Saturday, December 29, 2007


Sorry dudes, I have no updates till time will tell because I've been working, but I'll try and find the time to blog as much as I can when I'm free.
Take care brothers and sisters! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Groovy night of fun!

I had a good night tonight. Met up with my recognized buddies such as Alvin, Jayesh, Faiz and Edwin over at TTDI Hall. It was like a giggers party organized by the Leo Club. I was also there to give a big support for my friend/band member (keyboardist), Alvin, who had a gig session during the night itself. He was on guitars with his side-project band 'The Black List'. This guy was smashing, he had definite charisma on stage and we all sang along as the band started to play. Then I met up with Faiz, Jay and Edwin before that. And we ended up taking our old sweet time chatting over and did a slight jam with Edwin. The food was great, the new friends I've met were nothing more I could ask for, and the music keeps me coming back for more. I was amazed among the new people I've met in all circles who have different qualities but all in good fun. It was a good treatment for me to heal myself from the difficulties I've been through this past week..

I really enjoyed the company which kept me and everyone else cheerful. The atmosphere was great till I could finally breathe again. I felt like a kid as in really energetic and began to easily appreciate every moment of the party than to remembering it vividly in the near future. There was a six piece band called 'Hard Boiled Egg' which proved their talents as great musicians, playing cover songs from Metallica, made me feel to take up electric guitar lessons as soon as I get my new guitar. A lot of the other bands were really fresh acts with tons of advantages to put up a good show. The safe mosh pit kept the crowd alive and ever excited as before. These are things that I'll never forget for the rest of my teenage years.

-3/5 of The Melt Method (Me, Edwin and Alvin)-

-Edberd, Me, Edwin and Alvin-

-After the show-

-Shuffle Dancing Group-

-Me with The Black List- (Alvin, Nick, Sei Kan and Brennan)

-The Black List playing the rock cover version of 'Umbrella'-

-The straight boy and the 'Lala' boy *cheese!*-

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cut, buised and screwed....

And here I go again with my job hunting, continuing at KLCC on Tuesday (Which I know you are starting to feel the immunity as I am now, explaining this AGAIN!~). Headed over to TopShop to get a vacancy there, they said they'll call me today once the manager is around. Okay...that was a short story, but I'll continue. I'm going to look for other vacancies so that I could avoid hoping for one branch to hire me.

Do you guys know how it feels like when a friend doesn't make it an appoint of his/her own word? Kinda sucks doesn't it? Even when he/she tries to gurantee a plan which doesn't work out last minute, and yet..doesn't compensate by making it happen by another day.

I called up a friend asking whether we could meet up. This is how it went, after the whole intro, I asked my friend whether we could hang out. After that, my buddy said that he/she is free and has nothing to do during the upcoming day. I decided to call my friend again at night. Then my friend said,"Aiya, sorry man...I'm quite busy tomorrow."

I've already made afternoon plans for my friends and pleaded with Top Shop to give me an interview in the evening. If not, I could've done it in the afternoon. Now it all comes to this. Why do people take me for granted? But that shouldn't affect me so much, but the big deal was the inconvenience which I'm not really pleased with.

I mean, the biggest question that has ever been raised in this situation is that,'Why the spite while you can explain whats going on?'. If they were too scared to tell the person, thats fine. But never let the trust end in vain.

Which shows that the truth can hurt can also show that friends like these have to be out of your life. This is not a fantasized reality but a proven fact that it happens to what a lot of people who call it 'The Innocent'. Well, I call it 'The victims' to be more precise as to what is being placed on the table here.

Christmas is coming up, rejoicing with forgiveness is never forgiven if they have karmic actions that's left them hanging. What's it gonna take? What are people gonna face? I'd say its a hopeless joke to have thought to complicate a person's life.

But I guess we all gotta know who we really are in the end, what was the purpose in our life is just how we choose, we're not being trapped in this systematic chaos environment if we choose not to. The will is in our hands...NEVER FORGET WHO YOU ARE..

To all maggots, this video is for you! Merry Christmas!(As Corey Taylor would say,"Stay SIC Maggots!)

Slipknot-Before I forget

Monday, December 17, 2007

Should I or should I not?

Well, today I went to look for job vacancies all over Bintang Walk, I decided to check out Chambers Music since Bentley didn't call me as they promised. The manager of Chambers music offered me a big sum. But the catch is, I gotta work 11 hours a day and 7 days a week. It sounds crazy, but because they had enough sales assistants around the shop, and the previous shop keeper recently resigned. I gotta seriously sort out with the boss. It is against governmental rules that the boss doesn't give the staff any rest, I must fight for my rights. The payment is good, but, is it worth the effort of the time spent? I gotta manage, list out and rearrange guitars there. Keep a close watch on the shop and its kinda laid back though, that's what I like about it. Well, time will tell, because the manager is putting up an advertisement on open vacancies to hire more shop keepers. There will be a chance to be getting at least a day off would be good enough....but I guess all hard work can get paid off...ahh, then I could endorse these babies

Ibanez RG350EX

Line 6 spider III 75

And my Antonio Lorca classical guitar is finally going to be saved when I bought a new pack of Ernie Ball concert quality strings (They're the best) and Dunlop 65 body gloss guitar polish to remove the dirt, sweat and sandy board scratches done by the previous owner and myself. Well, the frets weren't that 'fresh' when I first got it, so I am here to bring it back to life. I got fed up because of the feel of the finger board and fretwires itself, the precision of playability has lost its blend of fun and slickness, but soon its going to be brought back to life like it was when it was first made.

Now, I'm suffering from minor blisters which I hardly have the will to complain because I've been running around non-stop for 5 hours looking for jobs everywhere, but its good exercise. Should I consider the job? Maybe I should..boy, I'm so fickle-minded. Till next time :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Broken hearts, torn up letters and several agendas in movies

-A common plant representing manifestation-

If life were a sequel to you, what kind of scenario would you create or manifest on? If it were to have several personifications of action, thriller or even romance/drama in an individual, would you contemplate on the path with those choices, or would you stay away from disaster and not complicate your own life? Most people would think that the world just revolves all round and everybody does their own daily routine. Day in/Day out; they work, eat, play and lights are out after that.

The concept of movies applying to life is basically like a story being told by an individual and the one behind it is obviously the director. Everybody has to face hardships. Some people may think that every year is like a new season of their mutual lives. Be life, vary difficulties, happy endings, significant other and etc. Thats how life cycles around daily, it all varies..

About Romance/Drama..yeah, the lust and temptation which holds the bond so strong till it begins to trigger worries between the couple to live in paranoia. Rumors between a couple about; adultery and such spread out to one another and it gets pretty complicated. That's how Romance destructs by itself and ends just like that. Maybe it teaches us on how to be rational and all? Or just being plain liberate. Or, it may clearly just show that life is just always ahead of us, and all we can do is to learn by our mistakes. Though, forgiveness helps most of the time. But does the motive 'Forgive and forget' make up for everything? That is the kind of question that should be reconciled.

When disaster strikes, there are many thoughts and worries in our mind. We start to go in all directions and sometimes make silly and accidental mistakes. This is when the pit falls start to appear in situations. When our mind starts to settle for at least 30% or so, we start to persevere the things we feel may turn out to be the right or wrong thing, its hard to measure the odds but 70% of it will make us believe in a state of belief that what we think may happen, will happen by chance. As the saying goes;'What goes around, comes around'. The feelings may form an evil being of others and maybe ourselves for that matter. That's when we got to conquer our fellow inner demons. Not to mention suicidal attempts, gun fights and crime, or you may end up as a homicidal victim for that matter of fact. The best examples being set would be movies like 'Red Dragon' and 'The Hannibal Rising'. The art of thriller films..

Action sequences, such as fighting, stunts, car chases or explosions, take precedence over elements like characterization or complex plotting. The action typically involves individual efforts on the part of the hero, in contrast with most war films. The genre is closely linked with the thriller and adventure film genres. Referring to this would also be the excitement of situations taken place in scenes.

These are how movies play a part of a role in our life. But the burning question at the end of the day would be,"What's your story?".

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The man who took a tinch of ember and inferno into music

Matt Heafy is his name. Born in 1986 with the descents of an Irish father and an Asian mother, Matt is well known for his acts with his band 'Trvium'. He is indeed to be considered as an elite musician in the modern era of Metal at the tender age of 21.

His screaming vocal talents lead him and his band member'(s) (alongside with their credited work in the band) efforts to success in the underground scene and partially in the mainstream compounds which he also quoted,
"I only started screaming in the first place because I was such a terrible singer". It goes on to say "back when I was 14 my voice was like (feigns breaking voice) and I could only sing low - I was trying to sing like I do now, but it sounded horrible so I started screaming , but now I'm done with that , if we play our old stuff that calls for screaming, Corey (Beaulieu) does that."
But that doesn't stop there, during the making of their latest album 'The Crusade', Matt took 3 vocal lessons and focused on vocal singing than much on screaming and somehow found his 'own' voice to comendear

His guitar playing influences were given praise to guitarist, John Petrucci from Dream Theatre. Matt was heavily commited to John's Rock Discipline DVD which helped motivate and train Matt's playing ability at a vast extent to where he is now, a great and modest guitar player.

Matt Heafy has designed and currently under build on his own signature guitar with the cooperate works with the company Dean Guitars. Heafy describes the shape as a combination of other well known guitar bodies, including a Gibson Explorer, Dean ML and Jackson Randy Rhoads.
He now uses his Dean White And Gold Razorback and others...

He is indeed the icon artist of our time...

Here are some videos as a bonus :)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A day trip of freedom!

Yesterday was my last paper of SPM and I got through it. Finally, finished secondary school and its my time to do what I need to do to keep myself busy in a good way. My sister decided to bring me to KLCC to buy her her birthday present and then we started hanging around KLCC for a while. Went to Kinokuniya to check out some new books which I might be interested in and yeah, there were a lot of new stocks out and I felt really excited. I'm not much of a reader, but these set of books caught my eye then..

Yeap, a line of sound engineering/recording directory reference books that I felt so sucked into. There were lots of guide books from Sony Acid, Cubase, Protools, M Audio and a lot more. These reference books would go well once I could start a term on Sound Engineering course in college next time. They teach you the foundations of Sound Engineering and Audio Designing right from ground zero to get yourself prepared pretty well.

I'm willing to take on the challenge for it. And hey, its the 21st Century. Most of the things are computer based these days to make things really slightly easier and conveniently fun. There were a lot of new manga comic books out at Kinokuniya and I got like 4 familiar favourites on shelves (Yes, I'm a fan of manga comics. Kinda geeky for a music lover like me right?)