Monday, May 26, 2008

Another side of me that you may never knew before...

-Badly cracked clear glass in the drum room-

-Gotta love the Ibanez, there's the Ibanez S model next to the PGM model-

I recently went to Bentley Music's new branch in PJ. It's certainly better than the Jalan Bukit Bintang branch because of the much bigger space and they have better stocks. And Ibanez acoustic guitars kick more butt than Yamaha, in my humble opinion. Their EQ pickup electronics are better than Yamaha's. A plus point would be the Ibanez acoustic amp. Beautiful tones out of that. And now, I'm an S series fan. It has great sustain, fretboard (In which by the way, has a good cutaway for easy fret access). I don't know why I'm typing like this at 4 in the morning while feeling nauseated with having this GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome), but I'm certainly writing this just to cure my mood swings (I'm deeply sorry, readers).

I'm feeling pretty much hollow and cold. Family to me seems to have ups and downs at home. Knowing that being the youngest such as myself can be rather obligating for the fact that there is a justifying system of the elders in the family of what they don't listen to what I say and just give away their unsung opinion which at times, I disagree. Anyway, that's my own problem to handle and my demons to conquer on, learn from people's mistakes PEOPLE! Don't repeat history itself, that would be my word of advice. Well, here are the questions I've thought about, myself and here are my current personal opinions on these questions in my head.

'Have you ever felt lost in some parts inside yourself till you wish you gained it and shared it with the
world with your own wonders?'

Yeah, it seems like I think I never got to do that for real, because certain people won't believe in me, but what the heck anyway...that's why we all keep things to ourselves and improve our lives independently. And I'm trying to mean it in a very nice and sincere way. I feel that I've not accomplished most of the things which I thought I did, while others that I know are sky rocketing their paths in no time while progress runs gradually. Is it known for the theory of 'Time and Space' to have ever make you go far without self-realization? Or is it the pace of our minds to have ever braced the 'Unnoticeable' to remain humble and conservative just to be able to get on with life. Does human nature take it's own course or do we deny the defaults and choose the options of what we should demand out of life? If anybody were to think (Man, this is the greatest thing I've done in my life) is either making a happy ending or building an empire of bullshits inside his head.

"Is life on Earth as hard as like man trying to embrace the crash course of life?"

The world was never kind or peaceful. The world has unconditional experiences awaiting for us to discover. It's like the wild in the forest where people would have to depend on themselves subsequently to survive. There is no such thing as labels such as 'Good' and 'Bad' for personality, there is only 'Right' or 'Wrong'. It's either you tend to do it this way or that way, which determines whether if it's the right or wrong way which also leads to a proper reasoning to determine Fact or Fiction.

The Negativity and the Positivity..what about it?

Like some people would say,"It doesn't matter if you're a good person or a bad person, you'll still hit the ground." Well, bad things happen to us for a reason, there's a balance in everything but the disclaimer is, what happens if we get something we don't deserve and we didn't even cause it to happen in the first place? Are we somehow mistakenly blamed or do these things happen because there are people with the mistaken motives to actually cause others harm? I think it's a fact of being either 'guided' or 'misguided' which causes all the negative and positive effects. Imagine this existing quote that was once said by somebody,"We do bad things for a good cause but we also get bad things for doing something good sometimes"

Yet I believe in that saying, it has a sense of unconditional experience. There is a weightless will towards the negativity and positivity, it still comes after you at anywhere or anytime. Even if you help something or someone in need, that doesn't mean the universe would grant you wings to fall from the top of a building and be able to fly, you'll still be pulled down by the law of gravity. Does the law care? No. Nothing but a memory and favour to be grateful about. The point is, bad things happen because people with the wrong motives tend harm others who are in the right direction. The person who caused the mistake shall learn a lesson depending on the situation.
That's when the untimely mistakes occur and then we learn from it. Thank the world for a thing called 'Rules'. If you did something wrong,'s known as YOUR FAULT.

And now, you can say that there are misguided people with a little bit more intelligence from the past to present days with the traits of 'Deceit', 'Betrayal' and 'Manipulation' which are indeed wrongful acts. Like a man being accidentaly hit by a 'car' which again, the driver was the one who caused it and he shall learn a lesson and drive the Right way. Though he'll end up with hefty Fines or Jail as a lesson to ensure he doesn't do it again and reminds himself. And yes, we're talking more about people here.

What about people who receive accidents or death causes by mother nature?
Simple, an accident caused by man.

(i) Let's say if he trips over a tree branch accidentally, what happens? He falls and hurts himself.
(ii) Why do we have environment issues such as Global Warming which causes the world to
slowly tear apart and die? It was caused by man. It is known as mistakes. It's too superflous
to think that it was being obnoxious of man to purposely do it. It's just that they're just being
and not know better.

When we learn from the mistakes, we make it come true (fact) by turning things around to make it the right way to regain a peaceful mind. If you ever thought destroying things is the way, then you mind as well go and jump into the sea.

People who succeed tend to maintain it, if some things don't suit you the way they are before anymore, do something else and carry on with life. Why do we even declare a 'Fight' for peace when we can't even think of 'Creating' peace? Here's an example of what our fool of the world below has to say.

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about
new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." — George W. Bush

Now ain't that obvious of what I was trying to relate to. The term 'Peace' in the current situation? HAHAHA! Are we somehow learning from the past mistakes or are we taking them with us by justifying,"A lesson learned in life, let's refer back to the past and TRY NOT to repeat it". Yeah, that's what Bush only tries and claims but never tends to support his own ground, regarding on what he said the above.

Here is what Master Yoda has to say....

("No! There is NO TRY! NO TRY! Do!")
(“Ohhh. Great warrior.Wars not make one great.”)- Master Yoda

-Richie Kotzen-

What are our goals and dreams in life that we eager to achieve? May the force be with us all to be able to take on never ending challenges and we shall carry on lives as individuals with the speed of light~

Here's a dedication from me to everybody who wishes to hope for the best.
Richie Kotzen's 'Go Faster'

Friday, May 23, 2008

My South Park Alter Ego (Eric Cartman)

I'm more like Cartman when I'm in a mischievous behaviour..hehehe

(Credits to Wikipedia for the mass illustrative information)

Eric Theodore Cartman
, commonly referred to by his family name, Cartman, is one of the four main characters in the animated series South Park (the others being Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick)

Eric Cartman is portrayed as the "fat kid"[1] and the antihero of the South Park gang.[2] His personality has notably changed over the course of the series. While always self-centered and bigoted,[3] he was portrayed as more of a mean, immature brat in the earlier seasons. As the seasons progressed, his personality became more aggressive and cunning, while his bigotry morphed seamlessly into Nazi-like hatred and theorizing, as well as becoming viciously sadistic. There are several examples of this over the course of the series. He refuses, for example, to acknowledge his obesity (instead insisting that he is big boned). Also, in "Le Petit Tourette", he reveals his true sadness in the fact that he cries himself to sleep at night due to the absence of a father, being the only one of the main characters to not have one. Though it is obvious through the course of the show that Cartman shows signs of a personality disorder, it can never be pin-pointed to just one type, and instead showing signs of sociopathy, psychopathy and narcissism. Cartman is often criticized by his peers for his rash stereotypes and generalizations.

Hehehe, pretty much like me indeed. *evil laugh* Manipulative? Only when it comes to getting it my way, that's for sure. Gotta love South Park for their psychopathic humor.

Gotta love the rude quote that Cartman uses which makes it soo unique for a good comedy
,"Shut up butt hole!"

Classic... :P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Woah! You're BIG!

The old line up of Mr Big (Billy Sheenan, Pat Torpey, Paul Gilbert and Eric Martin)

The new line up of Mr Big (Billy Sheenan, Pat Torpey, Ritchie Kotzen and Eric Martin)

Have you guys ever heard of a band called 'Mr Big'? Familiar with them? Yeah, because I think they're (censored vulgarity) awesome! More over than my favourite Metal bands. Their songs are wonderful. And I'm afraid most modern Pop artists don't sound as good as Mr Big. Nothing but mainstream image on MTV. Let the music do the talking, here are a few videos of their hit songs, past to present. ENJOY GUYS!

-Nothing But Love-

-To Be With You-


-Just Take My Heart-

Monday, May 19, 2008

(We are) The anti-cancer (We are) The only answer

Ever knew what it feels like, being betrayed by so-called friends or even hating the fact that everything around you is just drab without the cause of manifestation, or even for the reality check that everything is pushed to you with a doubt that you're responsible for it?
It's the world, what more can you say, people?

There was an interview that Corey Taylor (vocals for Slipknot) had with an interviewer.
Last 2 years ago while in the makings of the Voliminal 9 DVD .

Interviewer: Why does Slipknot's music contain all the aggression against modern
society, betrayal, or even making songs containing vibes of hate in the old days?

Corey Taylor: Well, life pretty much sucks no matter where you are. There will always be
people who would step up your nose and make you feel bad.

As far it goes, here are some quotes from their song 'I am hated' (Album:IOWA)

"All the mediocre sacred cows we spawned"

Meaning: We are against and boycotting people who follow like 'sheep' for governments,
two-faced prejudice's and superfluous followers of certain senseless modern societies.
There for..they can't decide on their own with choices in life but depending on others

"Now I'm not pretty and I'm not cool
But Im fat and Im ugly and proud - so f*** you"

Meaning: People know for the fact of what you are from the outside, but do they ever care of
what's inside your heart? Be proud of who you are! No one can ever change that except yourself!

I'm the paradox deity vessel
...the other side holds no secret"

Meaning: The metaphor sentence IS NOT a religious based. But it is towards the
truth that is discovered by scientific proof generally from past to present to future.
This metaphor just want you to figure it out. Some people would give mythological
statements, but where is the proof? So, it's like someone saying,"You don't believe,
I can let you see to believe it by things which are evident"

"(we are) the anti-cancer
(we are) the only answer"

Meaning: We are invincible and immortal by mind, body and soul. Immunity against
useless judgement and mind/verbal impurities. This is what we are, and make a
future for a place to believe in yourself.

A lesson learned in life...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Chicken Picking Madness

I recently came across John 5's video 'Gods and Monsters' on youtube. Man, sweet Chiken Picking application there with his own shred patterns. If you're not familiar with him, he is the ex-guitar player for Marylin Manson back in the day and he has now gone solo in his music career. Can he compete with people like Paul Gilbert or Satriani? He sure can with his unique techniques..

John 5-Gods and Monsters

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A dream come true

Finally, being a Linkin Park fan since I was 12 years old. I finally got all of their albums. Yay! A relief for me, because I've always wanted to be a successful collector in something. So, this would be an achievement that I would finally be proud of. :D

What's next? Probably a full set of Slipknot and Nine Nails' albums! They're next! :D

Thursday, May 08, 2008


On Sunday, I went and catch the Iron Man movie alone (which a lot of my friends have been raving over) True enough, the movie was AWESOME! The action and suspense of the movie gives you an unpredictable impression of what usually happens in a superhero movie. Of course I won't leak out a single bit of what happened for those who have not watched the movie yet. But I can say that Robert Downey Jr. who stars as Tony Stark (Iron Man) really fits in the movie well because he looks like Tony Stark from the Iron Man cartoon series that I used to watch when I was little. The gadgets are superb, the cars are a dream. But what I like most is Tony Stark's movie set home and his vintage guitars (An American Fender Telecaster and a Gibson Les Paul to be exact). What can I say, I have GAS, which stands for 'Guitar Acquisition Syndrome'.

I give this movie a 9.0/10.0 for the storyline, action and special effects that was added on to the movie and the way Director, Jon Favreau directed the movie to make it as a One Hit Wonder
I'm so addicted to the 'Iron Man' song by Black Sabbath, it's as awesome as the movie! :D

Black Sabbath-Iron Man

Friday, May 02, 2008

A film to change the world

This is a documentary about the back door truths about Christianity, America's 9/11 and the Shadow Bankers around the world. I would like you to at least spend 2 hours to watch this video. Open opinions are accepted. It's a choice that YOU make for yourself and not for others once you watch this film. I would not like to have people to flame me for this but at least keep an open mind after watching this film...