Friday, March 28, 2008

With Teeth And Cheese.. :D

Today, I followed my sister along with Saiful to The Curve because both of them wanted to go to Fitness First while I went loitering around Ikano and The Curve for the whole afternoon. Window-ed shopping as usual till I stumbled at 'Rock Corner' and decided to get an album from there. First thought in my mind was (I must get Nine Inch Nails' latest album). I wanted to listen to a different kind of music such as Nine Inch Nails because of Trent Reznor's (Lead Vocalist of NIN) work with music since 1985. The genres were a mix of Experimental, Industrial, Hard Rock, Electronica and etc.

With shattering noise in the backgrounds in most of the songs, it's interesting on how they make snowy TV 'noise' with a mix of 5-piece rock band instruments and distinct lyrics to making it exotic; away from the literal meaning of it, but a new 'wave' for the listener's pleasure. The hit songs I'd say are 'The Hand That Feeds' and 'Only' in this album. Got the imported version with a featured DVD as a 'b' side on the double layer disc. The album is pretty addictive, so are the hit songs (BIG TIME). Trent Reznor is the genius behind of what he does best. He used to be in a band called 'Exotic Birds' during the late 80's who were the first to collaborate samples and keyboard enthusiasm together with rock music. Refer it as 'Electronica' if you may.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you.....


Nine Inch Nails-With Teeth


Nine Inch Nails-The Hand That Feeds

Then I went to Euphony music to try out more guitars and it seems that small fretboards fail me because of my widened fingers and flattened palm, I could only play fretboards which are as big as Fender American Telecasters or Ibanez Wizard III necks. Sad, but rewarding. And I tried this Yamaha strat-like body guitar with custom wound Seymour Duncan pickups and it's nasty because of the small fretboard (which again, can't really play that size anymore) and the action was a bit too high.
Then I went on with my habits by checking out my ATM account status regularly. Yes, I'm a money face and I'm not so generous :P. Just practicing healthy financial savings.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dark clouds and thoughts of oscillation *Just for the sake of a title -_-*

It's been raining quite heavily for the past 2 days and the clouds group up together to block the sunshine of the day. Trying to get my reading habit back up again by reading this good book my dad lent me, 'The Alchemist'. Well, I'm too lazy to state what the story is about but this book teaches a lot of values which can be applied in life

Besides that, I've been trying to lay down my plans to waste spend my time wisely towards what life has to offer :P . I've recently been listening to Dream Theater's 'Systematic Chaos' and only one word to describe it for a review...AWESOME! But the drawback is that in some songs, the instrumental solos in between are sort of TOO long. But it's still good. The lyrics don't really rhyme but are written straight on really well. Just the way I like it :)

Dream Theater-The Dark Eternal Night

Just trying to fill in the time to learn how to cook new cuisines when I have the chance, but I end up eating up what's left in the fridge and just cook up good ol' Steak and French Fries just for weight gaining purposes.

Just feel like getting myself a console to enlighten myself once my pay from Genting is being transacted into my bank account. It's either these two

The new Nintendo Wii


The Good Old Playstation 2 with upcoming titles in years to come

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Destination: Highway One, Yamaha City

Yesterday was the feeling of 'Fantasy Land meets the Milkway' as I had myself headed down to MidValley's Yamaha Beatspot Branch to look for Acoustic guitar models. First, I was impressed with the decent range of the Yamaha F-310 Acoustic guitar.

Yamaha F-310

This baby (correct me for I may be wrong) has the warm and pleasuring sounds of an acoustic guitar which states as close as a Seagull acoustic at a cheap price. The body is lusciously big in vast high praised ways. The best you can get out of this thing is the joy of playing barre chords. Only thing this guitar needs is a piezo transducer pickup to play LIVE. All in all, with Ernie Ball Acoustic Strings, it'll bring the best out of the guitar.

Fender Highway One American Telecaster

Besides that, I saw a beautiful axe which was the latest Fender Highway One American Telecaster. I was suddenly blown away by the price which was less than I expected. It was half of the price of an American Telecaster. Say...RM2000+? With its newly improved bridge saddle and tuner set ups with Alnico pickups to give out the magic, it sounds very close to THE Fender American Telecaster. The neck was more than I expected to be compared to Squier guitars, it was wider and the playability is smooth to get around the notes of the fretboard. How I wish Ibanez were to make maple necks as good as Fender's like the RG 550. Now I'm in a mood for maple fretboards. Flawless finish. But I guess its the wood aging and the quality of wood they use on an American Telecaster which makes it sound so sweet and genuinely Fender.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

End of passion play?

My days have rather been kinda down's either the awareness of the elections coming up or is it just me being confined in my own home and wasting my life away for these few days. Even after leaving my job and getting my payment, I feel as if some people claim that I'm not skeptical enough about life. It's either they don't have the intention to LISTEN to what I'm saying and interrupting half way and just assume, assume-assume-assume, or is it just me being plain ridiculous, just having a bad day and don't know what I'm saying sometimes. Is History repeating itself for me towards the worst or is it reminding me something? I've let go all of my sorrow and make a change on my own without the sake of others.

I feel sort of discouraged when some of my goals don't escalate to a success, kinda frustrates me when knowing the realities of awkwardness. Makes me wonder about the qualities of common people with fake smiles, fickle minds and stupid lies. At least I've tried and found out the outcomes. Sometimes, trying hard is not the only option to succeed but also needs a little bit of chance (Not luck).

It can be related towards the things I love to do and completing my obstacles. Maybe I don't know what it's like being 17+. Is it all about getting my license? Thinking on my own with given choices? Or just being more grateful for all the difficulties that I had in the past? Maybe I've thought of things which may seem selfish or just of wrong set of mind. When I'm pissed with something, I just get blur and ask stupid questions which I unintentionally ask but my mind just triggers it. Is life all about accepting everything that has happened, or is it all about making the choices and get on with what you wanna work out on? Is that even part of growing up or being held back?

The thing is, I've planned out the things I want to achieve, but once I take a step forward, I'm placed 2 steps back. A vision I've seen and put my mind into can be shattered like an illusion. Who am I to blame? Do I serve a purpose or purposely serve? Enduring and awaiting the experiences of what it's like being the last holder of my family name, knowing that I'm the's hard for people to get inside my head. I couldn't get over the fact that it bothers my sleep and wake up in a sweat. In my head will end up with the same question like,'When-when-when will I ever achieve something I want out of life and get rid of all the nonsense which are within my boundaries'

Some of my close friends claim that I'm the kind of person who has breached out in the world and out stood way better than most people. Some think I'm like their shrink with my 'so-called' wisdom. I'm afraid that sometimes I think that I may preach but may not practice it at uncertain moments. I appreciate the good thoughts of others about me, but am I worthy of what they say I am? I try to be stoic upon my feelings and try my best not to expose it to the masses, or else the situation will get bad.

Maybe I'm bound from a lot of things for a reason, or is it for the fact that people don't know what I want to transcend beyond the available wisdom and knowledge of what I really want to achieve and savor on. When am I gonna break out of my shell for real? When would be the right time to make people realize that I am not who they want to sculpture and that I acquire a different kind of perspective in this world?

I can guarantee to you of a 100% that I'm pretty misunderstood and there are reasons why I hate sharing my problems with friends and family and they keep heckling me with the burning question,"What is wrong?"


1. Friends and family may have the wrong idea and its hard to reach out to really make them understand your personal problem. Chances are, I would get a slap in the face for being disappointed. Is that even a crime?

2. A person like me would hysterically blurt out my 'cries' about certain things which make me feel discouraged.

3. And the feedback I get may not be sucks, I know..maybe its some prospect that I have for being the youngest in the family which is full of doubt and ignorance.

Don't ask me why, it's just me thinking that I myself may not have accomplished my aspirations which may lead to a whole bunch of lies. Or maybe I've not really experienced what it's like being hit on the floor real hard and get right back up. All in all, it's hard being the guy who only dreams on something and strives hard on what he wants to succeed or maybe it's just morally wrong. Go figure.

The days when you thought there was potential in me in various ways (like this picture) wasn't rainbows and butterflies but clear reality that it takes a lot for a man to earn his satisfaction and somehow it may not be good enough for others. But why do I care..I think I would want to re-think my life over. Some things I do always have to affect others which are actually meant for me to sort out. Why? Because to me, I'm like some monitored robot with auto-monitored feelings, its not me who controls it..maybe it's the people around me who are drifting my emotions here and there which I don't deserve. And again, it all comes towards people who blindly assume what I'm not without a good reason.