Sunday, November 30, 2008


Anyone ever played DoTa before? Don't play it! It's addictive! Yeah, it can be. But it's all good and fun when you start to get to be familiar with the game. Getting to kill other players and gain experience to become stronger. Purchasing weapons, items and armors to boost your hero's stats and sit back and enjoy your battle with creeps and opposing heroes. The graphics can be superb with the latest graphic cards to enhance the enjoyment to this game. Gameplay wise, you gotta think fast; when to pull back, kill your enemies and also manage money to buy much more powerful weapons and armors.

Go, get off your blogging mojo for a while and try out DoTa. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mind-boggling humans dreaming of cotton candy land

I'm partially sick, the weather is killing me and I'm trying to find why some of my friends are trying so hard convincing me to have/be in a religion, mainly 'Christianity'. I don't know if it's been happening through out the years or it's just these modern times in the youth culture. Tell, I have a need to believe in God to get me up in heaven? Why is that? Because I must BELIEVE that he created me? So...if I don't then I'm defying him? Should I even call him father for bringing me to planet Earth? Those were the things my friend accused me of not believing. HELLO! First of all, I'll give my life to my parents because they created me. Ever studied Evolution? Christians say that God created Man in his image i.e. my face, legs, arms, nose, eyes and everything else is as He is supposed to have too. Man flatters himself! Ever heard of genes? I got my mother's eyes, ears, face and I got my dad's nose, tongue and chin. We evolved! And I told this so-called friend, "Look here, I don't believe in god as my maker. What I disbelieve is my own right, what you believe is your own right, okay?". He then said," God made religion, not man made religion". Haha, ass..

And yet, my friend went on and on by telling me that I'm an ignorant sh*t for disbelieving in god's existence or whatsoever. Yeap, he really said those words. I don't see the point of discussing about religion most of the time and why not talk about some other topic like sports, music, food and etc. We should all practice self-responsibility rather than to place hopes on the divine; it makes for weak human beings. And yes, we as humans...for example, it's our duty to conserve this planet than to pray for divine help as we abuse our natural resources. Nobody is coming to you when all you do is keep praying for something good. Act and make it happen! Religion is too complicated and confusing for me. Even people of the same religion cannot even agree on their own religion. You know why? It is because people created religion just like they created their own God. I'm a simple person. I do not need to prove to the world and I do not need to save lost souls like the Christians flatter themselves as they can. I don't care if you say that there is heaven and hell, I asked my friend this, "Have you seen heaven or hell? How sure are you? And he just said it to me, "It EXISTS! I know it must! There has to be!". My answer is, “It does not EXIST! I know it does not! There cannot be!” . So what does all this argument matter anyway? Call me blind faithless to my friends blind faith in God!

Marilyn Manson-Anti-Christ Superstar

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Something which I came up with, the definitions of GAS (Gear/Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Readers can decide and judge on which symptom is more chronic.

GAS (Gear/Guitar Acquisition Syndrome)

A certain obsession or strong desire for a guitar/gear that appeals to you. This syndrome can absolutely be fatal, if you are an impulsive spender that is (Especially Gears and Guitars). Luckily for me, I only buy guitar related stuff like effect pedals and accessories for my own investment to do a selling job. So yeah, it pays to do so. Basically, the clear examples of GAS could cause these problems;

-Having desires to get a new guitar after another (Vintage guitars, Fenders, Ibanez . Just to name a few)

-You would become a heavy avid guitar collector (Yngwie Malmsteen has 40 over guitars in his own home studio and Michael Schenker has 600 guitars)

-You would start craving for new tech gadgets each year (Iphone, PSP, PS3, laptop, Television and etc)

-GAS can be cured if you're lacking cash. That way, it would make you realize that you should spend more wisely (word to the impulsive spenders). Because we have to focus on what we need, like; Food, clothes, shelter and etc. It's a reality check. GAS can be contemporary between dreams and reality between your desires and needs. But if you have quite a number of good guitars, then there wouldn't be a reason for you to collect too many, if some of them don't have any meaning to you. GAS then, slows your spending down.

-For example, let's say if I have all of my favourite guitar models, I wouldn't want to have more but I would say that I have enough. So yes, GAS is not the most chronic symptom on Earth.

Kudos to Wikipedia, I was digging for more literate details about OCD on Wikipedia. But the GAS concept was definitely my own idea. So yeah, I'm giving credits to Wikipedia for OCD. The wonders of the INTERNET! :D Rest assured that I'm not trying to plagiarize, but original can we be if we wrote about EVERYTHING, right? Need to gain more knowledge also. Happy reading on this one. *Applause for Wikipedia*

OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

It's a chronic anxiety disorder characterized by obsessive, distressing, repetitive thoughts and related compulsions.


  1. Recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that are experienced as intrusive and that cause marked anxiety or distress.
  2. The thoughts, impulses, or images are not simply excessive worries about real-life problems.
  3. The person attempts to ignore or suppress such thoughts, impulses, or images, or to neutralize them with some other thought or action.
  4. The person recognizes that the obsessional thoughts, impulses, or images are a product of his or her own mind, and are not based in reality.


  1. Repetitive behaviors or mental acts that the person feels driven to perform in response to an obsession, or according to rules that must be applied rigidly.
  2. The behaviors or mental acts are aimed at preventing or reducing distress or preventing some dreaded event or situation; however, these behaviors or mental acts are not actually connected to the issue, or they are excessive.
So, which do you think is worse? You be the judge (I think OCD is the worst, judging from the fact that it CAN affect your life regarding; places, people and situations.)

Friday, November 21, 2008 craving for some more?

Last night was a blast, headed down to The Curve at 9:00pm to catch Dragon Red's gig at Laundry Bar. And suddenly, I bumped into Adam Lobo (Dragon Red-Vocalist) with his girlfriend *Forgotten her name, sorry >.<* while I was having my dinner there. To keep the story short, the gig lasted till 12am or so. Featuring bands like Dragon Red, The Times and many more. I was more keen on watching Dragon Red's gig probably because of my favour for metal. And this has got to be my 2nd time watching a local heavy metal gig. Dragon Red played a few of their singles from the Holocaust album such as 'Whicked Queen','Child's Play'(My personal
favourite), 'Holocaust' and a few of their new singles. They did a good cover of Killswitch Engage's 'My Curse'. My friend Eklern Tan, was there to support his brother, who plays the bass for Dragon Red, what a coincidence, because I just met Eklern at the Youth Says gathering last week. Wish I could have captured some pictures of the gig, but my camera is still in the storage. Boohoo. Well, always a next time I guess. Story ain't so short after all eh? Well, I would really recommend you guys to go for at least 1 Dragon Red gig, you might end up going to more of their shows. They are that good!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Linkin Park's new album to be 'Conceptual'

Taken from 'Spin Magazine Online'.

Linkin Park: New Album Is "Conceptual"

By Larry Fitzmaurice

Genre-fusing rockers Linkin Park are notorious for taking their time recording albums -- the group labored three years on their sophomore record, Meteora, and four years on 2007's Minutes to Midnight. But now the six-piece is already working on Midnight's yet-to-be-titled follow-up, which co-frontman Chester Bennington describes as "a concept record."

Speaking to, Bennington remained mum on what that "concept" might entail ("I'm not sure I'm allowed to say what the big plan is," he said), but hinted that the record would signal a new direction for Linkin Park. "[We] never envisioned ourselves doing a concept record, but we see an opportunity to do something really cool so we jumped on it, and we'll see how it comes out. I think it's a challenge and we'll see if we can rise to the occasion."

In addition, Bennington has been finishing up work on his debut solo album, which he plans to release in spring or summer of 2009. "[It's] a lot more straightforward rock, with a little bit of an electronic element to it, lots of keys and synths and stuff like that," Bennington said. "And there are a few elements where I think you'll be able to see what my influence on (Linkin Park) is."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My name is Ramli....Ramli Burger *James Bond music theme playing*

Whoever has not have the knowledge about a famous burger in the heart of Malaysia, must know Ramly Burgers. Created by a guy named Ramly Moknin, who's been popular in Malaysia and Singapore for his renowned Ramli hamburger branding, throughout the years. In my opinion, they absolutely beat McDonald's hamburgers. The winning recipe has attracted many Malaysians with this scrumptious hamburger, with the likes of; Maggie seasoning, white pepper,Lea & Perrin's worchestershire sauce, soy sauce, tomatoes, cabbage, tomato ketchup, onions and egg (for the burger special).

You may not believe me, but I would always have a double-double burger special (4 patties in 1 burger) when I have the chance to satisfy my taste buds on burgers. Try it, and you'll end up saying,"Yum!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pedal for sale!

Hey guys, just wanna fill in a bit about this pedal that I'm selling. It's an Aria Pro VP-10 Volume Pedal (Made in Japan). It's also a discounted model. And of course, the idea you'll get would probably be *Oh my goodness! It's rare!*. Yes, that is true. Aria is a Japanese company. You can't get it anywhere else because they don't produce it anymore, so here's your chance! You don't have to look at those Made in Taiwan or Made in Indonesia copies, this is the original! For just RM260 (negotiable), this baby is already yours :) The early bird catches the worm...

Aria VP-10 Volume Pedal (MIJ)

Monday, November 17, 2008

A mistake that retarded college students can make..

I was just reading through my friend's blog and he posted this video about TAR college students attempting a stupid stunt which could've lost their lives. People, don't ever try to attempt this stunt.

College students doing the most stupid thing in their lives. Don't be any of these monkeys..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

To assume or not to assume?

Hey guys, I'm pretty sure that most of you fellow gig goers still remember about the incident which took place at Paul's Place, 2 years ago on New Year's eve (2005). Yes, about 3/4 of the youths being arrested during an unwarranted police raid at Paul's Place. A conference was being held in Paul's Place the following day with 300+ people including musicians, politicians, activists and journalists, along with a panel of 8 made up of Azmyl Yunor (musician, lecturer) , Amir Hamzah (lawyer), Rafil Elyas (musician, engineer), Julian Mokhtar (musician), Paul Milott (musician, owner of Paul's Place), Jaclyn SM Kee (activist) and two other musicians whose names I can't quite recall.

One of the panels said that the raid was tantamount to a gross violation of basic human rights, that the police's cited reason of "suspicion of black metal activities" was not acceptable for their dramatic arrests. Okay, let me ask you big heavy metal fans out there. Does black metal activity include; drinking beer, listening to loud punk rock music, wearing gory t-shirts and shiny Bling-bling? Someone must've reported this gig to the cops and made a whole issue about it. Fussy sour grapes.

Do the police even know the culture of Black Metal? We were taught well by our parents and our moral teachers in school, not to simply put fault on somebody and to be more optimistic and rational in any situation. While, the police thought the crowd in Paul's Place were worshiping the devil, they had no idea what they were talking about. Basically, if you want to worship Satan
(Even though I don't believe in Satan), it's very easy;

-Drink the blood of a goat's head
-Start drawing satanic images or the Star of Satan
-Have a despicable hatred against the Christians
-Bury yourself alive in a grave
-Burning a church down
-And many many more

Do these steps and you're in the club. But what was stated in the news about this incident really cracked me up, because they seriously had a wrong idea of what Black Metal was about. Worshiping the devil with Punk Rock music? The devil will run away and cry all the way home! HAHAHA!! I can bet you a 100%, that if the Norwegians read about the whole 'Black Metal' issue in Malaysia, they'll laugh their seats off. Because the Norwegians were the originators of 'Black Metal'. And yes, this news has been spread to Australia as well, even they found it silly.

My dear brothers and sisters of Malaysia, please PLEASE be more positive than to be a bunch of these 'mangkuk hayuns' (The police). This would be my 2cents for this article. But yeah, I believe I know more (and a lot of other people do too) and I'm still learning about the cultures of Heavy Metal. Keen on learning? Read this book. Expand your knowledge. It'll do you guys a big favour than to just 'ASSUME' at first hand.

Heavy Metal:Sound Of The Beast (Ian Christe)

Here's Slipknot's 'Surfacing'


Friday, November 14, 2008

Head Like A Hole

Just came back from Low Yat Plaza. Dad bought a laptop for my sister as a birthday present in advance (Her birthday is just 13 days away). It was a Compaq laptop *grins*. For me, I'm still thinking of what to get for her birthday. I had dinner at Mr. Teppanyaki which was located at the low ground floor of Low Yat. As I was waiting for my food to be cooked 'done', a girl came to me with a string of key chains under her belt, I knew it had something to do with charity.

And as she approached me and showed sign languages to me, I just out of heart, gave a donation of RM5 and she gave me a key chain (Widow key chain okay. Don't play play XD). And to be honest, I don't really do charity because at first, I know that charity mostly begins at home (most of the time). So yeah, this had enough merits for me to actually donate to a needy society. Don't get me wrong here. Because, there is absolutely no use of being good to others if you can't be good to your own family.

It made me feel great giving that donation. I don't know how. But it makes me more satisfied and glad than having a new a guitar each time. I guess it's the good will and conscience that opens our minds way wider than we can possibly imagine. And of course, everybody should know that even though charity is a good thing, just be sure that it's not some hoax to some money stealing parade. Be sure to check which charity organization they belong to. That girl may be part of the syndicate of the hoax, but at the end of the day, it's the intention of giving that counts. Hey, me being an Atheist doesn't mean I don't do good.

Boy oh boy, I can't wait for my MacBook Pro to come next year. I need to use Apple hardwares and softwares in college.

Apple Macbook Pro

Here's Nine Inch Nails' 'Head Like A Hole'

Nine Inch Nails-Head Like A Hole

I'm bored

I'm bored, I love money, I just love to make more (It's never enough, it's true), I want a 1 month job from now till December. Where can I find one? People, give me ideas.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The joy of manga

I'm an avid collector of manga comics. What is manga?;

Manga, literally translated, means "whimsical pictures". The word first came into common usage in the late 18th century with the publication of such works as Santō Kyōden's picturebook "Shiji no yukikai" (1798), and in the early 19th century with such works as Aikawa Minwa's "Manga hyakujo" (1814) and the celebrated Hokusai manga containing assorted drawings from the sketchbook of the famous ukiyo-e artist Hokusai.[25] The first user of the word "manga" as its modern usage is Rakuten Kitazawa.

So, basically manga's are like the 'Marvel Comics' of Japan. Only with an Anime twist.

I find the comics themselves very interesting. Especially with the intriguing drawings and illustrations done by the Japanese, throughout the years. I've bought my first manga when I was 13. And yes, we all know that manga comics are expensive in Malaysia. Say...RM34.90? Yes, that's the kind of price that you will get in Kinokuniya (KLCC). But yesterday, those manga comics were retailed at RM13.90 at Popular Bookstore in Sunway Pyramid. No, I'm not lying. It was not under promotion. See the massive price difference between Kinokuniya and Popular? Not that surprised, even music stores are like that.

So far, I've only gotten these. And I wish to collect more. Don't be shy, be proud to be a manga reader. :D

Have you started your manga comic collection yet??

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Went to ICOM with my sister yesterday to inquire more about my course 'Audio Production', and it was great, the office people are known to be very nice chaps I must say. Inside ICOM felt like 'Land Of Music'. Guys with leather and jeans (The typical heavy metal attire) and some of the girls looked 'fine' if you know what I mean. Did I just rhymed? Hehehe. The college itself was great, they have over 30 rehearsal rooms, a Synthesizer room, a Mixer room, a Recording room and much much more. My future assignments would mostly take place in the Recording room. Great, now I have isolation in my own work. Just kidding. :D But looking at the course and college itself from a certain point of view, it seems like I'll enjoy college life.

My interest would definitely take action in this college. The college would have performance day, every Friday at 4pm. On that day, they would have ICOM students (in a band) to take center stage and perform on that day. It does suit the theme and the education system, as it IS a music college. What would college life be in for me? Only way to find out is to attend my first semester in January next year.

There's not much I could say on this because it's been only my first visit into the college so far, but hopefully that I'll be able to explain more in detail when I start studying there I guess. But I can say one thing though; The college has been around since 1996, so I guess it's pretty much established through out the years. I'll see it for myself, it's too early to judge.

Here's Lamb Of God's '11th Hour'. Wonderful riffs that Mark Morton & Willy Adler came up with for this song and gruesome vocals that Randy Blythe pulled off.

Lamb Of God-11th Hour

Monday, November 03, 2008

I know it's coming..

(10th of October 2008)

I remember having my hair cut on the 30th of May (with long hair back then). From really long hair back to short and spiky hair. Started the hair growing course once again, from the 1st of June till the 27th of September of this year. Yes dear readers, it took me 4-pain staking months to grow back my semi-long hair. And I had it cut and reshaped again on the 28th of September.

Hair growth of around 3 months (26th of August, 2008)

Hair growth of almost 4 months (28th of September, 2008)

(30th of September, 2008) *Missing out a lot of my fringe and long hair at the back that I used to have*

Growth of 12/13 days after haircut (10th of October, 2008) *Things began to speed up*

Watch the picture closely. Notice how long the parting of the fringe and the hair at the back of my head was?

Soon after till now, the back of my hair has grown almost up to 3 inches long. The secret? Regular head massage, consumption of Soya Bean drinks and meat. And of course, regular shampoo wash. Hopefully my hair would grow as long as it was, like 'September 28th 2008' by the 25th of December 2008 (Christmas Day). Soon, when the day comes, I want to rebond my hair and start headbanging like the pros. XD


The new guitar strings did not fit well into my guitar. The tension was too high for the saddle to handle. It's for sale, it's still under 9.9/10 mint condition. The gauge of the strings were a bit too thick for my guitar to handle. Bought it for RM24. Looking at around Rm10 (For my careless mistake). I'm definitely angry about what happened the other day.

The guy who sold the strings to me, told me that the strings were meant for low action saddles like mine. And I asked him twice to affirm whether if it really were meant for my guitar, and he said,"Yes". The custom light gauge strings it seems. But I failed to string the guitar with the new strings as it had too much pressure that it can possibly ruin my bridge saddle and the saddle bone itself. As far as I know, musical accessories are never refundable.

Neither can it be exchanged once opened. But since that I still have the receipt with me, I might be able to argue out my case with it. I first went home and tried it out today. I started getting a bad reaction from the tuners as I kept tuning (Like a massive pressure as if it were about to break apart). It refused to turn anymore, because the strings were a bit too thick. Either, I want to head back to the shop and start complaining or sell it to one of my good friends who are interested.

That's it, this would be the last time that I'm ever going to trust sales assistants in music shops about accessories. It's best to do my own research to be sure on what to get next time. Even the idiot people at Bentley Music told me that Carnauba wax was meant for polishing up the frets. How wrong they were, as it was meant for polishing up the body. I've made myself clear. Time to learn and do things the DIY way. Yeah, if anybody ever told you that music was an expensive hobby. Think about maintaining your instruments! IT'S EVEN MORE TROUBLESOME!

Here's Black Light Burn's song 'Coward'

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Uber Suck..

I enjoyed myself during Halloween yesterday, even though my friends turned down on the invites by the last minute which sucked a little. But it was alright. I went for the Sunway Lagoon Scream' Halloween gig party. I got there early and managed to hang out with Adam Lobo (Dragon Red) and a few of the members from Y2k. Though I didn't get to chit-chat with Saiful (Y2k) much it was ok; he was busy with other company after Y2k's set.

Decided to move around, make new friends and enjoy the party. It was kind of funny, watching these guys on TV almost everyday and there I was; joking and laughing with them while having cold beers and cocktails (the cocktail wasn't good though).

Bands such as Y2k and Beat The System gave a great performance during that night. Adam Lobo did the vocals for Y2k. It's kind of sad that 80% of the crowd were more into Techno music than Rock Music. I am a Metalhead but I guess it shows that the partying Malaysian youths are attracted mainly to dancing and DJ spins. The more senior crowd who hang out at the pubs are into band music most of the time. Well, now I know what it's like in a gig party and for the experience, at least I can say,

The party ended at 1am, as the rude Sunway Lagoon security guards started closing down proceedings. The organizer went through enough trouble applying for MPSJ and Subang Police permits, and PPM & MACP approval to organize SCREAM! and the party was supposed to end at 3am. I had felt that Sunway Lagoon is never a good place to organize such a big event. This early ending proved me right. Another thing I'm not happy about the gig is that the bands were playing on the elevated big balcony while the crowd was on the ground; having to looking up at the bands play was no fun.

Not only we couldn't see the bands properly, we couldn't see most of the band members who were playing because the partitions at the balcony were blocking them. What is this?! I came all the way to Sunway to watch their gig, despite the party itself and they gave us horse manure. I didn't get to take pictures with the people in their costumes because my digital camera was in the storage, and of course that my phone camera wasn't good enough. But it was all fun, having people to take my pictures because I dressed up as the guy from 'Scream'. All in all, it was a good experience. Don't ever attend Sunway Lagoon parties, they suck big time! The worst thing is, One Buck Short was supposed to play during that night and they didn't. One of the band members didn't make it. And they didn't have the courtesy to apologize for the inconvenience of not performing. Instead, they were partying on. Yes, I do support local music, but this is not the way One Buck Short should do things, They lack professionalism and morally they owe it to supporters like me to be more responsible.