Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hey guys. I'm currently looking for Fender Texas Special(Set) or EMG (60/81) pickups. If anybody were able to offer me a good price, please leave a comment. And I'm looking for Planet Waves or Gotoh tuners and a Fender tremolo bridge. Wanna start my own guitar mod project out of a good cheap axe. That is all.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Say it again say it again..

Woo..I think my crush for singers are getting a bit overboard..who is that lucky one? Marie Digby. Well, you gotta give her credit, she is kinda hot and pretty much my type of girl. Hehehe. What do you expect? She's a mix of Japanese and Irish. Now that's hot..But it's too bad that she is 25, and I'm....18, which would mean that I'm considered a 'kid' to people at that age T_T. But of course, I think my sister would kill me if I were to date somebody older than her. Well, her songs are pretty good and I like her cover version of 'Umbrella' (Rihanna) which was better than the original...

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Dear readers, I'm selling my Epiphone acoustic guitar which I just bought a few weeks back. For a fair price of RM680 (Little bit negotiable). I'll include a fresh packet of martin & co strings, guitar polish and a capo. Reason for selling; I wanna settle for a custom made model or a higher range Yamaha model. I bought this for RM720, and what I'm offering is indeed a very decent deal. I'll upload the pictures soon. The sound projection of this guitar is beautiful, of course it's mahogany body. With fresh new strings, it sounds more like a full solid guitar. Meaning it's really full sounding and of course a good guitar.

Specs: -Mahogany body (back and sides)
-Rosewood fretboard
-Runde Preamp EQ pickup
-Compensated saddle
-Adjustable neck

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why so serious?

The Dark Knight movie. Hmmm, one word... 'awesome!'. I went to catch the movie with my dad about two days back and another time today with my sister at Cineleisure. The storyline in the movie pretty much shows that it's 'Joker's Movie'. With all the plots that he's came up with are really mind twisting and manipulative that it somehow messed with Batman's mind a little. I'd say he is one heck of a genius in that movie. Heith Ledge really could capture the true essence as The Joker. And that cool catch phrase which he said it around 3 times,"Why sooo serious?!~ Let's put a smile on that face. Mueahhahahahah!!!". But really, it's best if you catch the movie yourself to enjoy it even more despite me telling you on what the story is about. :D

I suddenly have an interest in bass guitars. Today, I went to Yamaha Beatspot (The Curve) to try out and maybe pick up a bass as a 2nd instrument to learn. They fascinate me, maybe because of that hot sound they produce once it has that 'phat' factor going on. Funky..
But I definitely would want to save up more cash and get my future 'wife' (Ibanez RG320FM) since I just recently bought and made my new Epiphone acoustic guitar an addition to my guitar collection next to my classical guitar. The bass model of my desire? (Look below)
The Yamaha RBX 170

This Entry-Level bass is no toy. I played this baby for 15 minutes and boy, did it have good range :D IMHO But I have to say that this specific axe beats the crap out of most entry-level Ibanez and Squier Basses because of it's pickup output. Really amazing. Try one today. Wanna save 3 months of allowance to get this :D. Someday, once I get to play the bass properly, I might wanna go for the John Myung (Dream Theater) Yamaha signature model or maybe the Paul Gray (Slipknot) Ibanez ATK signature model. :D Oh oh..my GAS syndrome strikes again :S hehehehe...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Alpha and Omega

Here where I stand beside, is death's bed
Here where I am, are regrets most futile written on a piece of paper
Have I forsaken for the mistakes I've dwelled
Or have those mistakes been upon the hand's of doom itself?
Stuck in a mess, never been an effort to turn back
All it's left is just the beginning and the end
The Alpha and Omega.

The bible of all time..

I just recently bought an intriguing book called 'Sound Of The Beast: Heavy Metal' by Ian Christe. It's an amazing book, literally containing in depth facts about how the most favoured genre 'Heavy Metal' came to be. An addictive and fascinating book recommended to any heavy metal fan out there. I promise that it won't disappoint you. Need I say much? This book will make you have the sense of belonging. Read and dwell into this fascinating book and may the metal force be with you....

.....And justice for all

Not to say that I'm emo, but these couple of days had me really pissed off on some things. Well, the sense not being able to achieve much important things in life, or to say of not being a prestigious successor in whatever other people can basically do. My modus operandi of taking on tasks are pretty uncertain. Why? Because I can't cope in some things which some of my friends can do or what they've got.

And I know that it's been stepping stones for me, from doing the house shifting procedures to settling in a temporary condo, to totally missing a point with what I should do now. I'm upset with a cause. I'm not being a ranting, complaisant, suck up brat..Yes, the world can be unfair and sometimes rewarding. Is it just me or are obstacles kept piling before me? For that fact, I shouldn't be even blaming anybody except myself. Am I a misfit who is trying to find his place or am I somebody who hasn't found a proper silver lining in my groundings for the future?

I really don't know what to do...

A video which represents who I currently am now...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Woohoo! Just 2 more weeks till the release of Slipknot's new album 'All Hope Is Gone'. And may doom be upon the 'anti-maggots'. I'm still in decision as to whether I wanna play this gig on the 16th of August. Crap, just found out that the organizer was kinda messed up by not having enough of the required equipments and not giving enough details about the set up. I'm not upset, but somehow glad that I have enough time to make a choice and be able pull out of it. For instance, the club doesn't have mic stands and they are short of 2 microphones. What worries me is the way they set up the PA system. Sure won't want any sound feedbacks and all the audio technical difficulties during the show, and I'm still brushing on a few of the songs then I'm ready, but I somehow have no will on doing it.

Learning from other band's experience, I somehow know how it feels like,that once sound system breaks down and a show can turn into a disaster case. But I'll always know that shows come and go and there is always a next time. I hope I could still stick with this band (With Von and Alvin) that I'm jamming with right now and make a reformation of another rock band I guess. Without Ezwan (drummer) in The Melt Method, there is no 'kick' into the beats he made for our songs in progress. He has been working in Johor or something, in fact..I don't know where he is right now. I kinda feel like having a reformation of a band with new line ups, and a new name. But I do feel that there is potential in this current band that I'm in, right after a few rehearsals that we went through, each and everyone of us gets to cooperate nicely and with lots of initiative and patience.

Well, I guess that happens. Before the days of Metallica being successful throughout the years, they were also in different bands before which didn't work out. But I think that's how band life is. You stumble and you grow. I guess being in bands is always about finding the right people to work and get along with. After knowing about the problems that the rotaract club is dealing with right now, that really gave me a wake up call.

Time will tell and I would embrace the life I'm living in right now, not to cry over spilt milk and grow as an aspiring musician in the near future. All great things come from long distances and long periods of time.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Striking darkness clear...

Recently came back from Penang yesterday to run some errands with my dad. It was sort of tedious while on our way to Penang. We took my dad's friend's car to drive to Penang because our own car was at the workshop. When we passed the Jelutong Tol Plaza, the timing belt went faulty and we were forced to pull aside of the road and then called somebody to toll the car. By the time we reached Penang the next day, we did our run around and went to Gurney plaza to get myself a capo, cable and strings for my guitar. Then came back to KL and started jamming with Alvin the next day.

Pretty short today as I'm pretty tired for now..lol