Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year and another member in the family

Chinese New Year has been alright, though I haven't done much for this Chinese New Year, except that I've visited some of my relatives and gotten a Labrador Retriever, all the way from Ipoh. I named the dog 'Shadow', obviously, it's a black labrador. Besides the cliche assignments that I've been trying to focus on, I've been able to occupy my time, jamming with friends at one of the rehearsal rooms in ICOM after class.

Things are mostly shaping up the way I want it to be. But of course; pain, pressure and disappointments never fail to be present (especially on the smaller details). I'm very keen about ICOM's Friday Performance which they have it on every Friday. But I can't do it, because;

1. I haven't gotten enough band members in college
2. I'm too caught up with my work to even have the time to rehearse
3. Still waiting for my guitar
4. Anybody like Industrial Metal?

But so far, I haven't missed any classes (Except the English class which the college misplaced me in there.) and I'm starting to like music theory, back then I didn't like it, for the fact that I wasn't able to understand music notes and trying to be self-taught at it was not easy. But now, my level of understanding on that subject is getting better.

But one thing good about college is that, my schedule is well planned and I could have more time through out the day, doing my own thing. I'm sure not everybody agrees with that, but it works for me. Probably because it would be more packed once I start my second semester? Who knows man. I'll soon to post up pictures of 'Shadow'. Stay tight. =)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In life, you just can't have everything..

As the title states itself clearly, I've learned that the hard way. And now, I have most of the things I want out of my life currently; A college course that I'm interested in doing, making good friends, finding the inspiration to try and excel in class, and improved skills (Musically and generally).

But it's odd that my desires in other things seem to crave for it at a higher degree. It's just timing. It's just full of parallel and irony for me....timing. But hey, we gotta walk if we want to talk, right? Life doesn't mean you have to attempt every task just to outdo yourself, I guess it's the steps that you can take that gets you farther. But what we have now, we should appreciate the best of it. What's wrong with waiting for some better every time? Even though, it takes a long time to acquire it.

At least, when I wait, I only wait for the best. Chinese New Year is around the corner at least. What more can I ask for? :D

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

College a so-so?

First thought in the morning turned out to be,"Hey, first day of college. Going to ICOM, should be great!." When I arrived at ICOM, I was rushing for my music theory class but I needed to head to the office to collect my schedule to be sure that I'll be heading to the right class for 'Introduction to Music Theory'. I asked the lady at the office counter,"Good Morning, I was wondering if I could have my schedule now, please? I need to rush for class". She said,"That, you gotta wait for a while. Please take a seat".

*15 minutes later*

I asked the lady again,"It's been 15 minutes, where's my class schedule? I'm late for class." And the rest of the story goes, that my class schedule came to me an hour later, and by that time, I've missed my 'Introduction to Music Theory' class. But on the brighter note, I received my schedule and I went for two of my other classes after that, which were 'Introduction to Audio Production' and 'Pop Music Survey'. The classes were nice, the lecturers are good, the people I met in class were awesome. And I finally knew college life could be fun. And now, as I'm rushing through my assignments, my coping with it isn't THAT bad. And my form of understanding the teachings of the lecturers had engraved in my head due to interest. And I think, I've met someone 'special' in college (And it was just the 1st day!). Well, I would assume that she was one of the cutest girls around ICOM. :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

A new family member...

Guys, the moment that you all been waiting for. A new member of the family, I present to you...


Mind you, that someone rescued her from a mean lady who owns a restaurant, and we decided to adopt her. She was an abused dog. So, you'd expect her hair to be all tangled up and we decided to shave her hair, crew cut. She'll look fine once she grows back her hair :D

Isn't she adorable? :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


As the title states, yeah..what are you doing? Sitting in front of your computer the whole day to waste? Get your butt off your chair and come on down to Youth '09! From the 9th till 11th of January, enjoy the available activities such as;

-Battle of the bands
-Street Futsal Competition
-3 Vs 3 Basketball Challenge
-Celebrity Sessions
-Cosplay Competition
-1 Vs 1 Caged Futsal
-Youth '09 Foosball Challenge
-Extreme Street Dance Challenge '09
-Career Attack


Hurry! A fun opportunity not to be missed!!!!
For more info, head down to this website:


Monday, January 05, 2009

Life in college

Today, I went to ICOM with Dad to register for my course (Audio Production) and it was great. I think I did fine on the English Placement Test. Why did I say,"I think?". It's probably because that I haven't sat for a test for quite some time. So, I guess the cold-shivering nerves that I've felt, before sitting for a paper tend to make a come back somehow, but I did fine on the test. Before entering into ICOM, my thoughts were; "I guess I'll be the only guy there who used to study in SMK Wangsa Maju section 5. Hey, making new friends is all that matters right?". I then went up to the 5th floor to sit for my test and then suddenly I saw a friend of mine who used to be my senior of 3 years in school. The other funny thing is that, we are gonna be classmates. He too, took Audio Production (1st term) and was also sitting for the English test. The friends that I've made there were awesome, nice people *grins*

And there was this certain kind of feeling in my gut, which made me feel; Nervous, excited and determined. All at the same time. And I've never had this feeling during my first day in both Primary and Secondary school. I guess that, once you're aware enough of things, you tend to feel more alert and start observing things around, that may appear new to you. And I think the fun feeling kicks in, probably because that I have a sense of belonging into this college and course. New friends made me think of less of my friends from the past who ditched me badly without consent. It's a new reality now. I know, that sounds cheezie and often heard of. But hey, I'm saying this for real. Speaking too soon? I'll be sure not rant on big disappointments but to endure difficult situations.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas And New Year's Day

Here are some pictures during Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Let's start with the ones during Christmas.

Christmas Tree

My Cheezie Burger

Eyes on the Sundae...

Asyfraff;"I am a pro gamer. Therefore you bow before me *raises eye brow*"

Stef, Asyraff, and Jordy (The one avoiding the candid shot)

Alvin, high on lunch. HAHAHA!!

Michelle and Jordy

The Sundae....

2 blind mice. XD

Pictures of New Year's Day..

Failed attempt of opening the coconuts. Krystyn's SWT face showing. HAHHAHA!!!

Dad's turn on opening the coconut

Hui Sin's thoughts (It's getting embarrassing for me. Till now, I still can't open this coconut up)

Prince, hanging over...

A drastic video...

I just received the jamming video (30th of December) from Terrence today. It was the improvised song that we wanted to record via the software, but we only got to record on video. The sound was OKAY but far from perfect. I was on the stratocaster on that day as lead guitarist. If you guys can't identify who was playing the rhythm and lead positions, the guitar that was being shred on and sounded really thin was played by me. I hardly did the Rhythm parts because Brendan and Navin had them covered for me (Thanks guys :D). The song still needs some work. The camera was faced down, because we didn't have a camera man, so you can only hear the music..

PS: The feedback that you hear at the beginning of the video, was done by me on purpose for fun sake. :D