle in a new environment and break out free from my shell and escape from this systematic chaos that's been dwelling around me for a long time.

I get to be more independent and being able to learn a lot from what life has to offer. I'll get to listen to more music to get inspiration and ideas to write more songs and rhythms till the last drop of ink has been used. No more uniforms, no more carrying heavy school books to school, no more eating horrible canteen food, and no more absurd school rules. Leaving school has never been this good, whereas in college, you can wear whatever you want, no fixed 8 hour study time just like school, new friends to mix around with and so on. And I finally get to choose which course I want to do. Anybody decided what to study?
it kinda feels like you're not running under a conventional system just like government schools. Its just like going to an institute where its in the middle of a big city, well..for most colleges that is. And I don't know about you guys, but college can be inspiring too, considering that you get to learn things which can REALLY be applied in the outside world. Towards where I wish to go, is to just follow my dreams than to just live with butterflies in my stomach. The will is in my hands and the inspiration I need is on demand right now.

So excited to do so many things...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Active Nocturnal Mind Moment

Thursday night was a tiring night for many who were busy studying for Friday's moral paper. As for me, I was busy going through my past year question papers and studying moral from 8pm till 5am on a Thursday night/Friday morning. I then drank two cups of coffee to keep me seriously awake to help me get going with my revisions. The awkward thing was that, I felt some effects in my body while doing my revisions. I felt as if I couldn't really sleep and my body was very inactive at the same time. Its like playing DoTa, (A mini warcraft game which I've already given up playing) when your mind doesn't tell you to sleep but get on with the game. That's how active my mind was. Looking through my revision books and staring in front of the computer monitor looking for further info regarding on the subject syllabus, vice versa.

I did take breaks in between and resume on my reading and after a while, it got kinda creepy at night while I was alone downstairs, since my folks are already asleep. It was total silence, so I decided to tune in some music to lessen the chills down my spine of what was mysteriously haunting at the corner of my mind..

Imagine if you were to stay up all night studying with full of thrills and alertness just thinking about whats gonna come out in the exam. It bothered me for a while, but I wasn't gonna let it be over my head, that would lose my concentration of studying.
The best thing about studying all night with no sleep is that, you will have chances of not forgetting what you have studied and you can go with the flow of answering the paper...

At 5am sharp, I quickly took a bath and changed into my school uniform and swap down another cup of coffee with egg in it and continued reading till I left for school. During the exam, I went through the pages of the exam booklet and I felt really uncertain on some of the questions. When the examiner finally told us to begin answering our papers, my fingers were having shivering-like movements while I was writing my answers. Because, it was the side effects of the coffee that made me this way. Sometimes, I would accidentally spell a word wrongly all of a sudden and then erase it immediately. But, my level of alertness was up to a point that I had to beat the time while doing the paper. And I was a bit 'high' because of the coffee.

I would straight away answer most of the questions once they're witnessed. Its as if my mind was acting like a bullet train and the questions were like a train track to help lead me on. But that doesn't mean that I didn't have any problems answering some of the questions. Especially for the essay, I took quite some time thinking about how I was gonna construct my essays in my head before I start dumping it all into my answer sheet. After that, I managed to finish the paper fifteen minutes earlier and went back home. When I reached home, I then took my bath and retired in my bed from 11:30am to 5:30pm.

This is what its like when you're having a major exam and you're studying your dreaded subject all night like a working machine. It ain't fun, but its worth the effort. I wonder if I'll ever try and do that again in my upcoming papers which I have 3 more subjects to kill then its over..

Then it will be.........

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Universe Has Answered My Wish...

Hey guys, haven't been writing much lately because of SPM. Well, at least for now I got a short break from studying (In short after 30 minutes, then I'll continue doing my studies) and bring you more updates as usual..

Well, remember the time I wrote, saying that I gotten into NS? Yeah, I got the June batch of next year. Which means I don't have to go for the January term and finish it by March. YES! The moment I've been wishing for has come true. Lets see, I could work up to 3-5 months before heading to camp and earn some cash for myself. Spend more time with a help from my friend and the band itself to record an EP album (Finally) and spend more time learning new stuff once I get a job. I'm planning to work at Bentley Music, which is located across Lot 10 at Bintang Walk.

The great thing was that, I've been wishing to get 3rd batch. By that time, I might be able to get exempted for 2 months and serve only for 1 month. That wish came true. On the day when the name list came out to determine whoever goes to one of the three batches for the National Service, I was waking up from a back ache and I felt really miserable. I came downstairs and sort of like having the morning dull look while dragging my feet down the stairs..I saw my dad reading the papers and he surprised me by saying,"Hey J! You got into third batch for NS.". Then my eyes started popping out and I started jumping and saying,"Woohoo!". Regardless of how painful the ache at my back was. It was too good to be true, that my wish was granted within all of my intentions...

This also helped open several doors for me on what I wanna do for myself to really outgrow after High School. And yeah, having the benefits of growing is not all about partying all night till dawn breaks out. To me, its all about finding a job, learn the foundation of what you wish to do and apply it in general statement of everyday life and learn a lot about the values of what life has to offer.
Last year, I was doing sales at a Second-Hand shop called 'Buy Sell Trade'. Not to say I was impressed by the working system that much. But the supervisors that I liked during my working days really help me out with a lot of things. One of them taught me what I needed to do in sales. And this time, its gonna be quite a challenge when handling customers regarding musical instruments.

I don't mean to brag really, what made me felt interested in selling instruments was the time I was working at 'Buy Sell Trade'. The shop at the time had around 7 guitars including bass, acoustic and electric guitars. 5 days later, 4 guitars were sold and I out sold a guitar amp and an effect pedal with a Samick branded guitar, one set. Then I had a thought (Man, if I worked at Bentley Music full-time in a long period, I could really embark on it.). While my mind was popping about the Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha and etc being sold by me in an appropriate way, maybe more convincing. Yeah, I could dream on and it isn't good for me, so I gotta just live with what I have and make full use of it, than dream it. Well, its not as easy as it looks. When you're working at a music store, the customer IS always right. Help finding the right stuff for the customer is part of the important processes, especially when it comes to selling an instrument to a customer.

Its not like any other direct selling job to be certain. For example, (For ladies) if you're working as a beautician and when it comes to selling cosmetic products, you can just persuade a lady customer to buy a product from the shop and she buys it easily, just by saying that the certain product you're selling is a facial cream, and you can just go on telling the customer that it brightens the skin and makes it smoother.

In terms of musical instruments, its more like a game of determination. Soon after, the customer may ask you about the speculations of the guitar, where its been made or even the type of wood being made out of the guitar. I've only known the specs of my favorite Ibanez, ESP and Fender models and I wish to learn more models. Maybe help become a technician, that would be fascinating :)

But the best thing about Bentley Music is that, its a happening place. Especially during the festive seasons where they would have guitar clinic sessions held by famous artists and great promotional bargain deals during big sales. This is a totally new world towards the sales concept for me.

Till next time..bye! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Dreadlocks: The way of life in many cultures and beliefs

-Bob Marley-

-The Lifestyle-

Dreadlocks were used for political, religious beliefs and lifestyle fashion back in the day and even during the modern times. The joy of enjoying Dreads is just the image in a few number of forms. Like for music, street-appearances, political protest and a lot more.

-Relgious Beliefs-

The idea of dreads were found by the Indians (No, not the Red Indians who are claimed as Native Americans) who have religious beliefs regarding their god, Shiva about dreads. There was a story about Shiva using his dreads to trap and stop demons with his own hair. Fascinating isn't it? Their way of making dreads and the materials being used to producing and enhancing the hairstyle has a pretty disgusting story behind it. Some say they plight their hair and mix with organic stuff and even cow dung.

You can't really wash dreads, they would turn out really ugly if you wash them. I think they use a certain kind of conditioner or something to keep their dreadlocks clean, though..I'm not sure whether dreads can be THAT clean. If you were to get rid of dreads, have to shave your whole head. Thats means getting to grow your hair right from baldness

-The Music Scene Influence-

As of teenagers and young adults, the hairstyle was influenced by music artists like 'Munky' (KORN), Corey Taylor (Slipknot back in 1995 when Corey Taylor had a dreadlock mask), Brian Fair (Shadows Fall) and even Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.). Bob Marley brought the whole dread culture into the music scene while representing the Ska & Reggae genre. Disclaiming the idea of him being the founder of dreads. Later on, they were called 'Dreadlocks' in the mid 60's. But basically, it was already a Jamaican application to have dreadlocks there.

Only thing the world was influenced by the hairstyle was because of Bob's music at that time, which meanwhile helped promote dreadlocks to be known without the intention to let it be known by mouth like for example, if Bob Marley were to say,"Hey, be like me! I got dreadlocks!". That basically didn't happen like that, its just that the people were fascinated by the hairstyle, many of them decided to follow it. It has created a massive legion of fans with dreadlocks in not such a long period of time, like hairstyle being mainstream just like music is today...

-Munky- (KORN)

-Brian Fair- (Shadows Fall)

-Corey Taylor- (Slipknot)

-Sonny Sandoval- (P.O.D.)

-Political Society-

Like the afro, locks also can have social and political ramifications. For some peoples of African descent, locks are a statement of ethnic pride. Some see them as a repudiation of Eurocentric values represented by straightened hair. For some, the rejection of ideas and values deemed alien to African peoples (which locks embody) sometimes can assume a spiritual dimension.

Similarly, others wear locks as a manifestation of their black nationalist or pan-Africanist political beliefs and view locks as symbols of black unity and power, and a rejection of oppression and imperialism. While most Rastafari sects welcome all ethnicities and the history of locks attributes the hairstyle to almost all ethnic groups, some blacks who attach strong ethnic meaning to locks disapprove of the wearing of locks by nonblacks, viewing such practice as a form of cultural appropriation.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oblivious Mind by The Melt Method

This lyric was written by me for contributing the group from behind. It kinda has the Dream Theater vibe in this song. Think of it as 'The Prison Glass' being transposed and mixed with Stone Sour's 'Reborn'. The lyrics pretty much tell about a man who totally lost his mind and is also totally delirious in his own environment. Try putting yourself into his shoes for a while and just dwell in it. Its kinda controversial as well. Well, enough said...let the lyrics do the talking...

Artist: The Melt Method

Song: Oblivious Mind

MY life!

Has been lost between the light!

Too far! And I'll be lost on the way!

Dreaded feelings and lost memories.

Change of absence within the shadows

at the back of my head

I wish to grab the truth soon

Don't tell me how to live my life

And don't tell me what remains in time

Is it me or is it you?

Shall I assume my curse has been a gift from you?

Just to compensate that I'm always above you?

My world comes crashing down in Oblivion

All of this comes seeping down in another dimension

Losing my faith in you

Facing my shame through the glass

All I want is my memory back

Oblivious mind! Oblivious mind!x2

My thoughts are all confined

Don't know whether the right time is mine

As I keep living a lie

Hysteria method to savour the pain

And wash away the subconcious waste

Every confession brought out of my soul

Is like a story being told

(Feeling lost and broken down)

The fallen angel in me dropped down

and avenged its pain

I just need to conquer my demons!

(Follow up)
Don't tell me how to live my life

And don't tell me what remains in time

Is it me or is it you?

Shall I assume my curse has been a gift from you?

Just to show you that

I'm the different man that you once knew?


My world comes crashing down in Oblivion

All of this comes seeping down in another dimension

Losing my faith in you

Facing my shame through the glass

All I want is my memory back

Oblivious mind! Oblivious mind!x2

I whisper in the dark,

I'm the person you've forgotten

And I try open up my mind

But my vision doesn't come clear

Now I'm walking on the path to the truth

Now I'm trying to discover to find myself again!! (fades)


My world comes crashing down in Oblivion

All of this comes seeping down in another dimension

Losing my faith in you

Facing my shame through the glass

All I want is my memory back

Oblivious mind! Oblivious mind!x2

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A song called 'Manhattan'

-Eric Johnson-

Well, to start off...I'm starting to get very worried about some of my friends who are going through a hard time and I may understand their problems. But one thing that really bugged me was their reactions. Well, this song is for you guys. Just chill..

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This song is by Eric Johnson called 'Manhattan'. This song is so can drift you away somewhere 'far away'..(Meaning its very dreamy and enlightening)