Sunday, September 20, 2009

Get me out of the mass!

Conventional is never in my books at most of the times. I just cannot accept the general Pop culture around these days in this modern era. There are loads of common things that a lot of people follow today that I do not agree;


No, I do not support the gay community or the Metro-sexual bullshit that a lot of people can solemnly accept and lightly discuss about these days. And you thought having the PRMC society to ban Heavy Metal in the 70's was bad? Then start thinking about THIS (Gay culture)! When most parents thought that Heavy Metal was bad for their kids. Think about most parents on Earth, who could accept the Gay status approach and thinking that it's fine. What if one fine day, your son gets influenced by these bunch of 'Homos' and comes back to tell you,"Mom...Dad, I think being Gay is THE path in my life".

Yes, it can be very heart breaking to a lot of parents. Gays are now accepted by the media (some of them are TV hosts. For example? Programmes like 'Project Runway', 'Akademi Fantasia' (I think Aznil is a fag), 'America's Top Model'. Then what are the attributes of Man and Woman?! Nothing! Scrapped and thrown into the dustbin like a flick of a switch. BUT, I do wonder..whether it's the mainstream media who gives us this kind of feed of information without a proper survey on this subject, whether society agrees or disagrees on this 'Gay' matter. The main reasons why I'm against Gay-ism are these few points below;

1. They could contract Sexual Transmitted Diseases
2. I think it's un-natural and discriminates both manhood and womanhood
3. I understand that some homosexuals are born with it, but majority of them are under
influenced by the affected.
4. "Be a Man!", Russel Peters

Mainstream Music

Sometimes, I wonder
..whether I have a bad taste of music or the large number of people who dig Mainstream Music do. I somehow think, a lot of popular artists these days are just 1 hit wonders. General Pop Music these days, with their cheesy lyrics and simple easy-to-listen-to melodies just can't be as good as music from the old days. If I were to compare between Fal Out Boy and Megadeth, in the end...Megadeth is hands down.

Megadeth's music is more technical, melodic and full of energy. You just can't deny Dave Mustaine for coming up with such good lyrics and guitar solos along with Chris Broderick these days. Sometimes I do wonder how Pete Wentz could get his own Signature bass from Squier Fender when he can't really play bass that well, but only knows how to stare infront of the mirror and putting on eye shadow before playing a show with Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy generally loves writing songs emphasizing the greatness of celebrity and fame. Why not write about things that relate to people's issues or problems for once? I wonder if one has lost the true meaning of music. This is why I think Metal bands are more liberal and a lot of them can play music better. Scr*w your MTV or your Channel V today.


Finally, Lostprophets are back with their new single and upcoming album after 3 long awaited years for the new record to be released! They've once again, innovated their music with hard hitting Indie Rock blending with some Nu-Metal feel to it. It could be Lee Gaze, playing that Fender Telecaster with that sort of Drop D 'Overdriven Twang'. Their written material has gotten better than before. Awesome vocals from Ian Watkins, funky bass lines from Stuart Richardson, awesome keyboard/synth playing from Jamie Oliver, monster lead guitar playing of Lee Gaze and chugging rhythm guitar from Mike Lewis. But of course, the drummer is not the same without Ilan Rubin as he has gone to perform with Nine Inch Nails as their official drummer. Lostprophets' current drummer is Luke Johnson.

Well, it was worth the wait...their new single is AWESOME!

Lostprophets-It's not the end of the world

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mind on the mixing board...

Everytime I start to record something, there's always expected a mix for every 'Rough Take'. What I mean is, mixing the recorded track, that we mean 'Raw Mix'. Aside from my audio terms, mixing to me needs a lot of patience, especially when it comes to re-recording the same guitar track till it becomes perfect.

Yes, being a perfectionist doesn't give you a good reputation with people, generally. But it is a habit for sound engineers. It is not an onboard ego that we have naturally . And again, being a perfectionist in that field needs patience. You just wanna get the sound right, making sure the levels are well balanced so that they don't reach at peak levels. Compression (Oh I hate this part) makes your mix sound tighter and to touch up the tracks and also to make sure not to lose alot of information of the track.

With many considerations, comes many methods to guess out yourself to innovate practically after what you've read in recording magazines. But yeah, I finally realized that recording, mixing and mastering are long procedures to create a single/album. But I think it depends on the amount of experience that the producer/engineer has to get the job done as soon as possible. Sometimes it makes me wonder, how producers like Rick Rubin, Bruce Swedien or Trent Reznor make the cut on producing damn good albums.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


When I see something that separates myself
I go into abyss
When I bleed my eyes out
I see all truth in consequences
Save your prayers
Be careful of what you say
Because soon you'll be in decay
Keep bringing in the bad and throwing out the good
I hope to see you in hell soon
I wasn't meant to go down that road (of fantasy), because of you...
You LIAR in the book!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Something I can never have...

When I say, wear your earplugs whenever you're attending rock concerts. I mean it, my fellow readers...wear them. I remember going to watch Nine Inch Nails in Singapore recently and came back to KL with ringing ears for more than a WEEK! I stood infront of the speaker at a near distance and exposed myself to too much Bass for 2 hours during the concert. I thought I was suspected of Tinnitus but it turned out to be negative, when the ringing started to fade till non.

It IS depressive when you have tinnitus, some tinnitus patients committed suicide because they couldn't take the ringing any more. There is no definite cure for this symptom. This Tinnitus is not a joke. Once you have it, it sticks with you for LIFE! If you're a Sound Engineer or Musician, don't let this 'Monster' get to you, it's a heartache. Never expose yourself to too much noise/up to a level of 120 dB (causes pain)


From Wikipedia:

Tinnitus (pronounced /tɪˈnaɪtəs/ or /ˈtɪnɪtəs/,[1] from the Latin word tinnītus meaning "ringing"[2]) is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound.

Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom resulting from a range of underlying causes that can include ear infections, foreign objects or wax in the ear, nose allergies that prevent (or induce) fluid drain and cause wax build-up, and injury from loud noises. Tinnitus can also be caused by hearing impairment and as a side-effect of some medications. Some cases of tinnitus are medically unexplained.[3][not in citation given]

Don't let Tinnitus get to YOU!

Here's Nine Inch Nails' 'Something I can never have'. It's a song about Trent Reznor's Tinnitus and Drug problem.

KFC (Killer F*** Chicken)

I used to be a BIG fan of KFC, until it came a time when their Chickens started to suck (their seasoning are also starting to). I remember during the earlier days, whenever I passed by a KFC outlet..the aroma draws me in to treat myself a 'dinner plate set'. The aroma of their seasoning is a mirage, why? Because the chicken doesn't taste as good as their seasoning. This spoils my mood everytime I eat KFC. This happens to most KFC outlets.

Most of the time, the chicken is uncooked! Most of the time, their chicken could be the left over from 2-3 days back! This is reality people! KFC loves your money and doesn't repay you with customer satisfaction! I'd go with 'Popeye's Chicken' anytime! If Colonel Sanders rose from the dead, he'd know how to Manage KFC and bring back the 'Finger Lickin' Good-ness'!!

But for now, just stay away from KFC till they get better, people!

Chicken: "Bring back the good stuff!"

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Scream your heart out!

Finally, I got my 1 week break from college and also the demanding times in the recording studio. I can just sit back and relax, while I think of plans as to where I wanna go around town or travel to, like Penang or Genting Highlands for a few days. Yesterday, I managed to perform for the first time in my 2nd semester in college. I played 'Rooftops' by LostProphets and dedicated it to Sam (Unfortunately, she was at the washroom when I dedicated the song to her. HAHAHHA!!!). When I was on stage, I was slightly having one of those 'stage fright' moments, along with the stage lights blinding me. I told myself that I should do my best and not mess up like my last performance during my first semester.

Half way through of performing 'Rooftops', Simon and some of my other friends, quickly came up on stage and started playing along on piano, keyboard and a few hits on the drum overheads, snares and floor toms. Misagh also joined in the fun. It was really fun and really unexpected. After the first song, the guys wanted an encore. So, I performed 'Head Like A Hole' by Nine Inch Nails. Overall, I was happy with my performance and had the 'high' sensation through out my whole body.

Maybe, these were one of the reasons why I love performing. It makes me really happy at the end of the day, and erases my troubles and issues that I currently face. When the adrenaline pumps in, the energy is great. I thank the guys for supporting me (even those on stage) and also Mr Vinay and the sound crew who did an amazing job on my sound check :)

I basically performed to have fun...


Nine Inch Nails-Head Like A Hole

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The sound of tone and the smell of GAS...

I used to think that, to be able to get the right guitar gotta get the right settings from the amp and effect pedals from your pedal board. That, I'll agree to it by 40%. One would always want to emphasize on 'tone-tone-tone'. But the exposure has thought me that those things aren't everything. Yes, they're an enhancement to help look for your signature guitar tone. Although, ever since I swapped my old guitar pickups to Dimarzio pickups..they gave me the capabilities of being able to get a high output and achieve an 'attack' more than up to triple notes. Which was great!

Ah...I crave for the Marshall that this guy has..(JJ! Focus on playing! NO MORE GEAR for now!)

Ah...look at all the pedals...they're impatiently waiting for me to grab them and play them (Practice first! No more ! NO MORE!)

But after watching Joe Satriani playing the guitar on 'Youtube', I realized that the fingers apply 60% to the tone and playability. Why? Because techniques are the mother of all playing. Although, I always hear Mr Frank during Friday Performances saying, "The guitar needs the 'tone' for the song.". He emphasizes a lot on tone, which I agree. But, as far as I know...your feelings and (if) seasoned playing techniques do affect the way the tone sounds. I dunno, if it's true or not..but the way I see Satch (Joe Satriani) playing the guitar, he puts his guitar wisdom and feelings to his playing (and of course a little bit of reverb lah..who doesn't know Satch), he gets to fulfill the 'tone' he wanted to achieve, and we get inspired by that.

Would it also mean that, fingers come first then only fancy gear for enhancement? It's in the end, subjective and debatable . I can't tell you that,"Digital multi-effects are bad, Analog effect pedals only create the 'real' tone". Though, I swear by Analog pedals, I can't force a person to go for what I think is best. Even Line 6 creates digital multi-fx pedal boards that are amazing to my ears now. It's all within YOU!

Go for what you like...follow your own guitar heroes and build your own style and techniques. There's no harm in going for guitar classes to improve on playing. Even I admit, I need to go for classes soon to enhance my playing and get more ideas. Learn from people who are willing to teach you, no matter what standard of playing you're at, not to look for those who look down on your playing and think they can teach you with their much bragging rights. As Andy Timmons once said,"I don't feel like a professional guitarist, but I feel that I'm still learning. In fact, we're all beginners. We're all still learning". And play guitar for the reason that you enjoy and love playing. Here is Joe Satriani's 'Crying'. Enjoy!