Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've got nothing to say...

Today, I phoned somebody (Who used to be special to me) while she was in college, right after she finished her class. It was rather cold and 'silent' the response. I asked her how she is doing and all that. And there follows the usual answer 'I'm fine, busy as usual. You?". And I told her the same thing. I told her that she sounded busy and she said she had to go soon. I actually wanted to ask her out to a gig party tomorrow on Halloween. But since the conversation between us was rather odd. I put my foot down first and just told her,"We'll talk later?". Then she said,"Okay". She never even bother to ask me how am I doing so far with life or how long we haven't spoken. Not savvy of her right? Yeah, I'll go with that.

I think I already know enough that she is avoiding me, besides the term, 'Busy'. If she can't carry out a certain standard to be polite during a conversation, then it is already a successful 'acid-test'. She just doesn't know how to create a good image for herself. But what the heck anyway, if she and I can't be friends, then it's out of my hands and move on to new friends. Sounds familiar? It came from this post right here. I mean, it's her choice to mix with whoever she wants to. But being obnoxious? That would totally be out of the question. That's why I had nothing to say. Just be grateful that I don't simply put out people's names for the sake of emphasizing bad situations. That's how well I could take care of a girl's dignity, no matter how wrongful they can be, even if they don't realize it. Don't see me putting any of their names.

Well, 'One man's rubbish is the next man's treasure'. At least I still have my life and I'm meant to learn from my mistakes. Nah, I don't think it was my mistake but hers. But I would always know that these issues won't corrode with the things I like to do in my precious daily life. We all have to MOVE ON. If you are reading this, I would like to let you know that, I really did like you. But it seems that you've thrown our friendship away without knowing (Or maybe you do). You know who you are. No turning back for me, I have to move on. I'm not really putting you down with your regrets, but it's a mistake that you could learn from.

It's kind of funny that my posts these days show a deeper side of me, whereas my posts has most of the time, been portrayed only upon the surface. Well readers, now you know. Expect the unexpected.

Now, I've posted a song by Slipknot called 'Dead Memories' for you guys before. Now, here is the official video of the song. Enjoy. This is dedicated to 'you'. It isn't much of a love song. Listen and you'll know.

Slipknot-Dead Memories

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ready to come out and play?~ Muahahaha!!

I just rented a costume for Halloween this Friday. I'm not going to TGIF's party but I'll be going for the Sunway Lagoon Halloween gig party, featuring One Buck Short, Y2k (my buddy, Saiful!) and many others. People there with spooky costumes are ready to come out and play. Muahahahaha!!!

Speaking of gigs, there's a January gig organized by Leo (The guys who organized last year's gig on December 21st at TTDI hall). That was the first time I met Alvin and Edwin personally, it was great fun. I'm eager to go for this gig as rhythm guitarist and vocalist. Any takers? I'm looking for a bassist, lead guitarist, drummer and a keyboardist. Playing Industrial Metal or something unique. Those who are into Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and etc. Auditions are in early December. If you're keen, then let's have practice sessions early before the gig. The gig is around January..

Here are a few of my funny poses while fooling around with the costume.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Into the light...

Well, things have been going great for me. I'm finally going to start college next year, after a year's break to settle down. I'm still in the mids of shifting into the new house, but that will be done with in no time. Hope that we're having an open house once we move in. See who are the lucky friends of mine who get to be invited *Jeng-Jeng-Jeng*. I'm going to start my January term in Sound Engineering at ICOM (International College Of Music). Well, it took me sometime to think over about my courses, it was either Culinary Arts at Taylor's College or Sound Engineering at ICOM.

But Since I have a strong interest in music over cooking, I guess Sound Engineering was the pick. I can't wait for the term to start. Though there are some subjects I should watch out for in the syllabus itself, like; Moral Studies, Malaysian Studies and Maths *My worst subject*. But I guess studying Mathematics over again COULD refresh my mind and hopefully understand the subject better (If they teach the topics that I'm used to doing). Then I'll have to study Music Theory which frankly, I cannot read music notes well, but I'm willing to learn.

But I shouldn't cry over it at all, it'll be useless. Almost everyone I know who's gone to college had or is having to dread over those subjects. So, I would make the best out of it, for the sake of wanting to become a Sound Engineer. But I find the other subjects pretty interesting. And hopefully after ICOM, I would want to further my studies somewhere abroad or locally like OCEAN or SAE (The overseas campus) after a year's work in the media/music industry once I complete my 18 month course in ICOM.

I can't wait to see what college life is all about. And since I'll be attending a Music College, maybe I could improve my musicianship by meeting other aspiring musicians and find potential band mates. That's what ICOM is mainly about right? But whichever college I'm in, there's always going to be assignments and all of the following tasks that college students face everyday. Thus, I will not be those who like to complain over their 2000-3000 word essay assignment or their 3-4 piles of assignment work to do. That's college life, not honeymoon life. HAHAHAHA!!

Here's Apocalyptica's cover of 'Nothing Else Matters' (Metallica). Amazing Cello band.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I want....

I might be going for the Halloween party at TGIF on the 31st of October. Problem is, I don't have friends to come along with me, because they've got other parties to attend on Halloween. The 2nd problem would be costumes. I want to dress up as Marilyn Manson. But I don't have the time to go to 'La-La town' to buy the Gothic clothing. Yet, I want to dress up as James Root (Slipknot). Even if I don't go to the party, there's always next year to look forward to right? Alvinkei? Sudhan Nair? Anybody? Who wanna follow me T_T *not emo-ing* HAHAHA!!

1st costume in mind

James Root's mask

Slipknot jumpsuit uniform

Jim Roots... *If I still kept my hair long and perm it a little bit. It'll be just perfect*

2nd costume in mind

Make up, lipstick and blue contact lenses *optional with a big pupil*
Gothic clothing


Marilyn Manson

Monday, October 20, 2008

Harvester Of Sorrow

It was 10:45pm last Wednesday, having supper with my family (Including Prince) at a Chinese Restaurant around Taman Desa. Then, I saw a Chinese guy (Around his 20's) running after a car and shouting. He came up to us after he failed to chase after the car. He asked me,"May I borrow your phone? I've been robbed." Damn, he was depressed. He called one of his buddies about what happened and reported to the police. It all started like this, the boy was driving around Taman Desa and another car stalled in front of him. Meaning, blocked him in that sense. The person in the car got out of the car and said that he was a police officer and he said that the boy was a wanted criminal for things he did not do. The fugitive (The fake policeman) gave the boy money to even buy the fugitive a drink across the street. When the boy came back with the drink, the fugitive (so to speak) showed him a pair of handcuffs and told him,"Get in the CAR!" *With a gun in his other hand*. The guy refused instead the driver forced him to hand over his hand phone and wallet. and the guy did. After that, the car drove off and the boy chased after the car and shouted,"HEY! COME BACK!". And that's how it happened.

Was the fugitive an ex-policeman? As the guesses keep going on. I'd say that our Gouvernment is not assuring proper grounding of safety in our country. Sometimes you wonder why some people here want to be criminals. Has it got to do with;

-insufficient salary during their day jobs?

-Cost of living too high?

-Influences under the bad social group perhaps?

Come on! Even the security guards in the shopping complexes and the police themselves are not doing a good job on making the public safe. This angers me and yet makes me even more aware that this is happening too often these days in Malaysia. I think I want to arm my pocket with a weapon to keep me safe in public.

These things can happen whenever,wherever and whatever situation. Don't pray to 'God' (If there ever is one in the first place) to help you get through the day safely without losing your life. Just expect the unexpected. You can only be prepared to be aware of things and you can only help yourself to try and avoid these kind of situations. Treasure your life. Anyways, life on Earth is already 'Hell'.

Here's Harvester Of Sorrow by Metallica

Harvester Of Sorrow-Metallica

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Burning Orthodox, all is left is Pandora's Box

Today, I've finally come to realize that I should stop tinkering my thinking and start pondering on what I should be doing, moving on with life itself. No one is going to be there to control how I feel but most importantly, how I'm going to be in control. All my anger and hatred shall be used to make me stronger day by day. I will not take it out on loved ones by simply lashing out but to others who persistently irritate me, it is a different matter; they deserve a taste of their own medicine. The more it stresses, the more it regresses. I'm not going to let it anchor me down and I should stop thinking about other people's success but my own.

I'm talking about how your mind could get messed up when you lose control. It's not healthy, it will never be a happy place in your head and lastly, it is mercilessly difficult if you want to try and turn back your thoughts to the right mindset.

What IS the right mindset in the first place? All of us are different yet we live in society. I suppose the question is; what is the right mindset for a person in order for him to maintain his individuality when he has to move with the herds in society.

And sometimes I just do not understand society. For example, I personally think that there is no such thing as a Jewish problem, Christian problem or whatever problem in Race or Religion. Do you know what kind of problem we have now? We have A Human problem! Individuals just do not know how to think sometimes. *Sigh*

The Christians find guidance in the Bible. They are told how life should be lived in this world in order to ensure the ideal afterworld. They live in the comfort zone that they have qualified for heaven by just being Christians! I think qualification for heaven (IF the heaven exists) should be more stringent and based on meritocracy rather than mere membership in a church. I think society will be better if each member of society believes he has to EARN his place in heaven. This is the main reason why I have resisted approaches by Christian friends to join their “club”.

They in turn treat me like I got AIDS or something and ostracize me. How ironic is that?! If these are the values they are taught then I would rather remain on my side of the fence. Burn orthodox, I shall seek for what is stored in Pandora’s Box! Can you blame me if Richard Dawkins describes God as being, “…a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sado-masochistic, capriciously malevolent bully"?

With such friends I do not need enemies. They do not respect my right to have my own opinion! I do not think my parents taught me wrong values. When it comes to respect it has to be earned and as far as those so-called friends are concerned, I cannot respect them.

Their kind of narrow-mindedness and prejudice is the root cause of many problems we face in society. My personal experience has shown me too many times how religious prejudice can cause problems.

I was working in Genting Highlands as a Butler about 9 months back. We were settled into the very old dorms that some claim it was haunted. My colleague A, is an Indian Christian and when he first checked into his dorm there were 3 Indian guys staying inside. That freaked A out. Why? He told our Supervisor, "Ms. Shirley, I want to change my room! I'm scared; there are 3 Indian guys in my room and it is filled with pictures of Hindu gods and all." Ms. Shirley just kept quiet. A even told our other Supervisor, Mr Silan the same thing without caring that Mr. Silan is himself a Hindu. A’s kind of “membabi buta” attitude of discrimination caused discord and labeled. You can expect that A got back some of his crap.

As I said earlier, there is so such thing as a 'Christian problem', 'Jewish Problem', 'Hindu Problem' or some other bullshit problem. It all boils down to one simple word, 'Discrimination'. This is where everything fails. There is not enough respect for each other’s right of beliefs and/or disbelief! Welcome to My World…

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fellowship Of The Godless

Sunday, I'm sure most of us know that Sunday is not only known as 'Worship Day' but also Sunday Church/School for Christians. But nope, that particular Sunday was rather exciting and rather cool for me. 12th of October, what did I attend? A Facebook invitation given by my good old friend, Simrenjit, called 'Gathering Of The Godless'. It was kind of a surprise for me that Simrenjit himself was an Atheist, after 12 years of friendship especially being in the same primary school and also a family friend. He messaged me on MSN at 4 in the morning (Saturday) to invite me over for this event. The experience? Awesome! During that time, I was setting up a Facebook group specially for Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers alike, called 'Atheist's Den'. He asked me,"Hey Cheah, you an Atheist?" Then I said,"Yeah dude. Are you?" then he said,"Yeah man." Then we exchanged stories on how both of us became Atheists.

*Jumping to Sunday*

Simrenjit and I met up at MidValley, Megamall and headed to Italianese, where the meeting was being held. We then met up with the other Atheist attendees and the meeting immediately started. Being in there was like an open door of a new reality. Different topics and ideas were being discussed which made me felt welcome as an Atheist. Yeah. And it's cool, all of them I guess were fans of Richard Dawkin's ( I'm a fan of his book, 'God Delusion'). Okay, I sound like a bimbo (And it shall stop now). The meeting lasted around 8 hours if I'm not mistaken (including the beer drinking session in SS2). One of our fellow Atheist mates, Surind inroduced us to half-priced Beers in SS2. RM4 a beer can. Unbelievable. And since we were at a Hawker Restaurant, I decided to go vegetarian for a day. But unfortunately, Ashleigh poured some of her fried mee hoon onto my side of the plate with the Cockles. Was not a Vegetarian for a day. We've discussed about idealogies, religions, intelligent design, creationism, atheism and being an atheist, within those 8 hours. Agnostics and Freetinkers are welcome to join. But I'm afraid this would also be the last meeting (as Surind told me), because the gang are going to do other activities (Which I would keep it classified). Here are some pictures of the gathering. *Credits to Ashleigh for letting me 'steal' her pictures without any consent *With full gratitude* Hahahaha!!! *

From left (Me, Sean Ang, Sam and Andrew Chew)

Lookie here, my twin! (Me and Nicholas Ng)

(from left: Shaun, Andrew, Yoon Kit, Simrenjit, Daniel, Nicholas, Ashleigh, Me, Surind, Sean and Ramon) *Say Dawkins!*

BERJUANG UNTUK PAKATAN RAKYAT ATHEIST! (Simrenjit, Nicholas, Ramon, Surind, me *from behind* and Sean)

(Simrenjit, Nicholas, Ramon, Ashleigh, me and Sean)

(Yoon Kit, Simrenjit and Daniel)
Get this book, it'll change your life forever (Better than the Holy Bible)
Judging from my last 2 posts (including this one), I am what I am. An Atheist, dear readers.
Cheah Jie Juan/Static Spike an Atheist *Heavy Metal anthem playing*
Get used to it.

*P.S*: Richard Dawkins rocks!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Smoke On The Water

Just want to post Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water 'LIVE'. This is probably one of the best LIVE videos of this song with Steve Morse's guitar solo. Awesome stuff..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

You're mine..

Reason version 4.0


Line 6 UX-1 TonePort

Yesterday, I went to Bentley Music and reserved a JTS dynamic microphone and went down to CK Music to reserve myself a Line 6 UX-1 TonePort Interface. With these two, I could capture great vocals at a budget range. Only thing it needs now is a couple of carpets to place on some parts of the walls and floor for sound isolation. And the interface has a guitar amp modulator. Meaning, I could get the cabinet sound effects out of my small 10 watt amp if I use the UX-1. It has effects for vocals too (Even Distortion for it!) Fancy eh? Hmm, what about bass? Guess I need to find alternatives to Direct Interface a bass in for recording as well.

I know, some of you may think and say;"Why not get a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster or Rivera Mick Thomson KR 7 for that matter? Now that's true tube power there, or else you won't be sounding like the pros." OK, now shut up. When it comes to budget, I didn't mean high-end machines to get the finally-studio-quality. A budget is a budget. A spade is a spade. And even the Mesa Boogie Rector Recording Preamp would cost too much for the needs of a bed room studio because it's what a person usually needs than what he desires for now.

There's no use of having professional gear without a decent knowledge of audio production. Sound isolation/insulation would help lessen the 'white noise' . I even have a friend who could create a small orchestra with the use of his computer on-board sound card and WAV file samples to make good backing tracks.

I'll be able to create an almost 'Studio-Quality' music with these 2 devices. Drum beat maker software? No problem, there's Reason 4.0 to look out for. What is Reason 4.0? It's a beat making software which produces drum beats from a real drum set (realistic). It also has an emulated keyboard. So, for all of got your own personal home studio ready :D

And now, I'm waiting for them by next month. I found a custom Stratocaster guitar in Euphony Music that was made in Romania. Can you imagine, 1 piece Mahogany body? Ebony fretboard? Maple neck? Now that's sustain for you much? RM700 (It only needs new tuners and great pickups to make it a running horse. With these on Fender, they'll cost you RM6000 probably because it is 'Hot-Rodded'. Lame excuse, it's because of marketing inflation. Back in the day, the Vintage Fenders in the 70's used to cost 230US$. With that kind of price now, you can only get a low range Fender Squier.